Title: For the Sake of the Family Author: Kristen aka LadyCommish Rating: pg-13 Category: Maria/Georg married, serious AU Summary: What if what was best for the family meant fighting for the Nazis. Disclaimers: I do not own the characters you recognize, the ones you don't are mine. No money is being made.

For the Sake of the Family

The moment Liesl gave Georg the folded telegram; Maria knew it could not be good news. Nowadays any phone calls or any type of distance communications were subject to Nazi review. Such was true with the telegram Georg not held out to her.

Captain Georg von Trapp –

You have the distinguished honor of being requested to accept a commission to command a submarine in the Naval Forces of the Third Reich. You are requested to accept this commission immediately and report to the naval base of Bremmehaven tomorrow by 19:00 hours.

Admiral von Schriver.

"I knew something like this would happen," Maria said seriously, "I just didn't think it would be so soon."

The Captain sighed, folded the telegram and studied his wife's pale face, "To refuse them would be fatal for all of us," he told her, in that sentence revealing more of what he knew about Nazi politics than he wanted Maria to know, "And joining them would be...unthinkable."

Maria didn't respond. She knew what her husband was thinking and knew she must accept it as his wife and partner. Georg set his arms around her and placed a kiss on her forehead, "Get the children all together," he instructed, "Don't say anything that's going to make them worry, just get them ready. We've got to get out of Austria, and this house, tonight."

Maria studied her husband. How could he decide something like that so easily, so simply? He loved Austria. He loved their quiet country villa. Yet the decision to leave seemed quite an easy one for him to make, at least on the surface. Beneath the surface, however, beneath his eyes, Maria could see the pain and the guilt resting there.

As Georg began to release his hold on Maria, she felt a sharp wave of dizziness at the loss of his strength and support. She knew very well why she was having such spells and why she'd felt so ill recently, she's learned all about it in school, but since the Anschluss Georg had been occupied with other worries and she'd neglected to fill him in about her little discovery. Now though, as her stance wavered and her face paled, Georg guessed something was amiss.

"Maria? Darling, what is it? Are you not all right?" he asked, his hand caressing her cheek as he stared lovingly into her eyes, his eyes filled with love and concern for her.

"Nothing," she assured him, "its jut the...' her voice began to fade and if possible her face grew even whiter, "excitement," she managed before she felt her heavy eyelids close and her body slacken in his arms.

Gently the Captain lay his wife down and held her close to his body as she fought bravely for consciousness, "Frau Schmidt," he called urgently to the housekeeper, "Call a doctor quickly."