By: Stiltzkin

Author's Note: This story takes place three years after the events in Parasite Eve II.

* * * * * * * * * *


Ethiopian Highlands, North-East Africa
50, 000 B.C.E.

The light of the full moon inched gradually into the quiet chilly cave. There were four hominoids cuddling around an ember fire, two of the larger hominoids were covering two smaller child size hominoids, perhaps their children. The smaller hominoids started shivering which woke the female adult hominoid.

She gently nudged her mate and directed him to go out to find some firewood. Crotchety, the adult male woke up and slowly headed out the cave looking for kindling. The night air was getting cooler; he looked around and felt the icy north winds osculating his soul. 'A bad omen.' He thought. It was getting colder every night for as long as he could remember.

Suddenly the night sky burst into flames. Like a frighten animal caught in the headlights of a car he froze. He didn't even hear himself scream, but it was evident by his family coming out to see what the commotion was about. His family came out of the cave and pointed to the heavens as they witness a gigantic rock scream across the night sky, leaving a blazing tail behind it.

The adult male jumped frantically like it was a bad omen as it screamed pass through the sky heading towards the south. As quickly as it emerged it just as fleetly disappeared and life soon returns back to normal. Yet the adult male hominoid couldn't shake the idea that the rock from the heavens was a bad omen. Fortunately, he would never know how right he was.

Pole of Inaccessibility, Antarctica.
June 13, 2003. 12:00 GMT

The ice was so expansive and colourless that it merged into the horizon, so that there was only white - a perpetual, eternal and ghastly silent - a white of cataclysmic cold - an icy desert. Inside the cab of the snow tractor there were eight scientists eagerly waiting for their trip to end. Their breaths turned to mist dense and translucent smoke. Crystals formed on the men where several days' worth of beard had grown around their faces. Although the heat was blasting within, it was still frigid enough that they could hardly feel their hands inside their heavy gloves.

Hours passed. Yoshi Yokomora, the head scientist of the team was feeling tired. In the land without night he lost all track of time, and with no landmarks, either natural or synthetic with nothing but snow and ice - he grew fearful of losing his bearing as well as his mind.

"Raskolnikov, what's our bearing?" Yokomora asked squinting his eyes. The glistening light reflected by the white, bright snow blinded him. It didn't matter there was nothing to see except snow, nothing but snow as far as he could see.

The Russian scientist reached for his handheld Global Positioning Satellite monitor to check their position. He squinted as numbers scrolled across the monitor's screen. "Eighty-five degrees, fifteen minutes south latitude." He paused, the rest of the crew listening carefully. "One hundred fifty-seven degrees, seven minutes west longitude. Elevation: Three hundred thirteen point five meters."

Yokomora smiled to himself and stopped the snow tractor abruptly. "We're here." He announced. The rest of the scientist gave an artificial cheer as they started to move out.

Snow crunched underfoot and whirled around their heads as they exited the tractor. They trudged across the ice with great difficulty. The snow squall abated, and their footprints showed clearly behind them. Yokomora looked behind him, his eyes quickly centered on the snow tractor, the only dark, foreign object against the endless vista of bright white ground and steadfast sky. "Let's set up camp." Yokomora smiled. "We'll start excavating after lunch."

The tent was quickly put up and within the eight international scientists sat eating their warm soup and rations. "I still think we should wait until tomorrow to start." Smith said stuffing his face with food.

"Pourquoi?" Alexandre Etienne, the French scientist asked.

"It...It is rather silly." Franklin Smith, the youthful American scientist stuttered. "It's just's Friday the thirteenth and it's a bad omen to..." The young scientist exasperated.

The rest of the scientist chuckled at the remark. "You Americans, always superstitious." Reinhold Schmidt, the German scientist replied. "If you're so scared of a silly day why don't you run home to your mater." He mocked him.

"All right, stop it!" Yokomora said with indignation in his voice. He was cold and cranky and the last thing he wanted to deal with was childish fighting. "We all come different lands and cultures. We will invariably have some strange beliefs and urban legends that we won't all believe or share in and should not be mocked - no matter how silly the notion may be." Yokomora lectured stressing the last part to the young American scientist. The crowd fell silent. "We're all scientists, let's act like them." Yokomora rebuked.

"I'm sorry." Schmidt apologized.

"Apology accepted." Smith said under his breath.

"Good, we're going to start digging right after lunch. I won't wait any longer than we have too. I don't want to freeze to death." Yokomora sighed finishing his now cold soup.

"It's not that cold." Raskolnikov remarked.

"Surely you jest." Ethan Taylor, the British scientist chuckled to himself. "The abominable snowman would catch a cold in weather like this."

"Ah the abominable snowman is not Russian. We Russians have thick acclimated blood." Raskolnikov smiled. "We have many cold winter nights." Raskolnikov sighed putting his coffee down.

"Now, don't you start." Yokomora warned pointing his finger at his Russian friend. "Com'on, lunch is finished let's start digging." He said getting up from the table.

* * * * * * * * * *

Several hours later...

Yoshi Yokomora stood before a hole his team created and looked into the frozen land and sighed. "How much longer?" Yokomora stuttered from the extreme cold.

"We're almost there." Raskolnikov replied quietly. "Do you know what our governments have us digging up here?" Damion Raskolnikov asked.

"You're guess is as good as mine." Yokomora sighed. It was uncharacteristic for eight different governments to sponsor a scientific research and even more rare to have the scientists, themselves researching something they don't even know about.

"How would we know what it is we're looking for?"

"I'm not sure." Yokomora sighed.

"I don't like this." The Russian said ominously.

"Nor I." Yokomora sighed.

"I think we found it!" Smith announced from below.

"What is it?" The Russian synchronously asked.

"I'm not sure." Smith replied. "But it looks some sort of meteorite."

"A meteorite." Yokomora and Raskolnikov said in unison. The two scientists stared at each other ominously.

Madigan-Brea's Apartment
Los Angeles, California
July 13, 2003. 05:00 PST

It was a typical Californian summer's night - humid, sticky and unbearable. There were several brown outs recently in the Los Angeles area - tonight was one of those nights. The night before, Aya's air conditioner broke which she took to be a bad omen. Over the three decades of her life Aya believed that bad luck came in threes. In fact, ever since this year started seven months ago she had an inauspicious feeling that this year would be a bad one.

Six years ago, when she was just a rookie officer in the New York Police Department, Melissa Pearce's (now known to modern historians as Eve) mitochondria mutated instigating a mitochondrion plague threatening to kill all life in New York. Three years later, when she joined the Federal Bureau of Investigations in Los Angeles another outbreak broke around the Los Angeles area. Now it's three years later and Aya suspected that something big and deadly pertaining to the mitochondria would happen. There seem to be an outbreak every three years, this being the third in a series of three gave Aya some pause. It has been seven months and nothing happened.

Aya tossed in bed and opened her eyes slightly and took a deep sigh. 'I hope it stays that way.' She thought putting her head on the naked torso of her live-in boyfriend and gently cuddled him.

"Hey hon, you can't sleep?" Kyle Madigan asked brushing her blond hair with his fingers.

"Yeah." Aya sighed. "Did I wake you?"


"I'm sorry." Aya said in a dreamily voice.

"That's okay." Kyle sighed kissing the top of her head. "What time is it?" Kyle asked hearing the morning song of the lark. He knew that it was early, but he wasn't sure. The city was still under a brown out.

"About five in the morning." Aya sighed looking at her watch.

"What time do you have to get up?"

"In a couple of hours." Aya sighed. "You?" Kyle didn't have a chance to answer her question because the phone rang. "If it's for me tell them that I'm dead." Aya whined.

"Hello?" Kyle said pressing the button for the speakerphone.

"May I speak to Agent Brea?" A male voice asked.

"She's dead." Kyle mockingly replied.

"Kyle!" Aya quietly mocked. "Pierce do you know what time is it?"

"I'm sorry to wake you, but it's urgent." Special Agent Pierce Carradine said.

"What's wrong?"

"Hal is calling a Code Yellow." There was silence in the air for a moment. "Aya, did you hear me?"

"Yeah...I heard you. I'll be there in an hour." Aya said as she bolted up from the bed. "I have to go honey." Aya said kissing Kyle on the lips and quickly headed to the bathroom to take a shower. She wanted to avoid talking to him, especially about Bureau matters.

The cool water was welcomed as the dirty and stickiness of the night was quickly washed away. The water was therapeutic for Aya as she tried to put her anxiety in check. She heard the door open and then the facet being turned on.

"Honey, what's Code Yellow?" Kyle asked innocently.

"Honey, you know I can't talk about it."

"I understand." Kyle sighed. 'That's was too easy.' Aya thought as she continued her shower.

Kyle bit his lower lip and looked at himself in the mirror. He knew something was up, Aya didn't normally act like this when impromptu meetings at the Bureau were called. This was something different, something more dire. He splashed some water on his face and turned off the faucet. He quietly left the washroom and headed to their bedroom and grabbed a shirt and put it own.

He headed to his desk and turned on his laptop computer and hoped that his batteries were fully charged. He smiled to himself seeing that the battery was at full power. The soft glow of the computer gently illuminated the room. He connected onto the Internet and quickly entered a chat room.

"Hey hon." Aya popped her head through their bedroom door. Kyle quickly minimized the screen. "I'll be leaving now." Aya smiled giving Kyle a kiss.

"Have a good day." Kyle smiled.

"What are you doing?" Aya asked.

"Just doing some paper work." Kyle lied through his boyish smile.

"You're up to something, Kyle Madigan." Aya probed.

"Me? Never." Kyle said mockingly.

"All right. Don't work to hard." Aya smiled. "And stay out of trouble."

"I won't." Kyle smiled kissing her.

"I'll make it up to you tonight." Aya said kissing her lover on the lips. "See you soon." Aya smiled. "I still think you're up to something." She said leaving the room. Kyle waited patiently until he heard the main door close shut. He maximized his screen and started typing:

EAGLE2: mole you there?
MOLE47: whatcha want madigan?
EAGLE2: i need favour...
MOLE47: shoot.
EAGLE2: classified fed term - code yellow.
MOLE47: branch?
EAGLE2: mist.
MOLE47: back in a nano.

"Don't take too long." Kyle sighed to himself. He got up and walked towards the terrace for some fresh air. He hated going behind Aya's back, but he's worried about her. 'Ah, who am I kidding.' Kyle sighed. 'Aya could take care of herself.'

The computer beeped. Kyle stood on the terrace and wondered if he should look at his informant's response to his query. 'She's going to kill me.' Kyle sighed. The debate rang through his head for about a minute. "What the hell." He sighed. Kyle rushed to the laptop and read what his informant had for him.

MOLE47: quarantine.

"Quarantine?" Kyle asked with confusion.

EAGLE2: r u sure?
MOLE47: definite.
EAGLE2: thanx.
MOLE47: u owe me.
EAGLE2: i know.

His informant logged off. Kyle was alone in the chat room. He looked at the blank screen and drummed his fingers on the table and wondered what could be so urgent for Aya to drop everything in an instant to rush to work. 'Quarantine. What's so...' Kyle's jaw dropped in fear. "Mitochondria." He swore to himself.

F.B.I. Headquarters
Los Angeles, California
06:30 PST

Aya jumped out of her red mustang convertible and ran through the parking lot. She was half an hour late. 'Why me?' Aya sighed. She flashed her badge to the security guard and ran through the metal detector. It chimed as she ran through. 'Great.' Aya sighed.

Her theory of bad luck coming in threes was coming true. The elevator to her apartment was out of order so she was forced to run down countless flights of stairs where she broke her heel. Then a local L.A.P.D. stopped Aya while she was speeding across the superhighway. She was then forced to stop her car and flash her badge telling him that she was on official F.B.I. business. Now she had to waste her valuable time re-entering the metal detector.

She threw her keys and gun in the tray and walked through the metal detector again, this time successfully. She picked up her keys and revolver and rushed to the elevator. "Please hold the elevator." She yelled seeing the elevator door closed. She swore to herself and punched the elevator key and waited for the next car.

* * * * * * * * * *

Eric Baldwin, or to his friends, Hal paced the length of the head part of the conference table. He looked at the clock hanging in the center of the room. 'Thirty-three minutes late.' Baldwin sighed with indignation. The director looked at her partner, Rupert Broderick searching for answers.

"She'll be here soon." Broderick said in his partner's defence. The mild manner agent had no idea where his partner was, but he too was worried. Broderick would always stroke his goatee every time he was nervous this time was no exception.

Carradine, the information specialist was sitting across from Broderick. He wore his sunglasses to hide the bags under his eyes. Carradine had a knack with retrieving information in a flash. Baldwin looked at the information specialist. "I called her." Carradine defended himiself.

'It's not his fault.' Baldwin sighed. He continued to pace the short end of the conference table. 'Where is she?' The room was so quiet that they could hear the passage of time passing. Everyone could hear the ticking of the clock as the seconds passed by and merge into minutes. 'Where can Aya be?' Baldwin thought.

Aya bursting through the double oak doors of the conference room interrupting the silence. "Sorry I'm late Hal." Aya said out of breath. She quickly rushed to the vacant seat beside her partner.

"Where the hell were you?" Baldwin barked.

"It's a long story." Aya panted still out of breath.

Baldwin wanted to blow his top, but instead counted to ten. 'This is no time to get angry.' He thought taking a deep sigh. "Very well." Baldwin said in a much calmer tone. Aya looked at her partner and knew what he was thinking. She smiled and told him that she'll be okay. "Now that we're all here we can begin our meeting."

"Finally." Carradine mumbled under his breath.

"About an hour ago we received an urgent message from New York Commissioner Douglas Baker." Baldwin continued and decided to let that comment go.

"Doug?" Aya gasped.

"You know Commissioner Baker?" Baldwin asked.

Aya composed herself and cleared her throat. "He was the captain of my precinct when I joined the N.Y.P.D. six years ago." Aya explained. "Is he all right?" She never really considered her former captain as a good friend, but he was her first captain and because of that she cared for him.

"For the time being." Baldwin said enigmatically. "There has been a sudden rise of Neo-Mitochondrion Creatures found in New York over the past month."

"Let's go." Aya said getting up from her chair.

"Agent Brea." Baldwin raised his voice. "There's more."

"I...I'm sorry." Aya stuttered and took her seat. Aya blushed she was usually more objective, more conserved. 'It's a bad morning.' She justified. 'Just a bad morning.' She repeated. "Please continue." Her voice drifted.

"Like I was saying, we believe that these Neo-Mitochondrion Creatures are not just 'normal' N.M.C.s." Baldwin paused. "The Bureau has classified these mitochondrion creatures as E.N.M.C.s short for Extra-Neo-Mitochondrion Creatures."

"Whoa, extra?" Carradine interrupted. "You mean these things are part alien?"

"Yes." Baldwin confirmed dimming the lights of the room and turned on the slide projector - which showed a map of Antarctica. "About six weeks ago the International Space Station detected an anomalous reading of extra biological signatures located deep within the Ross Ice Shelf on the coast of Victoria Land of Antarctica. Two weeks later a group of eight scientists traveled to Antarctica and dug up the meteorite." Baldwin reported replacing the picture of Antarctica with that of a black rock.

"The Xeno Stone." Carradine gasped.

"Yes, the Xeno Stone was revealed as the greatest find of the twenty-first century." Baldwin reported. "According to the scientific reports, the striation of the ice suggests that the meteorite fell to Earth anywhere from fifty to fifty-five thousand years ago during our last ice-age. The rock itself is estimated to be at least ten billion years old." Baldwin paused. "Scientific report indicates that it was laced with extra-biological micro-organisms from a distant planet that shattered during some sort of cataclysmic event." Carrdine reported.

"What does this have to do with the mitochondrion creatures in New York?" Broderick asked.

"The Bureau has a theory." Baldwin answered by advancing to the next picture to that of a tiny cell. "We theorize that the alien mitochondria are eons more advance than ours. These alien mitochondria penetrated our cell wall and merge or takes over our mitochondria mutating it, thus creating an E.N.M.C."

"How do we defeat these E.N.M.C.s?" Aya asked.

"That we don't know, but the Department of Defense is fabricating a weapon as we now speak." Baldwin sighed. "There's more."

"What?" Aya asked.

"The Central Intelligence Agency reports that there are multiple E.N.M.C. sightings in the following countries that are coloured in red." Baldwin answered advancing to the next slide, which showed a world map. "The United States, the Former Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, France, Switzerland, New Zealand and of course Antarctica."

"A world epidemic." Aya said in dread.

"How did it spread so quickly." Broderick asked.

"The scientists." Carradine replied.

"That's correct." Baldwin stated as the next slide came up showing a Japanese man. "This is Yoshi Yokomora from Japan. He was the head of the expedition to retrieve the Xeno Stone." He went to the next slide. "This is Reinhold Schmidt, the german scientist to the group." The picture quickly passed and was replaced with another picture. "This is Damion Raskolnikov from the Former Soviet Union...Dr. Ethan Taylor from the United Kingdom...Alexandre Etienne from France...Cedric Ulrich from Switzerland...Chi-Wei Wong from the Republic of China...and of Dr. Robert Smith from the United States, a New York native." Baldwin turned of the machine and turned on the lights. "Since New Zealand has the only airport that flies into Antarctica the C.I.A. suspect that there are Mitochondrion Creatures there also." Baldwin explained.

"What's our mission?" Broderick asked.

"With the United Nations blessing we were asked to steal the Xeno Stone which is presently in its provisional home in the Smithsonian. We are to infiltrate the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. so we could dispose of it properly." Baldwin said.

"What about New York?" Aya asked.

"This takes priority." Baldwin stressed. "The Army will try to hold the E.N.M.C. at bay in New York until we get there." Baldwin said.

"With all due respect Hal the immediate and greater threat is to New York, why go to Washington D.C. when we could send a smaller team to retrieve the Xeno Stone?" Broderick asked.

"Normally we would, but apparently there is some sort of force field surrounding the Smithsonian. It seems that anyone that go near it starts combusting into flames." Baldwin reported.

The room fell silent as all eyes darted to Aya's face. They all knew that in the past only Aya could penetrate these fields. Aya looked into her colleagues - her friends' faces and sighed. 'She wanted to stop the carnage in New York City, but she knew that getting rid of the stone was more important.' She hated decision like these. "All right. Let's go to Washington D.C." Aya sighed stressing the last part of the sentence reluctantly.

"The plane will leave Los Angeles International Airport at 08:00 hours. Agents Brea and Broderick you will be there and don't be late." Baldwin stressed the last part of the sentence to Aya.

"Yes sir." They said in unison.

"All right, let's go." Baldwin said concluding the meeting.

Baldwin left the boardroom quickly followed slowly by Carradine. Aya stood in the boardroom and turned on the slide projector and reversed the pictures back to the world map. She stared at the countries that were coloured in red. She felt dejected. "Are you okay?" Her partner asked.

"No." Aya sighed.

"Com'on let's go." Broderick suggested. "You'll feel better in the field."

She knew that he was right, but still couldn't help to think that this was all her fault. "Yeah." Aya sighed. "Hey Rupert have I told you about my theory with bad luck coming in threes?" Aya asked escorting her partner out of the room.


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