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Chapter 1

"Hey baby! How about swinging those hips over here! I could show you a real good time!"

This guy was talking to a red headed girl who wore a short tartan skirt and a black tank top. She blushed and lowered her head; she wasn't used to being spoken to like that. The truth is, is that she wasn't used to attention from men unless it was for abuse. However, over the summer she had decided that she had had enough of being the stuck-up, prissy, know-it-all and wanted to be a laid back, fun loving, know-it-all. In order to do this she had bought a whole new wardrobe when she got home and started to listen to this new punk rock that was coming out.

It had been one of her best friends Roxie, also a muggle born, to introduce this to her but all the same she had now really got into the scene. She had even invested in some makeup, and even though it was always subtle, unless going out, it really brought out her features. It made her look stunning.

Lily Evans made her way toward the Hogwarts Express. It was her last year at school and she was really looking forward to it. As it was her last year it meant it was her NEWT year, but that didn't and couldn't bother her now, for she was appointed Head Girl over the holidays and that meant she could get away from the main Gryffindor quarters, i.e. get away from bloody Potter. Just thinking about him made Lily's blood boil.

'One of these days, I'll get him for every little bit of grief he's caused me.' Lily thought to herself. She was thinking of little schemes she could use to get him back with until she was broken out of her reverie by a familiar voice.

"HEY! Lily! Over here!" A tall girl with waist length blonde hair who went by the name Roxie Kato was making her way through the crowd to meet one of her best friends. Always being the lively one she ran and jumped right into Lily's arms and threw her arms round her neck. She then stopped and stepped back.

"Merlin you've changed, Lils! I mean look at you! You're…you're…all grown up." She wiped away a mock tear and then carried on.

"I mean fucking hell Lils, look at your hair, you're legs, you're arse, and don't forget these of course!" AS she said that she grabbed Lily's chest. Lily screamed.

"Roxie! What the hell are you doing? People are going to think that we're involved or something!" she said while laughing.

"Aww, Lils, you know that I don't mean it like that I just missed you, is all! And what? I thought a girl was allowed to compliment her friends! It's not like I'm saying 'let me touch you're arse because I want you', am I?" Lily laughed; she loved the way Roxie would just say what was on her mind and not care what anyone thought.

"So," started Lily as they made their way over to the train, "what did you get up to over the summer?"

Roxie shrugged, "Nothing out of the ordinary, just chilled mainly it's cool now that I can use magic outside of school, I mean come on! I fucking apparated into the middle of a bloody Sex Pistols concert! I mean, wow! Good thing that all of the muggles were under influence otherwise they would have been a little suspicious!" Lily cut in, "You mean they saw you? What did they say?" Roxie just laughed, "Only one saw and he just said that I was an angel and followed me round asking me to grant him three wishes. I got to admit though it was amusing- oh hang on, there's Jess."

"JESS! OVER HERE BABE!" Jessica Nix, a short girl with black hair streaked with white turned around and squealed. "Lily! Rox! Where have you been all my life? I thought I'd never find you! Wow, Lils you look different." she pulled them both into a hug and kissed them both on the cheek. She was the athletic one out of the lot and was on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. She was a chaser.

The three girls boarded the train and found their own compartment. They dumped their bags on the top racks and then delved into girly conversation that carried on well into the journey, which is until it was interrupted by three boys.

"Morning Ladies! How are you all on this fine day that we return to our esteemed school?" Announced Sirius Black. Sirius Black. One third of a whole group that had the power to bring a girl to need a change of pants by just gracing them with his presence. He leant on the door frame and flashed one of is trademark smirks and winked at Roxie. She lifted an eyebrow to counter his 'attack' and he backed down. The story to these two was that Sirius wanted Roxie and let the whole school know; Roxie wanted Sirius but wouldn't admit it to anyone for shit. Lily and Jess looked at each other with amusement in their eyes. They could tell that Roxie wanted Sirius even if she wouldn't admit it, but she had never succumbed to her desire. 'Probably a good thing to.' Thought Lily. You see, Sirius had a reputation for leading a girl on until he got what he wanted, i.e. to get laid, and then would move on to find more prey. And even when people would ask him why when he wanted Roxie he would just reply, 'well, I gotta keep in practice so that I can knock her senseless when she comes round, and also because, well, what can I say? I am Sirius Black. I may as well let some girls dream come true in the process of working on mine.' This was always his standard answer or something along the lines of. Sirius came into the compartment and sat down next to Roxie, opposite Lily. He checked Lily once over and didn't make it subtle either. Lily rolled her eyes, "Like what you see Black?" she asked playfully. "As a matter of fact I do Evans, we should hook up sometime." He added with a wink. "No thank you Black, I'd rather not be another notch in your bed post." Sirius pouted. "Well the offer still stands if you ever want to take it up." He said grinning again. Lily stuck her tongue out at Sirius. "Mmm, don't tease me fox." Lily was about to retort when the compartment door slid back again.

"PRONGSIE! Where've you been mate? I was looking for you when I got side tracked by these wonderful ladies." He said, again adding a wink, though more directed at Roxie. James walked confidently into the carriage and sat down next to Lily. She looked at him with disgust and then rolled her eyes. He looked at her perplexed. 'What is it Evans? You look like you can smell something really bad, so it's obviously not me because I smell really good." He smirked and paused for effect, "…just ask that Hufflepuff sixth year down the train." His smirk then turned into a full on lop-sided grin that melted hearts all over Hogwarts. "Potter?" she asked innocently, "yes?" he replied in a deep sexy voice. Lily pretended to go all shy and looked into her lap and then into James deep blue eyes. "Will you…will, you, you know…" "Yes?" he said waiting her question with anticipation. "Will you…FUCK OFF MR I'M-SO-FAR-UP-MY-OWN-ARSE-I-CAN-SEE-MY-BRAIN…please?" she added back with her innocent voice.

Everyone in the compartment was dumbstruck. Lily Evans never swore, or at least that was what it was like before the summer. James was the most shocked out of them all. He sat there staring at her while she just stared back with defiance written all over her face. 'Holy shit! That was hot, she's still hot, and I thought I was over her after she stuck up for Snivellus. I was but now, holy monkeys she's fucking HOT when she's angry. Uh oh, I'm going to have to have a cold shower when we get to Hogwarts. I do like that skirt on her, never realised she had nice legs…and look at that rack! It's sweet as! If this hard on is anything to go by I'd say I'm falling for her all over again!'

"Yo! Earth to Prongs! Come in Prongs! Oh for the love of…JAMES!" James snapped out of his reverie and looked at Sirius who was grinning at him like the Cheshire cat. He looked at Sirius and then at Lily. "Um, I'm going to go find Moony. I'll see you guys later.' He muttered and dashed out of the compartment. Sirius then shrugged and followed James.

"Well, that was interesting." Said Lily in a tone of voice that suggested that things like that happened every day. "Sure was." Replied Roxie. "I wonder if he likes you again Lils, I mean, he stared at you for one hell of a long time. And then he ran out of here like his trousers were on fire…which they probably were, I mean, did you see the tent he made? Bloody massive!" Lily looked at her friend with disappointment in her face. "Ugh no, not you too Rox, I thought you were above the Marauders." Sarcasm dripping off her last words. Roxie looked at her and smirked. "Oh trust me Lils, I'm above that marauder, but you know what? I think this year I'm going to give Sirius what he wants. I'm going to shag him senseless." Roxie said confidently with her last sentence more of a declaration then a statement. "Sweetie, please, tell me you're not being serious." Lily said in an exasperated voice. "No silly, I'm not being Sirius, I'm doing Sirius!" she said this as if speaking to a two year old. Lily lifted an eye brow, so did Roxie. Then they both peeled into laughter.

They didn't stop laughing until a quiet but deep and sexy voice sounded from the door. "Hey girls, look I just quickly stopped by to say that Lily, we have to be in the Head compartment in ten minutes and in uniform." Lily looked up into the amber eyes of Remus Lupin. "Oh, ok Remus, whatever you say!" she smiled at him, he smiled back. He then walked across the compartment and took a seat next to Jess. He whispered something in her ear and then bit it really softly, emitting a shudder of pleasure from the girl. Jess then turned to face him and pulled him into a searing kiss. He replied with as much fervour as she had. Her hands slid through his hair as she slipped her tongue into his mouth to caress his own. He groaned and picked her up with surprising strength, never once breaking the kiss, and set him on his lap where she straddled him, putting pressure on his increasing hardness. His hand started to stroke her thigh.

Lily and Roxie just looked at each other with their eyebrows far into their hairlines. "Heh hem." Said Roxie. The couple broke apart and faced the questioning looks directed at them. "I better go and put my robes on. I'll see you later girls, Jess." He added sheepishly and then took off down the train at a jog. Lily and Roxie looked at Jess incredulously. "Ok, ok! Before I get any questions I'll just explain the whole thing. Remus and I had a thing in the Library on the last day of term last year where everything came out and we were owling each other all holiday and I guess that was a small taster of the sexual tension that's been building up and I'm sorry you had to see that but now that he's come to see me I feel better." She took a deep breath and sunk down in her chair looking content. Lily smiled, "I did wonder why you were being so quiet so far. You had to get the nicest guy in the school didn't you! Lucky bitch! No I'm kidding, I love you really." She added quickly as she saw Jess's face. Roxie carried on for her, "and don't worry about it, we're also sorry that we had to see that." She said with a smile. Jess threw her jumper at her, but laughing at the same time. "Well, I'll see you guys later, I've got to go to the meeting." Lily said while picking up her robes. "Oh and that's another thing, when were you planning on telling us you got Head Girl?" Roxie asked with a cocked eyebrow. "I don't know, I suppose it didn't really occur to me." She said as she walked out the door with a smug look on her face. "Yeah right!" she heard Jess mutter under her breath. The smug look she carried only got bigger.


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