Welcome to the Matrix

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Agent Smith watched as Neo escaped his trap once again and sighed. "Mr. Anderson," he said. "Why do you try to fight the inevitable? Why?"

He glanced at his many clones that were everywhere now. Around fifty of him there were now.

"We will rule this world," he said to them. "Come on."

The clones followed him away, as he glowered at Neo; the one, and plotted his next attack. Little did he know that fate was about to bring a turn of face...

The Beginnings

Frodo slept uneasily. It seemed too easy to have gotten this far, and not have been challenged. He walked though the forests, following some distant sounds... He heard Sam arguing with Gollum in the distance... "Po ta toes... you know, boil'm mash'm' stick'm in a stew," he heard Sam say, then stopped. In the distance... He heard a battle...

Sam ran up... they seen Oliphants... Green lines... another Oliphant...

"Déjà vu," said Sam.

Then everything stopped. Frodo groped for the ring, and finding it safe on his chain; relaxed. Then the world changed...

He heard a voice: The world is changed... i amar prestar aen... I feel it in the water... han mathon ne nen... I feel it in the earth... han mathon ne chae... I smell it in the air... a han noston ned 'wilith. Much that once was is lost, for none now live, who remember it.

Frodo sat up (He had blacked out) , and found himself in a strange place...

Sam waved smoke away from his face. There was smog everywhere.

"Mr. Frodo?" he cried. "Mr. Frodo?"

There was no one there. When he was able to see though the smoke, he gasped...

He was in a strange place... not Middle-earth...

Neo stood on top of a building in the Matrix. Once again he had escaped Agent Smith, but could he again? None could see the future clearly.

A bird flew by... and another, exactly the same.

Neo prepared himself for what could happen, but nothing happened. The building didn't collapse, no agents popped up from out of nowhere.

"They've changed something," he said, "somewhere."

He started to head back down, but something caught his eye...

Merry and Pippin sat around at the Entmoot, bored out of their skulls.

"I spy with my little eye something green," said Merry, yawning.

"Treebeard," said Pippin, also yawning.

Merry shook his head. "The green lines over there."

Pippin looked. Green lines were flying over the trees. "Mmm."

"You're tired."


"Can I go and see the green lines?"

"Whatever, Merry."

Merry walked over the green lined trees, and Pippin sat down. There was a little blue object on the ground... It looked like candy...

He picked it up, and ran it between his fingers; bored.

Merry entered the green lines--

And disappeared.

"Merry!" cried Pippin, jumping to his feet. Merry was gone.

Absentmindedly, he swallowed the blue thing--

And disappeared as well.

Green lines flew everywhere as his surrounding grew clear. He was no longer in Fangorn Forest... He was in the middle of a busy road...

Merry gasped. The green lines were everywhere. He was aware that Pippin had disappeared as well, and that he wasn't in Middle-earth.

He couldn't see, and then he could. He was on top of a large building...

He looked way, way, way, way down.

He was in a city... a large city, and there was no way down, or back to Middle-earth.

He was falling... falling... forever falling...

Gandalf fell... trying to kill the Balrog... Green lines began running over the Balrog... Another Balrog fell past...

"Déjà vu."

They were about to hit the ground... when--

Suddenly the green lines seemed to swell, and he was no longer falling.

He was no longer in Middle-earth... but in the Matrix... standing on top of a moving vehicle... Swerving down the Freeway...

Boromir fought the orcs, ever regretting trying to take the ring from Frodo. Now he tried to protect the young Hobbits... who were no longer there.

Green lines began running over the Urak-hai... and suddenly he had a choice.

"Red or Blue, Boromir..." The Lady Galadriel's voice echoed in his head.

He fell, the moments distraction costing him his concentration. "Red or Blue?"

"Red," he gasped, fighting now for his life, leaving him with no time to wonder what had happened to the Hobbits.

The green lines seemed to swell, and then... he was gone... Middle-earth was gone too... he was in another world... the Matrix...

He seen a man dressed in black... and then he collapsed.

Gimli and Legolas fought side by side in the Battle of Helms Deep... both counting their kills.

Legolas ran out of arrows, and knelt on the ground to pick up more.

Gimli was slowly driven back to the caves... when green lines began to run over the mountain side...

As he was driven back, the green lines engulfed him, and he disappeared.

Gimli was in the Matrix... in the middle of an office building... Nothing like the battle he had just disappeared from...

Trinity waited for Neo, but he didn't come.

She was out of the Matrix now, and worried for him.

"I'm going in," she said.

Morpheus plugged her in, for there was no direct worry at the moment.

When she was in, she found herself tripping over a young man...

Trinity tumbled to the floor.

Legolas shot off more and more orcs, but he couldn't hold them off forever. "Where is Gimli?" he asked himself.

He was still wondering when the green lines engulfed him... he was no longer in the battle...

He found himself facing a man... and another... and another...

They all looked similar to Elrond, but different.

"Who are you?" he asked.

Aragorn looked at Arwen. "You cannot give me this," he said.

"It is mine to give," she answered. "Like my heart."

He took the Evenstar, and they began to kiss.

Just then, green lines began to run over the scene...

Aragorn woke up with a start, and realized that the green lines weren't a dream. He had fallen asleep on his feet again, and Arwen was shaking him awake.

The Fellowship would leave Rivendell that day.

He heard Elrond's voice, and Galadriel's...

"You will never have my daughter..." echoed Elrond's voice...

"Aragorn? ARAGORN!?"

The green lines took him, and he was no longer there... He was in the Matrix... in a strange place... He drew his sword and prepared himself for the worst...

Elrond and Galadriel stood in the room where they had held the counsel. Agent Smith was there also.

"The Fellowship will no longer be in Middle-earth," said Agent Smith. "You know this."

"We cannot leave such evil as the ring possesses in this world," said Elrond, "but we have not the power to destroy it."

"It is no longer in this world, but neither is the Fellowship, or the Ringbearer," said Agent Smith. "Might I ask why you wished the others removed as well?"

"Middle-earth should belong to the elves. Men are weak, we need them not."

"Men smell," said Agent Smith, agreeing.

"These members of the Fellowship will serve as a test, to see how they survive in your Matrix. If they survive, we will put them all there, and take you, and your clones out into this world," said Elrond, firmly.

"Are you sure that this was wise?" asked Galadriel. "I am against it. The time of the elves is over. You know this, Lord Elrond, you have foreseen it."

"Well, if you wish to oppose it..."

Green lines began to cover her face. "If you change your mind?" asked Elrond.

"Never," said the Lady Galadriel. "I am against this movement."

" Be iest lîn," said Elrond. (As you wish.)

The green lines overtook her, and she found herself in the Matrix. "The world is changed," she said, removing a gun from her dress. "Very changed, Elrond Peredhil. You're in for a surprise now."

To be continued