Road Trip!

A.N.—Okay, so this is yet another "Yu-Gi-Oh cast road trip." I like to think, however, that mine is unique. And pretty funny. You make the call.

Yami may or may not have some importance, mostly because he's so hard to write. He may have a scene thrown in every now and then. You can bet your boots that Yami B's gonna be in this, though. He's so much fun…  ::Sigh::

The story's set in America, and just for fun, Domino City is somewhere in Southern California, but not too far from L.A.

Téa and Tristan bashers, be warned—I have a fondness for them—and I like to write them as tolerable people. No friendship rants here! Give it a try—they act like normal people (here, at least).

For the purposes of this story, Téa is an only child, as is Yugi. Here, though, Yugi is an orphan living with his grandpa (Apparently, he has a mom, but until I've seen a character on TV, I refuse to write about them). And according to the manga, Tristan has an older sister, so there you go…

Pairings in this story are: Yugi/Téa, Joey/Mai, Tristan/Serenity. Yeah. I'm hetero. What else is new? The major reason I don't do Yami/Yugi and Bakura/Yami Bakura is due to the simple fact that they're the same person. (After all, they're the dark half and light half of the same soul.) Seemed kind of disturbing to me. I mean, I'd heard of loving yourself, but…

Flames will be laughed at for their lack of constructive criticism, then used to toast s'mores (Mmm, s'mores…).

Written by: Crescent Venus & Elf Queen

Chapter 1: Surfin' USA

As with every major collectible card game, there are bound to be conventions. At such conventions, one can see a marvelous array of the somewhat normal casual fan to the hyper-obsessed "social misfit" otaku. At such conventions, one can perhaps see the creator of said card game. Maybe even its current champion.

Which was the reason Yugi Motou was headed to New York.

After all, as the "King of Games," and the current Duel Monsters Champion, he was fairly obligated to appear. This didn't mean that he actually wanted to go, however.

Which was the reason he was glaring at his duffel bag at 3:30 P.M. on Thursday afternoon.

Stupid convention. You just know, there's bound to be trouble…

/What was that?/

That stupid convention I have to go to, Yugi whined to the dark half of his soul, known as Yami.

/Ah, yes. Why do we have to go, again?/

Because I'm the game's current champion, and I have a moral obligation and to go, and…

/Did Pegasus "suggest" that you come?/

A pause.




Well, it wasn't as much "suggesting" as "thinly veiled threats," but that's up to you to make the call.


Calm down, Yugi idly told Yami. After all, he can't do anything…funny…when we're surrounded by people. Unless he wants to do a heck of a lot of explaining that doesn't make sense to anyone not connected to the Millennium Items or the Shadow Games. Heck, it doesn't even all make sense to me!

/Don't worry about it. At the first sign of any soul-stealing tendencies, just call for me./ Yami paused. /And when did he call you, anyway?/

Uh…two weeks ago…


Because you would've done just that. And you were napping. Didn't want to disturb you.

In his soul room, Yami laid down on his bed, and began to massage his temples. For a 5,000 year-old half-soul trapped inside a gold puzzle with no corporeal body (except for that of the reincarnation of the other half of his soul), he sure had a major headache right about now.

/Sweet mother of Osiris. We're in deep.../

Hey, Yami, should I take my black T-shirt that I hacked the sleeves off and frayed the collar, or the black T-shirt with the cut-off sleeves and pre-rugged collar?

/What's the difference?/


/Thought so./


/Look, most of your clothes are black…and most of them you altered yourself. What's the difference between any of them?/


/This is going to be a LONG trip…/


Téa Gardner leaned against the kitchen counter, frowning. She twisted the phone cord in her fingers as she listened to the receiver. "You're kidding," she said, blinking her huge turquoise eyes. "In the name of all that is STILL good left in this world, please tell me you're kidding, Yugi."

A pause.


Téa smacked herself in the forehead. "You do realize that you will be spending nearly forty-eight hours in the presence of a madman who stole the souls of three people, your grandfather included, nearly got Tristan, Bakura and me sent to the Shadow Realm, nearly killed YOU, AND likes pink bunnies?"

"Like I had a choice!"

"You COULD have gotten Yami, you know!"

"He was napping! You do NOT know what he's like when he's napping. He gets really, really, REALLY cranky, and hearing Pegasus would have made it worse." Yugi paused thoughtfully. "I wonder if Yami can perform mind crushes over the phone."

"Look, I don't want to think about it," Téa groaned. "The pressing question is 'What are you going to do?' You can't just go by yourself, Yugi; his goons will be on you in a heartbeat. They'll take the Puzzle and…do worse things to you…" she trailed off, unable to continue. A chill was spreading across her body. The chill of fear. She'd nearly lost Yugi to that creep once. She wasn't going to lose him again.

"I know, I know," Yugi sighed, frustrated. "But I can't think of any other way. Neither can Yami." He paused. "Although he's been mumbling something about bringing the Dark Magician to life as a bodyguard for the past half-hour."

Téa flinched. "He can't…DO that…can he?" Just great. More of what we need—REAL Duel Monsters floating around Domino.

"Nah, I think it just makes him feel better."

Téa bit her lip. "Why don't I come with you, then?"


"You know—I'll come along with you. As a bodyguard. I'll make sure that Pegasus and his goons can't touch you."

Yugi thanked God personally that she couldn't see him blushing over the phone. "I—I'd like that." A pause. "What are you going to tell your parents?"

"That I'm going to be checking out dance schools," Téa said smoothly. "Honestly, my parents are great people, and I love them dearly," she lowered her voice conspiratorially, "but they're not the brightest bulbs on the Christmas tree."

That earned a chuckle from Yugi. "Good. Look, I have to ask Grandpa about it, but I'll call you when I figure this out, okay?"

"Uh…fine, I guess…I'll start packing, then."

"And Téa?"


"Don't forget your toe shoes," Yugi teased.

Although he couldn't see her, Téa stuck out her tongue.

After Yugi hung up the phone, he heaved a sigh. Better finish packing, I guess… As he turned, he nearly ran into his grandfather.

"Are you sure this is a good idea, Yugi?"

Yugi felt like smacking himself silly. "You're the third person who's asked that today, Grandpa, and I'm telling you: I don't have a choice. If I had one, I would be spending the time watching SD Gundam until my brain turns to mush, and eating endless bowls of pudding, but that doesn't look like it's gonna happen, either."

Grandpa scratched his head. "I don't know—I'd feel a lot safer if someone went with you."

"Téa said she'd go…"

"Like I said, someone else…"

Yugi felt himself turn cherry-red. "So, Téa's not responsible enough?"

"That wasn't what I was worrying about, Yugi…"

Yugi blushed even redder.

"I would go with you, but someone has to watch the shop—and I am NOT leaving it to the tender mercies of Joey and Tristan."

Yugi winced at the mental image of what the Turtle Game Shop might look like after the 'Danger-prone Duo,' as Téa had dubbed them once, were done with it. NOT pretty.

Grandpa sighed. "I don't know what to tell you, Yugi."

"C'mon, Grandpa," Yugi wheedled, "it isn't like Téa's the worst driver in the world. We'll get there all right."

Grandpa sighed, throwing his hands into the air. "Fine, fine, you win." He rubbed the back of his head. "Just—at least take the cel phone with you, and call me every now and then to let me know what's happened."

Yugi whooped with joy. "Gotta call Téa!" He paused before heading for the phone in the kitchen. "And you were worried about us crashing her dad's van! Silly gramps…"

Grandpa Motou sighed, shaking his head. "That isn't exactly what I'm worried about," he mumbled.

And thus, the day of the trip dawned bright and sunshiny, with chirping birds and laughing flowers, and smiling—

Whatever. You get the picture. It was happy, okay?

And at 7:37 a.m., Yugi Motou was standing in Téa Gardner's driveway, staring at the motor vehicle in front of them. "It's huge," he whispered.

"It should be," Téa frowned. "It is an RV, after all."

Mr. Gardner had volunteered the use of the family's old camper/RV/insanely huge van, as well as sleeping bags, premade food, and several hundred dollars in gas and emergency money.

But that still left one question.

"Who's going to drive?" Yugi questioned, huge violet eyes becoming slits. "You don't have your license, and I'm nowhere near tall enough to reach the pedals."

Téa coughed. "That's the part I didn't mention on the phone," she mumbled.

"What?" Yugi's curiosity was overcoming his suspiciousness.


Throwing open the door of the van and grinning like the (loveable) idiots they were, sat Tristan and Joey.

"Morning' Yuge," drawled Joey lazily.

"Ready to hit the road?" Tristan grinned.

Yugi turned white. Whiter than Bakura's hair, even. "Y-y-y…" he stuttered. "Y-you-you-you're really—you're-'re gonna…" He began drawing in funny gulps of air. "YOU'RE gonna drive?"

Frowning briefly, the two taller boys nodded.

Yugi promptly fainted.

Everyone blinked.

Téa smack her forehead. "This is not a good start."

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