Title:   Waiting

Author: The Noseless Wonder

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¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸, ø¤º°`°º¤ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,

Pan flew slowly. She was early, so she could afford to take her time. She had her eyes closed momentarily as she enjoyed cooling off in the wind. Her body was tensing in preparation for her up-coming spar, but her mind was somewhere completely different. She was thinking about him… again.

Ten years had passed. Ten years and her feelings for him hadn't changed at all. She knew it could never happen. She would never be anything more than a friend. After all, he was so much older than her and there wasn't a chance he would ever see past that. Eleven years before, he had only considered her a child… a little girl who was 'his responsibility'. Though after a year of living and nearly dying together, she knew he had finally grown to consider her a real friend. Not just his best friend's niece, or his sister's friend, but his friend… and she didn't want to ruin that. In that one year, she had managed to keep him virtually all to herself. Despite having her absent-minded grandfather along with them, they really did get a lot closer. Pan guessed that it was a common occurrence that happened between people who depended on each other so much.

After their tour of the galaxy, they became regular sparring partners. Often, she would go by the Brief's home during weekends, or kidnap him from the office during his lunch break and they would work out together. Sometimes, he even took an extra long lunch, one of the advantages to being President of your own corporation, and they would go spar for a while. Then, he would take her to lunch at one of those fancy restaurants that she had to shower and dress up for. She always looked forward to those little sparring sessions with him, even if he was just using her as a punching bag. It gave her a chance to be with him… as friends.

She wasn't sure when it had started… She wasn't even sure how it had started… but she knew those feelings had been there for a long time. When she was six or seven, she remembered, she used to try to find anyway possible to interrupt his many dates. Even at such a young age, she knew she wanted to be with him. Finally, when she was old enough, she realized what those feelings towards him really were. That's when she started feeling the pain and embarrassment. That's when her heart started to crumble every time she saw him with another girl.

She loved him… in many different ways. She loved just being with him… they had so much fun together.. He was her best friend, even if she wasn't his. He was her knight in shinning armor, even though she really didn't need one. There was a time in High School when she needed a hero though… and he was right there… at her Senior prom. All the guys from her school that had asked her out were jerks, so she turned them down. He knew something was wrong when he looked at her. So, she swallowed her pride and told him the truth. She really wanted to go to her last High School dance… but she didn't want to suffer the humiliation of going alone. Trunks saw her predicament and instantly offered to go with her. Despite the attention he would get, he really didn't want her to be alone.

Pan accepted reluctantly. There he was… an intelligent, rich, handsome and eligible bachelor, who was also the well known President of Capsule Corporation, at a High School dance. He even got down on one knee, kissed her hand and sweet talked to her at the moment he knew the most people were watching… the moment they were voted King and Queen of the prom. They hadn't even been on the ballot. Trunks had laughed, going on about how silly it was that they made such a big deal for him. It gave them a nice souvenir, though. Everyone who saw it laughed at the picture of the two of them in cheap, paper crowns. It showed Trunks, a thirty-two  year-old prom King kneeled in front and kissing the hand of a blushing, but smiling Pan.

He had always been a willing punching bag if she ever needed to vent some anger… especially if he was allowed to hit back. Whether she was hurt, or just generally frustrated at life, fighting was her version of crying on his shoulder. Other than that, she tried never to allow herself to appear weak in front of him. He wasn't exactly the best counselor on earth, but he was there when she needed him… and most of the time, he was the only one she could go to. She kept trying to tell herself that all she ever wanted was for him to be there like he had been… but it wasn't. She wanted more.

When Goten had told her that Trunks and Marron were back together, she nearly died. She felt her world crash around her, but with her uncle right in front of her, all she could do was pretend to be happy for them. All she really wanted to do was punch something… and cry… just a little. Thinking back, he had seemed a little down about it too. Back then, it didn't mean anything to Pan, but hind-sight is perfect and as Pan later found out, Goten was in love with Marron.                                                          

Somehow, Pan had managed to get a hold of her emotions. She couldn't let anyone see how she felt, not even her uncle. That was probably the only time she had really succeeded in getting Trunks out of her mind. What was she going to do, pick a fight, the winner gets Trunks? Marron was one of her best friends. Pan had always promised herself she would never let a guy get in the way of the friendships she had with Marron and Bra.

The again, she never really thought she had to worry about Marron getting Trunks. They had gone out before, but it ended in disaster. Pan really didn't know how the relationship blew up because she was only three at the time, and that wasn't a question she felt comfortable asking. She just assumed that it would end the same way this time too. Besides, if any one else was to have Trunks, Pan was happy it was someone who wouldn't mind her sparring with him. It wasn't like Marron had purposely stolen him away. She had no idea how Pan felt about Trunks… no one did. Pan made up her mind to be truly happy for her two friends. She wasn't about to stand in their way if they were happy… and they were. Everyone knew that.

Pan was completely lost in her own thoughts as she continued to fly North. Already, she could see the huge, yellow dome and towers in the center of the city known as Capsule Corporation. She knew everything there was to know about that place. In fact, she could probably fly from Capsule Corp to her house with her eyes closed and her senses blocked.

 For as long as she could remember, the Briefs' house had been like a second home to her. She always showed up when she needed to study with Bra or spar with Trunks. She even spent some time training with Vegeta on rare occasions.

Pan remembered fondly the times she spent getting on the Prince's nerves. She recalled watching him train and spar with invisible enemies from the bushes. He always had refused to train her, saying that she was too young, too weak and that she would probably never even go Super Saiyan. Watching Vegeta, however, taught her more than private lessons with the best instructors in the world ever could.

Carefully, she would study his technique… soaking in every attack and move as if her life depended on it. When she felt brave, she would step out of her hiding place and mimic his moves. If she was ever unsure, or wanted his instruction, she would purposefully do it wrong. That way, Vegeta would yell at her for doing it incorrectly, then show her the right way.

"Stupid brat!" he would shout. He eventually caved in and started to help her train on a regular basis. Pan had a hard time admitting it, but he was mostly responsible for giving her the push she needed to reach her goals.

When Pan was seventeen, Vegeta felt like she could use some wilderness training. He had stated that "the brat" was too spoiled and coddled by her foolish parents. Gohan said 'no' right off the bat. There was no way his seventeen year-old daughter was going to go off… by herself… in the woods and train for three years… even if she did have one of Bulma's capsule homes to live in. That decision didn't last long, however. Pan relentlessly begged, saying that she wanted more independence anyway, and there was probably going to be someone there so often, that she wasn't really going to be alone. She also made the argument that since she had already finished high school, this would be good pre-college conditioning. Eventually Gohan caved, much against the protests of his wife Videl.

Finally, Pan had the opportunity to really train and focus on her strength. Eventually, the Z-team members came and assisted her. At first, Pan wasn't sure she wanted them there. After all, they were all sort of old and weak. Plus, she hadn't seen many of them since she was fourteen. Nonetheless, they all had unique abilities and special attacks that they never got to use anymore, mostly because there had been peace for so long and their bodies were getting old and out of shape. The abilities were still valuable and strong, if used by the right fighter. This was a big lesson for Pan, who had spent too much time with Vegeta and taken on his views of a weak humanity.

Yamucha came first… teaching her some of his energy manipulating techniques. He seemed sad, she noted, that in his prime, those attacks were well known for their extreme difficulty. However, Pan mastered them within a day. Tien and Choazu eventually traveled down from the Empire. Pan was very surprised to see Choazu, who had become very old and immovable. Still, they both instructed her in the art of energy manipulation, the multiple form attack and the solar flare. She learned all of what they had to teach her in no time at all. Krillin came and trained her in various forms of fist-to-fist combat. She had noticed that his fighting style was a lot like her grandfather's. Vegeta's training made boot camp look like a ride on a merry-go-round, but she did everything he told her to. Because of this, she got a lot stronger than she would have with anyone else.

She always learned something new each time one of them came. Many times, they wouldn't even get into talking about fighting. It became a tradition of sorts that one of them would come down and just tell her stories about their past adventures. She was grateful for the wisdom her elders had to offer her… and they were grateful to have someone who would listen to them and be able to pass it down through the generations.

Her most honored training session, though, was when her grandfather Goku had come with Piccolo. Piccolo had taught her things that he said he had only taught her father when he was going through wilderness training. Goku helped her with the strength training, and when they were finished, he told her what was necessary for going Super Saiyan. Much to her dismay, he delivered some rather bad news. Goku had always been the optimist. However, after several weeks of intense, group training, he had to tell her the truth. So, he sat her down… and told her that he didn't think there was much of a chance for her to go Super Saiyan. Her blood was mostly human, and although that had helped her father, uncle and Trunks succeed, it would do little for her, if not slow her down.

A short time before she was done with her training, her parents came to visit. Gohan refused to spar with her, but he helped her with her training. Pan was beginning to wonder what was wrong. She knew this wasn't a typical visit because both of her parents were acting strange, as if they were waiting for something. Then one day at dinner, Gohan and Videl informed Pan that she was going to have a baby brother. Before she heard the news, Pan was toying with the idea of staying longer, but with a new baby, her parents were going to need all the help they could get at home… which meant that she would have to cut her training short.

Of course, many of her favorite moments were with Trunks. Him and Goten were there almost once every week, unless something came up, but Trunks came alone almost every day. She was glad to have that time with him, even though it was so short. Pan and Trunks both noticed that Goten was beginning to act strangely when he fought. He was a lot more violent than he had been in the past and he never slacked up until she was practically unconscious.

One time, when they were fighting, he went overboard. Unfortunately, it had been on the day Trunks chose to be late. He started to pound on her again and again. When Trunks got there, Goten started beating on him. This made Pan so angry that she surprised everyone by going Super Saiyan. She had exceeded everyone's expectations, including her grandfather's. After that, Goten never trained with her again. The way he had acted had kind of freaked him out, and he didn't want to do that again. No one went easy on her at all after that. She had trained so hard, especially with Goku and Vegeta, that she went level two before she was done.

Pan had planned to spend the last three days training with Trunks. He was going to stay there overnight, much to her father's dismay, so he wouldn't have to make the long commute every time. They didn't train, though. Trunks broke the news that he and Marron were engaged. It took everything Pan had to keep from shedding tears over this. Pan pushed it out of her mind. There was nothing she could do… they were in love. The rest of the time, they spent talking and generally hanging out. They talked about everything under the sun… including some pretty personal insight. Whenever she brought up the wedding, though, a tone would cross Trunks' voice… a tone that made her think maybe he wasn't as eager to get hitched as he let on. She dismissed that thought as well, telling herself that she was just being overly-hopeful.

They had a really good time. At least, Pan did. It made her think that even after a straight year together, they had gotten much closer in that one weekend. They slept outside, under the stars, and he would tell her funny stories until one of them fell asleep. The morning they were to leave, she woke up and found his arm was around her waist, and his nose was nuzzled in her hair. She pretended to be asleep so she could enjoy it, kicking herself for being so weak and pitiful. When he woke up, he apologized, saying that it was only a force of habit, but it was still the best feeling in the world to her.

Trunks helped her pack up all of her stuff as they prepared to leave. They had planned to eat lunch together, but Trunks said he had to go back and talk to Marron. The way he had looked to Pan… well, it made her think that he really didn't want to go.

"That was five years ago." Pan said out-loud, still lost in her memories. "Whoa, has it really been that long? I must be getting old. Although, I don't know many people who would consider being twenty-five old."

Chichi and Bulma had planned a surprise party for the day after Pan got back from her training. She wasn't too eager to go because she was exhausted, but at least she'd get to see everyone together again. Mid-way through the party Trunks and Marron stood up. Pan figured they probably had something to say about the wedding, considering it was only two weeks away. She had noticed that Goten looked very nervous when Trunks had finally gotten everyone's attention.

"We just wanted to let you know that the wedding is off." Trunks had said. Pan felt her heart jump up and down, attempting to leap out of the confines of her chest. Questions were being asked by every one at the table all at once. Pan and Goten, on the other hand were silent. Pan looked over at her uncle, who curiously, was starting to look a lot happier. That's when Pan started to think that there might be something going on between Goten and Marron. Her theory was proven correct when Goten and Marron went off together after dinner.

After everyone had settled down a little, she went looking for them. She found them, alright. They were in a very warm embrace, behind some trees. She was about to say something about them hurting Trunks, but she felt a hand resting on her shoulder, preventing her from making a sound. She turned to see Trunks… and he was smiling. He explained to her that the reason he had left the forest early the day before was so that he could break up with Marron, but when he started to explain it to her, Marron finally admitted that she had fallen for Goten. They had been seeing each other for quite a while behind Trunks' back. He told Pan that he had enjoyed their conversations earlier and that he had realized that was something lacking in his relationship with Marron… just being friends.

A year later, Goten and Marron were married. Pan rejoiced at this news. Not only did Trunks and Marron break up, but they were still friends. Now she could see Goten and Marron together and be genuinely happy for them without feeling an obligation to Trunks because he was hurt. It was a mutual decision, and as long as both Trunks and Marron were happy with this decision, Pan was happy. In fact, she was very happy. Trunks wasn't mad with Goten either. Much to Goten's surprise, as well as everyone else's, Trunks just shook hands and wished them the best. He was even the best man at their wedding. He never held it against either of them.

"Why aren't you taken yet?" she wondered, out-loud, why the most eligible bachelor in town was still eligible… and nearing forty.

She kept having to remind herself that she'd rather have him as a friend. If she tried to make a move on him, it would probably just end up costing them their friendship. Besides, she should be glad that he's still single, this way, she could get more attention.

"Trunks." She said softly. "This isn't healthy, obsessing over a guy. I wonder how many great men I've turned down waiting for him to notice me. I really should get over him. Besides, the last thing I want to do is become a member of his gold-digging, giggling, screaming, neurotic fan club."

She landed softly on the lush green grass in the back of the Capsule building. "I'd better stop talking to myself. Someone might hear me." She chuckled. Talking to herself was an annoying habit she'd picked up from her father and grandfather. "I really do need help."

It was a nice, warm day. The sun was shining, but it wasn't hot at all. There was a gentle breeze blowing in that was just strong enough to stir her long, black hair. She inhaled deeply and savored the smells of a beautiful morning. 'A perfect day to spar.' She thought, hoping they had already started so she could watch.

She walked around the building, but there were no signs of either Goten or Trunks. She couldn't even sense their ki very well, so she knew they weren't fighting yet. They said they'd wait for her outside. "Trunks probably slept in and Goten is probably not even here yet."

Then, Pan heard the sound of metal clinging. She walked around and saw that the huge garage door that was always shut, was open. She knew Bulma was in there. She figured that was her best bet in finding Goten and Trunks any time soon. Their home was huge. With all the different hallways and doors, it might take Pan forever to find them and she still couldn't sense their ki enough to tell where they were.

She looked inside the huge storage room. It had all the signs of a large family, or at least, a Saiyan one. Its shelves were stocked with enough food to last a small city a lifetime, and a Saiyan a month. One complete side of the room was dedicated to bottled water. Looking up at this shelf, it seemed like there was enough water there to fill a mid-sized lake.

Pan had the suspicion that Bulma was using it as a temporary laboratory. In the middle of the room the was a large computer set, but this regular looking computer set was sitting next to a huge, round, space ship. Pan figured it was Bulma's latest project and wondered if she should even bother asking what it was. Wires and tubes were scattered throughout the floor, all heading to unknown destinations. There were things beeping and bleeping mixed in with the occasional buzz and the sound of an electric screwdriver.

Pan looked around, and she finally saw a pair of worn-out, old tennis shoes sticking out from underneath the ship. She figured that whoever was underneath could give her the whereabouts of Trunks and Goten. She slowly started working her way in towards the space ship, being careful not to trip over any wires or blow anything up. She eventually gave up and just levitated there. When she finally got over all the wires and cords, she knocked on the medal wall directly above the shoes. She heard the screwdriver stop as whoever was under there made a frustrated grunt.

"I told you, if you want some food you can get it yourself because I'm busy!" the voice yelled.

Pan was taken aback by the shear volume of it. It reached well above all the beeps and buzzes. It must be Bulma. Pan tapped again. "Bulma?" she asked, but Bulma didn't hear the voice, only the tap.

"Can't you do anything yourself? I don't know why you think that just because I'm a woman I have to wait on you hand and foot! If you interrupt me one more time, I'm going to take that foot and I'm going to shove it…" she finally rolled out from underneath her workstation and was cut-off in mid sentence by a surprise. Instead of seeing her over-proud Saiyan Prince, wearing a scowl with his arms crossed in front of him, she saw the petite form of a woman and a face shining brightly at her.

"Oh, I'm sorry Pan I thought you were Vegeta." Bulma apologized as she grabbed a rag from the nearby table and started wiping her hands.

"Yeah, I sort of figured that." Pan said. "Having fun?"

"Ha! If you only knew." Bulma wore the signs of a hard day's work. She was wearing her work clothes, which consisted of an old, torn up pair of jeans, a plain, white t - shirt and a couple of, what looked like, the oldest pair of sneakers on earth. All of them had fresh oil stains which well complimented the old ones. Her shirt looked like she had taken her hands and wiped them across in attempt to get the grease off. Her face had grease on it too, which was watered down by the vast amounts of sweat pouring from her forehead. She had her fine, blue hair tied up in a pony-tail, but that did little to help. The back of her hair looked like it had been dragged through whatever she had on her shirt and her bangs were drenched in sweat. She pushed her bangs out of her face with her hand, which caused a new smear to form on her forehead. "Is there something I can help you with?" she asked Pan.

"I'm sorry to interrupt your work, but I'm trying to find Goten and Trunks. We were supposed to spar together." Pan put her green gym bag on the floor and pulled out a rubber band. She tied her hair up a bun in preparation for her upcoming exercise. She was already dressed appropriately, wearing a pair of baggy sweats and a tank top. That described the majority of her wardrobe anyway. She liked to dress up occasionally, but she would rather be comfortable. 

"They're in the kitchen eating lunch."

"Eating lunch?" Pan was surprised at both Goten and Trunks for letting their stomachs get the better of them. "Their bloated stomachs are going to slow them down! They'll be too easy to beat that way. I was hoping for a good workout."

"Actually, you came at a good time. I was just about to get a bite to eat myself." Bulma said. "Why don't you come in and join us? It will give them a chance to digest their food."

"Thanks, but I already ate. So what's with the new toy Ms. Bulma?"

"Well the Bulma from the other dimension created a time machine for future Trunks. I thought it would be a good idea, in case something happened here where we needed it. Besides, if the other Bulma can build one, I figured I can build one. Actually, I was only playing with the idea, but Trunks pushed me into it. He promised that if I did, he would help. He's held up to his promise too. He did the body work and most of the electrical and plumbing work. I've really only worked on the actual time components. I think he just wants to be the first to test it."

"Cool." Pan said, as she walked around the big ship admiring it. "So when is it going to be ready to fly?"

"It already is. I'm just working out some of the kinks." Bulma said. "My major problem is the date of return. The machine has to come back exactly two months after they get to the past. I really don't want the first test to last three months, so I'm trying to find away to push up the date of return."

"Three months? I thought you said two."

"Well, that's another problem. The wormhole is a week away. That means two weeks for a one-way trip and two weeks coming back. The actual time spent in the past is only two months."

"A wormhole?" Pan asked. She was beginning to feel less and less intelligent by the minute.

"Well," Bulma explained, "It's like this: The only way a ship could gain the energy and speed needed for time travel is to make a sling-shot around the sun. You know, use the sun's enormous magnetic energy to gain speed. It would be like grabbing a pole when you're on skates, making you go faster. The problem is, there's only a half a percent chance that the ship and the pilot won't go crashing into the sun. That's a risk I'm not willing to take, but lately I've been observing this wormhole..." Bulma pulled Pan over to the computer screen to show her a diagram of the wormhole. "Actually, I've been observing it for quite some time, and it's remained stable and constant the entire time."

"So, what exactly does a wormhole do?" Pan asked, feeling really dumb.

"It takes you a long distance in a short amount of time, gaining the speed and energy required for time travel. The odds are better, but there are some problems. First off, I needed to find the exact moment for the ship to exit the time machine in order to be sent back seventeen years. I chose seventeen years just because there was nothing really important that happened then that we could screw up. I already found the exact point using mathematical equations. I've checked them millions of times and I've had everyone I know check them too. It's not the equations I'm worried about, I'm just nervous about sending someone back into time, especially if that someone is Trunks. Another problem is that the wormhole is on a two and a half month cycle. Point A stays the same, but point B moves and only returns to the same place every two and a half months. It doesn't matter what point you go in at, but if you don't return exactly two and a half months later, you might not return to the present time. Other than that, the ship's ready to sail. I've put enough food in the fridge to last even a Saiyan a couple of months. I even put men and women's clothing in there too."

"Wow. That's really cool. I wouldn't mind going seventeen years into the past. I don't remember much from back then because I was only eight."

"I'm sorry to ramble on like that Pan. You must be bored to death."

"No Ms. Bulma." Pan said. "Actually, I think it sounds awesome, from what I understood, anyway. Besides, that gave Goten and Trunks time to digest their food, and with their Saiyan metabolism, they should be about ready for me to beat up."

                                                Chapter 2

Pan waited outdoors for the two demi-Saiyans to finish eating. Goten and Trunks walked outside rubbing their stomachs in appreciation of their recent meal. Before they had a chance to realize what was happening, Trunks was laying on the ground and Pan was sitting on his stomach. Goten felt Pan give a sharp kick to the back of his knee and the next thing he knew, he was eating grass.

"Oh, hi Pan." Goten said looking up at their mysterious attacker.

"Late enough?" Pan asked sarcastically making herself comfortable on the new chair she had acquired.

"Comfy?" Trunks asked from underneath Pan.

"Quite, thank you. So, what was so good that you had to break our appointment?"

"Mom made some lunch for me to take with us." Goten said rubbing his jaw where he had fallen.

"Sorry we're late Pan." Trunks said shoving her off of her cushion.

"Yeah? Well the beating your about to get is enough punishment for now." She said getting into a battle position.

"You might want to take that back." Goten said.

"Make me." She dared, and the battle began.

¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸, ø¤º°`°º¤ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,

Pan struggled to catch her breath as she clang to a nearby tree. "That wasn't fair, Goten! You know level three is too much for me to handle!" 

They had been sparring for nearly two hours, but Goten and Trunks hadn't even broken a sweat. Pan, on the other hand, had been bleeding for a while and she was straining to keep at level two. Goten, for some reason, was going especially rough on her that day. He wasn't going any easier because she was hurt either. Trunks was worried that Goten was going to loose his temper again. Trunks had been pulling his punches. He was afraid that she was getting too injured and he knew that she had a lot of  important things to do that day. He smirked knowingly, thinking about her upcoming journey.

Pan attempted to read the look on Trunks' face. "What are you smirking at, pretty boy?" Pan shouted angrily.

Trunks had little time to react before he felt her fist hit his face. The force of the impact threw him back thirty feet and into a tree. The tree snapped in half like a toothpick due to the sudden blow to its trunk…by Trunks. Goten stood over Trunks' fallen body, laughing mockingly at his situation.

"Can't you even defend yourself against our little Panny?"

Trunks looked up at Goten, a scowl formed across his face. "She caught me off guard." He said through clenched teeth.

"I'm surprised at you." Goten said with great amusement. "I didn't think you'd let yourself get distracted so easily." Then, he noticed some movement out of the corner of his eye. He turned just in time to see Pan deliver a strong kick to his ribs. He doubled over in pain. "Sheez! I'm going to feel that tomorrow!" he groaned.

"That what you get for calling me your 'little Panny,' snot rag!"

"So, who got distracted, Mr. know-it-all?" Trunks said, feeling the need to rub it in Goten's face.

Goten stood up, and rubbing his painfully sore ribs, he complained, "Looks like I'm going to have to wear a shirt to the beach tomorrow. Marron's not going to like that." Goten looked up and realized that in all his confusion, Pan had disappeared. All of a sudden, he sensed her ki, but before he could react, she sent a strong blast directly towards him. "Getting slow in your old age?" she said, focused on her task at hand.

Goten regrouped and pulled himself into a defensive stance. "Do you honestly think you're ready to handle a full-out battle with me? No holding back, little girl?"

"How dare you call me a little girl!" she screamed. She raised her ki, outraged at what her loving uncle had just said. He knew how to get on her nerves, and it was making her extremely angry. With her anger, she was able to raise it to an all time high.

As Pan and Goten had a tense stare-down, Trunks yelled from somewhere in the back-round, "You guys, cool off! This is going too far! Someone's going to end up getting really hurt!"

Unfazed by Trunks' warning, they continued their intense staring match. Both were so focused on their challenge-at-hand, that they looked unmovable. Somewhere in the back-round a bird chirped, setting them off, and they charged toward one another. As the battle ensued, they blurred out of sight, unable to be seen by human eyes. Trunks continued to watch from his vantage point, his sharpened vision being an advantage, thanks to his Saiyan heritage. He wasn't sure at which point this friendly spar had become a full-out battle.

Pan mercilessly threw strong, blinding kicks and punches at her uncle, but she was only able to get a few past his defenses. She got so frustrated, she backed up and threw a powerful ki blast towards him at point blank range. The blast exploded and formed a dark cloud of black smoke around him.  Pan smiled and thought, 'That ought to teach him a good lesson.'

However, as the smoke cleared, Pan saw Goten's form. His arms were up and crossed defensively in front of his face. He slowly lowered his arms and she saw a cruel grin across his face. "Hey, that singed my clothes, but you're going to have to do better than that if you want to defeat me, little girl."

 He threw a strong ki blast her way. She managed to dodge it, but it exploded right next to her. The force of the explosion threw her backwards in to the storage room. She quickly stood up and rubbed her head, which she had hit, hard.

"I told you not to call me that!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. She put her arms up. With her palms facing outward and her wrists together, she shouted, "Kamehameha!"

Goten saw the huge stream of energy rushing towards him. He quickly countered with his own attack, but he forgot how weak she was, and he didn't control his ki. The blast sent Pan flying into the time machine/space craft which Bulma had left while conducting tests. Pan's hand flew and struck the keyboard as she fell unconscious and hit the floor. The door closed and the booster rockets fired. Trunks knew what was going on. He had known since before it happened. He quickly ran into the storage room, grabbed Bulma, and covered her with his own body as protection against the huge fire ball which was quickly consuming the storage room. All of a sudden the ship took off, crashing through the roof. Only when Trunks was absolutely sure it was safe, he stood up, allowing his mother to look around. Goten quickly ran in, demanding to know what had happened.

"Oh no." Bulma said. "Pan was in that ship, wasn't she?"

"Yeah, she was." Trunks said.

"I didn't mean to counter with such a huge blast. I forgot to watch my ki." Goten said remorsefully.

"Oh, don't worry about Pan, she'll be back. If I were you I'd worry about what to tell Gohan." Trunks said, looking up to the sky as he gave a small smile.

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