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Summary: McGonegall can control the children in her house, but can't control her OWN child? What's going on there? Set before Potter got to Hogwarts. Seven years before. Slightly silly.

And her name was Cynthia

"CYNTHIA!" Cynthia stopped runing through the hall and stopped. An Uh-oh- I'm-in-trouble look came over her face. The little eleven year old slowly turned around and looked up at Madame Maxim who was walking over to her. She was red in the face. In the begining of the year Madam Maxim was huge. Now she looked like she had lost a hundred pounds. She wasn't huge anymore. But still she was an impressive hieght and build.

Madame Maxim walked over and stopped right in front of her. Cynthia looked up and tried to give her, her best You-know-I-did-it-but-i'm-so-cute-how- could-you-possibly-yell-at-me smile. Her long black hair was tied in two loose pig tails. They had become loose from all the jumping and running that she had been doing. She had been runing from Madam Maxim for at least ten minutes. She had to jump down stairs, run down halls, do hairpin turns. She had to make her way through crowds of students, jump over bookbags on the floor, duck from floating objects and stop as best she could before ruining into a dead end.

Now she stood in front of Madame Maxim who was still strugling to breath and clutching her heart. Her face was putrple and her eyes glinted with anger and exhaustion. Cynthia bit her lip and looked around. There where a couple of sixth and fourth years in the hallway. They where all currently looking at their Headmistress and at little Cynthia in curiosity. They wondered what the little Brittish girl had done this time to get the Headmistress so angry.

"Cynthia," Madame Maxim said when she found her voice. She paused and tried to take in air. She pointed a finger at her face. "You'v'... you'v' gone.... gone too fart.... 'dis time," she said as best she could while struggling with air. Cynthia thought about what she did and wondered what kind of punishment she would get this time. In her opinion she had done nothing wrong.

She had been sitting in the lunch hall when one of the girl had insulted her. She had stood up, grabbed a handful of mush that they liked to call 'mashed potatoes' which really actually looked and smelled like old useless cookie dough. Well anyway she had picked up a handful of mashed potatoes and threw it at the girl. The girl however had ducked and it hit the gril behind her. That girl than stood up and threw it at her. She had ducked and it had hit the second year girl behind her. That girl however took a swing at Cynthia and Cynthia had ducked and than tackled the older girl to the floor. Pretty soon she was rolling on the floor with the second year girl while the rest of the hall began to have food fight.

The second year girl could only tug at Cynthia's hair while Cynthia tried the best she could to hit her in the face. She did hit her a coupled times in the face. Other times the girl had moved her head out of the way and her fist came in contact with the hard flagstone floor. She was soon pulled off the older girl by a teacher, whom she accidentally socked in the groin. The male teacher had imediately let go of her and fell to the floor, curled up and holding himself. She had looked down at her charms teacher and covered her mouth in surprise.

Than a seventh year came over and grabbed her. Out of reflex she socked the boy in the stomach. Once she realized the other blunder she did she took off runing. After a couple of seconds she realized that the Headmistress was runing after her, yelling her name and shaking one of her big fists in the air.

"It wasn't my fault," she said inocently while shruggning her shoulders.

"Oh no," Madam Maxim breathed out shaking her finger. She still could not catch her breath. She straightened up a little bit as if to add effect to what she was baout to say. "You are.... You are hearby..... Expelled from this...... Acandemy," she said. Cynthia's mouth fell open as she looked at her Headmistress.

"But.... But.... My mum is going to kill me! Please Madame Maxim. It isn't my fault!" Cynthia begged. Madame Maxim shook her head.

"None of 'dat. We hav' given you too many chances and you don' seem to learn," Madadme Maxim said finally being able to speak. "Look at me! I hav' more white hair 'den ever. Ever since you hav' arri'ed her' I hav' not relaxed, not once! I can not, no more."

"BUT I've made you lose weight! You look soo much better like this!" Cynthia said and the headmistress took in a look of indignation.

"Go an' pack you'r Tings!" she shrieked angrily. Cynthia looked down and stomped down the hall.

"FAT toad! Needs to learn how to Speak proper english! NOT even bothering to hear my story!" Cynthia muttered to herself as she walked to her dorm. She packed up her things and knew that Madam Maxim was probaly owling her mother at the moment. She shrunk her trunk and stuck it into her pocket. She walked out of the dorm and took Madame Maxim's office. When she got there Madam Maxim was pointing at the fire.

"Dumbledore's office!" she said with her accent. Cynthia grabbed some Floo powder and stepped into the fire place.

"Dumbledore's Office!" She said loudly and clearly. When she stepped out of the fire place she dusted herself off and looked around the office. The only person in there at the moment was Dumbledore. She smiled and walked over to him. She loved Professor Dumbledore. She had always thought him to be such a nice old man. He looked up at her and smiled. He stood up and she walked over to him. He opened his arms and she walked straight into them.

"Cynthia! What are you doing here?" he asked as he hugged her. At that moment the door swung open. Cynthia pulled away stratled and looked at the person who had walked in. When she saw it was a male she sighed in relief. She was happy it wasn't her mother. She looked at the teacher who had just walked in and was looking between her and the old Professor. He had shoulder length black hair. A hooked nose poking out from a pale face. His onix eyes surveying her, he thought she looked like a pretty little girl.

"Severus," said Dumbledore. The man named Severus turned to the Professor. "This is Cynthia, she is McGonegalls eleven year old daughter." The hooked nose professor raised an eyebrow as a look of disbeliefe or possibly surprise came over his face. "Cynthia this is Professor Severu Snape. He's been teaching Potions for the past two years," Dunbledore sais turning to the little girl. She noded. "Cynthia what are you doing here?" he asked.

"Ummm.... I was expelled from Beauxbaton," she responded turning pink in the face and looking down at the floor. Severus couldn't stop staring. EXPELLED. Severus had had a good image of what McGonegalls daughter would be like and it was nothing like this. He guessed she would be a goody-two- shoes. NOT a little girl that would get EXPELLED at the end of her FIRST year.

"Expelled, but my dear how did this-" before he could finish the door of the office burst open and in stepped a livid Professor McGonegall. She was so angry that her lips had dissapeared from pressing so hard. Her eyes where wild and on fire with anger.

"EXPELLED!" She shrieked causing the windows and Snape to shudder. Dumbledore flinched and the little girl imediately hid behind Dumbledore. "You are ONLY in your FIRST YEAR. EXAPLAIN HOW THIS HAPPENED!"

"It wasn't my fault. It was that horrid Mildrid," she said in a small voice that was however somehow audible. "She insulted me, I through mashed potatoes at her she ducked and a food fight started. Somehow a second year took a swing at me and next thing you know I'm on the floor with her, fighting. Than a teacher pulled us apart and I accidentally hit him in his unmentionables and than I accidentilly hit a seventh year in his stomach. And that's pretty much it, but It wasn't my fault. Madam Maxim just doesn't like me."

"WHY DIDN't YOU JUST RESTRAIN YOURSELF FROM THROWING FOOD at Her?" McGonegal barked walking over causing the girl to further hide behind Dumbledore. Severus merely looked at his old professor. He had never seen her this angry before.

"Minerva," Dumbledore said gently causing the transfiguration's teacher's head to snap and look up at him. The anger trying to subside as she looked at him. "Perhaps you should not be too hard on the girl."

"Albus, If I needed help on how to handle MY CHILD I would ask you, but I'm not," she snapped at him causing him to flinch. Severus couldn't believe that this was her reaction. "And as for you," she snapped turning to the child. "Your father is probably very ashamed of you!" she scolded looking at the little girl who was holding Albus and looking at her mother. She looked at the floor in shame. She could feel her eyes begin to water.

"I'm sorry," she said through a tight throat. "It's just so hard without him here anymore," she cried. And with that McGonegall's visage melted. She got on her knees and outstretched her arms to her daughter. The little girl looked up and came out from behind Dumbledore. She walked over to her mother and huged her. Crying into her shoulder. McGonegall held onto the little girl.

"It's okay, we'll just put you into another school. It's okay," McGonegall said gently, rubbing her daughters back. The little girl took her head out from her mother's shoulder and rested it on her shoulder. She looked at Snape and she smiled wickedly at him. His mouth practically dropped open. He could not believe that she was acting! She as faking it! She wasn't really crying! But it looked so believable! The Wicked little NYMPH!

McGonegall let go and the girl changed her face to one of sorow and as she looked at her mother she sniffled. Snape looked at her schocked again. She was so good at changing her expression. She now looked like she was filled with sorrow, but slightly calm. "I'll just have to enroll you in Durmstrang- "

"I don't want to go to Durmstrang! I want to come here!" the little girl whined.

"NO," McGonegall said sternly. "You are going to Durmstrang and that is that! Understood! And you are not to get EXPELLED or put a single toe out of line. Understood!" The little girl noded and sniffled.


"Ms. McGonegall! Your constantly getting yourself into these strange problems! How could you possibly get bitten by a Weretiger! Those things never attack people. We didn't even know if they even actually existed until NOW!" Karkaroff bellowed. He was giving her all these dirty looks like as if she was dirt, the scum of the earth. She would even go as far as saying that he was probably an ex Death Eater. Of course he was, but she did not know that.

Cynthia rolled her eyes. She didn't care what happened to her at this point. It's not like she had ever wanted to attend this school anyway. So what she had snuck out on friday night to go clubbing. So what she got so buzzed that she woke up in a forest somewhere in India, she really didn't care. If she was expelled she would believe it would all be for the best. As long as her mother didn't blow her lid off she was fine.

Cynthia looked at her hair distractedly. When she had walked into Karkaroffs office she had looked herself in the miror. She put her face right up against the miror and she could see that her eyes where now silver. Silver! They where actually Silver! NOT gray, SILVER! Well actually the light had to shine on them a certain way for them to look silver or she had to be feeling anger very strongly. If not she still seemed to have her black eyes. Not only that set her appart, but her hair now had red higlights, which she had once read happened to their hair. Her teeth where abnormally larger and sharper and her nails where as well. Not only that but she notcied that she was walking with more grace and elegance than before. On top of that she was much more stronger than before.

"Cynthia look at me when I'm talking to you!" Karkaroff bellowed. She turned to look at him. "Did you know that Weretigers are more agressive in their human form than when they actually are in their animal form? That's worser than Werewolves. Werewolves are only agrresive once a moth. You are aggresive every day of the month except for on the day of the full moon! You are hearby expelled from Durmstrang. I cannot risk the lives of other children with having you here!"

Cynthia looked at him and rose to her full hieght. She now stood at six feet, of course now she was seventeen and old enough to be that height. It was not because she was a weretiger, but because her father had been a tall man and therfore she got it from him. She looked Karkaroff straight in the eyes and shot a look of utter digust at him. She than turned on her heel and walked out of his office. She walked to her dorm and packed all of her things into the trunk. She than shrunk it and stuck it into her pocket. She walked off of Durmstrang and Apparated to just outside of Hogwarts.

It was the middle of april and it was raining very hard. She walked up to the castle. She entered the castle and began to walk through it. She soon stopped when she was spotted and stopped by a teacher. As she looked into the face of this teacher she realized that she had met him when she was in her first year. He looked at her and by the looks of it didn't recognize her. "Who are you and what are you doing here?" he asked. She looked him in the eyea and wondered what she should say.

"I'm looking for my mother, have you seen her?" she asked. He stared at her and than he seemed to remembering who she was. He than stared at her.

"Six years is a long time isn't it?" he asked as he looked at her. Her hair had red highlitghts, she was tall, beautiful even if she was soaked, looked depressed and seemed to have very sharp teeth. In the dim light he could see her eyes a dark color. She took out her wand and dried herself off. Her hair imediately became wavy and bouncy. It still reached the small of her back and the front strands framed her face. "Your mother is with Professor Dumbledore in his office." He responded and than he stopped. "What are you doing her?" he asked stressing the 'are'.

"I was expelled from Durmstrang," she responded curtly. "Apparantly Karkaroffe has a thing against," she stopped herself as she looked at him. She considered what her mother had once told her about him coming from a pure blood family and being the Slytherin Head of House and decided not to say why she was expelled. "Girls like me." He looked at her and noded. "Umm... actually could you just give her a note from me?" she asked thinking it better not to tell her mother. She conjuered up a piece of parchment and a pen. She thought it would be faster if she used a pen rather instead of a quill and ink bottle. She walked over to the wall and scribbled a quick note.

Dear Mother,

I'm very sorry that I was expelled from Durmstrang. I feel so ashamed that I can't bear to face you. Especially since a Dark Curse has fallen on me from my last blunder. I do not think I can face you. I just want to let you know that I love you and that I will be just fine. Don't worry about me. I can take care of myself. You have raised me right and I'm a young lady of age that knows how to make it through the right way in this world.

With love from your darling daughter,

Cynthia McGonegall.

She folded the letter and gave it to him. "Can you please give this to her?" she asked. He looked at her and noded. He took the note in his hand and stared at her.

"What are you planing on doing?" he asked. She looked at him and thought. She took in a deep breath.

"Please," she said. "Just make sure that she gets it and please tell her that when you saw me I was perfectly fine and that nothing will happen to me." He looked at her seriously and noded. She turned and walked swiftly out of the castle. He turned on his heel and walked in the other direction going to the Headmasters office. He muttered the password, and tried to hurry to his door. When he got to the door he knocked on the door and opened it. When he walked in he could see McGonegall sitting in her seat clutching a letter and looking livid like he had seen her six years ago.

McGonegall turned to look at him and scowled. He walked over and held out the note to her. She looked at him and as she did a loud clap of thunder was heard outside. Her face seemed to take in a look that said 'what's happened' for the potions master looked grave as he handed her the note. When she took it he stepped back to where he stood in a safe place. Far from her. She opened the letter and as she read through it her face took in a look of horor. Her hands shook. She was soon crying out, her cries drowned out by the loud thunder outside.

Dumbledore had moved to try and comfert her. Severus tried to tell her what Cynthia had said, but she seemed to block him out. All she could do was cry. Severus than wondered. McGonegall could tame every child that set foot at Hogwarts, except for one. And her name was Cynthia.

The End. (for now. Look out for the sequel: 'The magic in silver orbs')