For a moment, I wished that the glass pane between us would melt away. It would make things easier. You'd know. You'd know I'd heard your confession.


It had to be. Those words, how could they hit me so hard, how could they explain everything, every detail away, and not be about us?


A strange concept. We are not together, yet we are never apart. We work together. We share our own interpretation of non-lovers moments.


We've shared so many. Every time I made a step forward you always made me feel like I'd taken a step to far. Flirting with me comes so naturally to you.


You 'couldn't do it.'

I guess I could take that any way I wanted. Read it as a badly scripted line; believe what I want to believe. Believe you are talking about the past.


Is that where our fictional relationship ends, or is it where it never begins? Our entwined lives reading like some bad B-plot in a sci-fi movie.


I wish we were in a movie. They generally end happily. The guy gets the girl, and good triumphs over evil. I guess even that universe; you'd probably end up with Catherine. And I'll be left asking, 'why couldn't it be me?'


I try. You know I do. You always push me away.

And I guess it wouldn't even matter if the glass did melt away.

Another barrier would already be put in place.