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Draco's Inheritance
Chapter 1

It seemed fitting that the weather outside was treacherous. Thick gray clouds hid the moon while rain poured to the earth with missile like force. Flashes of lightning mingled with the rumble of thunder. A fascinating yet frightening moment.

The curtains were drawn from the window and around the 4 post king sized bed. Atop the green silk sheets where a dragon of silver was hand stitched was a thrashing boy - no - young man coming into his inheritance. The white blond hair lengthened while muscles, tendons, and bones stretched so the once short (5'4") young man gained a height of 5'9". Hands clutched thin sides of a flat stomach while arms pressed down, trying to squash the horrible cramps; it felt like his insides were twisting into knots. Whimpers escaped the gasping mouth while wide gray eye changed silver with a slight sheen to protect it from the exposure of the sun rays.

Heels digging into the plush mattress, his back arched off the bed eyes screwed tightly shut with a single clear tear from both ducts while his mouth gaped open revealing a perfect row of white teeth. The young man wanted to scream but found his throat seemed to constrict not allowing him to have that pleasure. His gums were on fire, a burning pain that had him pleading for death to knock at his door so he could be rid of what was surely ripping his gums in two.

He literally broke out in a cold sweat as he felt two perfect white fangs extrude from his mouth. Finally, after what seemed like hours, his body relaxed; filled with a cold warmth that had him pant with arousal. Running a shaky hand through his healthy hair that now was shoulder length he turned to his side before laying on his stomach. A moan escaped through his red lips as his straining arousal was pressed against the feathery mattress.

Face pressed against the coolness of his pillow his eyes drooped as pleasure racked his body. Behind closed lids he could see the most beautiful set of green eyes that captivated him while his hips pressed down, sending his body shaking with waves of pleasure.

In his hazed mind he could hear his other half - yes that's what was happening - he was visualizing what his soul mate, second half, future lover would be.

Hips moved in a tantalizing dance with the fabric of his silk pajama bottoms and feather mattress while his mind placed a face to those eyes that shone with love and raw need. Oh yes, he saw need there. A need that begged for him to screw that delicious hard body into the first flat surface they could find. Smooth lightly tanned face with soft features that stuck his second half right between adult hood and child hood. Full ripe lips that were slightly open breathlessly moaning his name. The images made him painfully hard and he pressed deeper into the softness below him hardly satisfied.

Releasing his grip on the comforter he dragged his hand down to his lower half fingering the elastic band of his pants that seemed too tight in certain areas. Not able to wait any longer he plunged his hands inside. It was a delicious shock to his system as his long cold fingers griped his hard hot shaft forcing a choked sob to escape him. His ears pounded, heart quickened it's pace as he heard his future lover speak dirty words to him.

'Yes! Yes! Right there… harder… deeper… yesyesyesyes… oh god don't stop… don't' ever… fuck yes… stop… oh god oh god… give it to me!'

Close to what would surely be an unforgettable orgasm his nose caught a whiff of his second half. Moaning in surprise he breathed deep. His hands itched to touch that Quiditch muscled body, bury his hands deep into the shaggy black hair tugging it every which was so his mouth could taste every inch of that mouth. It was a fantasy that he swore to himself would become a reality.

Just as he pictured himself running his fingers, that contrasted with his lovers body, to the place where he wished to burry himself deep he came long and hard. His face buried into his pillow while he screamed out his soon-to-be-lover's name: "Harry!" His body jerked with every stream of milky white fluid that exited him.

Unsure of how long he laid there trying to control his breathing he managed to pull his hand from his soft member. The smell of his own release tickled his senses and he couldn't help but wonder how he would taste, for that matter how would his second half would taste.

Bringing his hand to his face he turned onto his back with effort all the while not breaking his eyesight. Languidly he brought his middle finger to his mouth sucking on the tip. The taste was even better than he could have imagined. With cat like strokes he licked his hand clean savoring each drop of himself.

A knock at his door brought him out of his dream like state. "Draco." It was his father, Lucius. "I'm coming in." it was strange that he would even speak before acting.

Draco licked his lips so there was no trace of what he had tasted and sat up. He looked down at himself. There was a wet spot on the crotch of his pants. With a smirk he reached under his pillow to remove his wand. With a quick spell he was clean. A rattle from the door knob then a fist banging on the door had him near giggles.

"Draco open this door immediately!" Lucius voice rang out with authority.

For some reason Draco no longer found his father intimidating. It was quite laughable so he did laugh as he managed, with wobbly legs, to make it out of bed. From the outside Lucius heard the laugh from his only heir and grew angrier. Reaching into his robes he pulled out his wand. It was high time his son was taught a lesson in manners.

Midway through the door Draco couldn't rid himself of the smile that was stretching over his fangs he had momentarily forgotten of. Suddenly he collapsed to the floor as his newly heightened senses were overloaded as the door busted open with an angry Malfoy strutting in.

There was no words to explain it. His muscles tightened as his mouth watered. A pulsing from his fangs had him seeing cross eyed. On his hands and knees Draco Malfoy was hungry; the smell alone had his stomach growling.

"Well well." Lucius spoke as he squatted in front of his son. Reaching out he picked up a few strands of the white blond hair that now seemed more white than blond. "This is an interesting turn of events." He smirked as he heard the ragged breathing of his son assuming from pain rather than pleasure. "Our Dark Lord will be most pleased to have you fight on our side. The right side." He murmured the last part as he let the tendrils of hair fall.

As he made to move away he was surprised when his son grasped his wrist in a grip that would surely leave bruising. "Father." the voice was strained with restraint.

"Release me this instant." Lucius spoke not revealing the hint of fear that was beginning to grow in his stomach. The touch was turning icy.

Draco chuckled softly. He couldn't deny himself a free meal even if it came from his own father especially one that was willing to sacrifice his only son to a man who's life's ambition was harm his second half. He wouldn't let anything or anyone for that matter to harm a hair on his mates body. Looking up at his father he relished the sight of his fathers calm composure break while his eyes transfixed on the fangs that seemed to pulse a soft light.

"My right side father." Draco spoke calmly quickly grabbing the wizards wand hand and breaking the wrist. "Is with Harry. Mmm. Harry Potter." Realization dawned in the elder Malfoy as he tried hard not to cry out from the pain of his broken wrist. But before he could mutter a word his only son, heir, pounced, sinking newly developed teeth into his neck.

Breaking through the skin Draco moaned with a new kind of pleasure as his mouth was filled with a delicious nectar of life. Sucking deep he ignored the spasms his father had and the sound of rumbling thunder that passed through the shattered sound barrier. With each second that passed, with each slowed heart beat from Lucius, the magic around the house was disappearing. Since it was Lucius himself who placed up the wards with blood magic and now Draco was draining the blood from his father the magic no longer had any way of sustaining itself.

Regretfully Draco wrenched himself away after the taste began to become sour and something in his mind told him to stop. Lucius crumpled to the floor twitching for a brief second before the light in his eyes dimmed to nothing.

Standing, he felt stronger, more alive than ever before. Stepping over the body of his deceased father he made his way through his room and out the door not bothering to wipe his mouth where blood was smeared and dripping down his throat.

Something was beckoning him and he had no choice but to follow his legs that were leading him up stairs, through twisting hallways, and finally to a door that was wide open. The pull faded and he held his breath at the sight before him.

His mother, Narcissa, stood in front of the wall length windows where the rain was beating against the glass. She had a faint yellowish glow around her and Draco couldn't help the feeling of love and devotion engulfinging him. Narcissa turned from the window and smiled at him. A real smile, not one that was forced on and Draco was caught off guard. She reached out to him, her sleeve of the robe gaping open. With cautious steps Draco walked to her, hoping above everything this wasn't a dream.

His hand reached out as soon as he reached her. Her fingers curled around his cold skin warming them and the entire rest of him. She turned so she fully faced him. Because of his height she was now able to look at him eye to eye and she smiled once more with love clearly for him. "Oh my Dracolis." her free hand cupped his cheek and he closed his eyes form the feel of it.

This was real. Different than any affection he had ever received from his mother and he wanted to know why this was happening now but he couldn't bring himself to break the mood.

"Look at you." She pouted sweetly. His eyes opened and a smile tugged at his lips. "Such a messy eater you are." a blush spread across his cheeks as she laughed lightly. From a pocket she retrieved a handkerchief and began to gently wipe away at the blood on his face and neck.

"Do you know how long I've had to wait for you to take care of that man?" She asked casually with loving strokes. "Married to him by contract while loving another." she sighed sadly. "Lucius force feed me potions daily to keep me in submission after he found out about the affair I had with your father." To say Draco was in shock was an understatement. His jaw dropped revealing his fangs. Narcissa laughed at his expression. Carefully she let her index finger run down one of his fangs. "Shocking isn't it? But lets keep it a secret from Lucius now shall we?" She winked at him clearly enjoying her joke.

"Mother -" Draco started but was caught off by a stern look from his mother.

"Don't mother me. I've had to hear you call me mother for far too long. It's high time you called me Mum. Just the way it should've been from the beginning."

With a smile Draco nodded his head yes. "Mum," he liked how it rolled off his tongue. "we need to talk."

"Yes we do." she pocketed the handkerchief and pulled her son with her to the sofa by the fire. "Come. Sit with me. There is much to explain and the night holds so little hours."

Seated comfortably she patted her lap. "Put you head hear Dracolis." Doing as he was asked he enjoyed the sensation of his mother running her fingers through his hair while she smiled warmly down at him. He could really get used to this. "Now. Tell me." she had a knowing look on her face. "What dreams did you have during your change."

Draco felt the heat rising to his face and he knew his face had colored. "Mum!" he whined. If this was THE TALK then she was years late.

Her amused smile didn't help the matter much. "No need to be embarrassed son. It's natural to feel what you felt. I felt it when it was my time."

"MUM!" Draco covered his eyes with his arms. "SO not what I wanted to hear."

Her laughter was refreshing and he pressed his nose against her abdomen breathing deep. Something caught his senses. He didn't understand what but it was - weird.

"Dracolis." She called softly and smiled down at him once again as he looked up at her with scrunched together eyebrows. "The face you seen during that moment was the person you are to spend the rest of eternity with. Now you must understand there is nothing wrong if the face you seen was of the same sex. See we Vampires don't really care about who we have as a lovers."

"Mum, I know." He paused for a moment. "Do you want to know whose my you know."

This surprised Narcissa and it showed by her raised eyebrows. "Dear Merlin. So soon? It took me several years for me. Who?"

Draco smiled fondly. "Harry James Potter or soon to be Harry James Malfoy." he said proudly.

Narcissa's mouth had its own turn to open wide before it shut close and she brought her fingers to her temples where she rubbed in circles. "Merlin. Your father's going to have a fit when he hears of this."

Draco was immediately pulled back into reality once he heard his mother comment. "My father?"

"Yes son your father. Are you absolutely certain it wasn't another boy?" She asked hopeful.

Draco narrowed his eyes at his mother. He was being pulled into two different directions; get up and storm away ranting or remain where he laid and talk like grown adults. "Positive Mum. Who's my father?" he asked glancing quickly at his mothers abdomen.

Replacing her hand into her sons hair she decided to tell him now rather than change subject and tell him later. "Severus Snape."

Draco immediately covered his mouth with his hand to keep from screaming at his mother while his eyes nearly popped out of his sockets. But his resolve broke. "Not only am I his son but I'm going to be the older brother of his second child!"

Narcissa was speechless. How did he know? Not even Severus had a clue.


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