Before officially burring this fic, I wanted to give a note of thanks to Presea and Trinity Blue. Both have been a giant help in finishing this thing and I have the utmost respect for them and their many, many talents. They have been awesome friends throughout the entire life of this story and I owe them big time. I also wanted to thank Rayne… the famous author of the two best T&P fics I've read, "Automatic Flowers" and "The Unexpected Guest". Unfortunately, these fics have been, for the most part, erased from the net due to extensive copying and plagiarism by others. I hope to finish "Watching", though I'm not sure if I'll get very far any time soon. I still have many ideas flowing through my brain, even though DB fandom is dying. Still, I write for my own sake… and you have no idea how satisfying and fulfilling it feels to get a two-year project like "Waiting" done. Thank you for reading.