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"What is that?!" asked the flustered Neo, pointing at the Death Star.

Galadriel blinked, and shook her head. "I have no clue. All I know is that something very strange is going on here."

"Well, that's obvious," answered Neo.

The two stared at the strange metal object hovering in the air... well, sky, anyhow. It was obviously impossible for the Death Star to have shot Twin One, and for him to have survived, for that matter, for the planet to have not been destroyed. But something about the Matrix defeated it's purpose, beyond injuring Twin One, and everything remained intact.

"This is... peculiar," said Galadriel, staring at everything that had just happened. She holstered her gun, and fingered her ring. "Somehow, I get the feeling that this isn't normal happening around here."

"No," answered Neo. "It's not."

The Matrix had taken control of itself.

Human replica droids. They had been created by the Empire long ago, in that galaxy far, far away. But they were not rightfully called human replica droids, when they could be fashioned to replicate a Wookiee, for example. Or an elf.

These droids could be programed to respond to a remote control system, that their movements could be controlled by an operator a planet away. Or a galaxy. They could also be programmed with this remote operator, but still act human, and have actions of it's own.

The Matrix had control over itself. Middle-earth was in panic, as it's worlds were dumped into the Matrix. A strange power was at work now, and more powerful than fate. But not even a computer program could get like this on it's own, and that was in truth, the fact that was happening. There were others, more darker and powerful than the Matrix, and now, their powers were about to show. Their names were Morgoth, and Palpatine. (coughAUcough)

These random, and very cliché evil people had their own random goals to take over places such as Middle-earth, and the entire galaxy, which appear in their respective stories, of course. Of which I am not going to go into detail because I'm getting tired of all the flames. Okay, now back on topic...

Okay. Palpatine, being a very rich, and evil Emperor had fashioned a replica droid for the mere sake of impersonating a few very random characters which have a lot to do with this story. When he joined with the rather undead Morgoth, who had escaped from a prison made by the Valar, they made their goal to, of course, take over the world, even if it was a rather cheesy goal at that. Logically, the choice would be to take over the Matrix, from which all the other worlds could be connected by a series of computers. To achieve this, the logical choice was to send in a droid.

But the droids they choose happened to have minds of their own...

In a palace on Coruscant, there are four characters, who have been mentioned before, and should be fairly familiar. One being Emperor Palpatine himself, and the Dark Lord Morgoth. The other two though, are newer to this part of the tale, one being the Sith Lord Darth Vader, and the other being an agent. Darth Vader stood in the corner, breathing quite loudly, while the Emperor was yelling at the agent, a strange thing, as Vader was more likely to do all the shouting.

"You let the droid escape with the halflings?!" Palpatine screamed.

The agent stood there, uncaring to about the fact that the Emperor looked ready to kill him. "There was only one halfling," he pointed out, "and the job was done, nevertheless."

"But improperly! Your Matrix now has taken control of itself, and there is a replica droid on the loose within it, who just happens to look incredibly alike to an elven princess, who also happens to be on the loose in the Matrix. My Death Star disappeared, along with all it's crews, and YOU ARE GOING TO BE CALM ABOUT IT?!"

Agent Johnson kept his face straight, as he answered, "Yes. There is little need to scream. Screaming will not get your super weapon back in this galaxy, nor will it bring your droids back, or destroy the clones that you insisted we use in the Matrix, in order to confuse many people. Nor will it change the fact that the Fellowship of the Ring is now randomly strewn about within the Matrix, from different times during their lives."

The dark, shadowy figure of Morgoth spoke, with a hiss to his voice. "I care little about the halflings, or super weapons. My goal is to capture this.. Ring... that my servant had created after my life."

One would almost say the Darth Vader seemed nervous in his lack of speaking, being as he stood there, only breathing with his artificial sounding breath. Finally, after a long silence, when the Dark Lords were thinking of their plans, he spoke. "You do realize, my master, that we are in the Matrix now."

"Yes." The Emperor answered the question sharply. "That was the goal."

"Then," the agent said, "the goal was achieved, just not in the manner that you wished it."

A heavy silence filled the room. "No. The goal is not achieved. Not until I have control of the Matrix will it be achieved."

"The Ring will enable us to do so," Morgoth hissed.

"Then it is decided," Agent Johnson said, before anyone else could contradict that. "We will go after the Ring of Power."

In a back alley in the Matrix, two very confused hobbits, a human, and an elf sat, wondering about everything that had just happened. The both of them were now, at best, very confused. How could they be pulled in from different times of their lives, and from different places and such.

Not that this was the only concern, as they were all quite worried about what would happen if they couldn't find the others soon-- it seemed the Matrix was working against them. But they knew that there were other members of the Fellowship there... they just had not yet found them. Glorfindel, of them all, was the most confused, being as he had no clue what Aragorn and Sam were talking about, by Arwen saving Frodo.

"But... I was the one to save Frodo," the poor, bewildered elf said. "How could've the Lady Arwen saved him? She does not leave Imladris... not when she doesn't have to."

Aragorn, in turn was very confused at the elf's words on Asfaloth being his, and not Arwen's. It seemed the two were a world apart, with the movies and books being different things all together.

Poor Merry, of course, was lost in all this, along with Sam, as the conversation went on. There was one thing, of course, that they all agreed on. And that was that they had a very bad feeling about this.

"The Lord Elrond cannot be evil!" Aragorn argued.

"Well, if it's not Lord Elrond, then someone is impersonating him!" Glorfindel shot back. "I was there, I should know! He... and that clone or whatever!"

"I'm sure there's a reasonable explaination for this all." The human tried to sooth Glorfindel, and calm down the elf, who was growing more hysterical by the moment.

"Explanation? He's gone mad, that's what!"

"And what about Mr. Frodo?" Sam planted his hands on his waist. "Is he 'ere too? And Pippin Took, and all the others?"

Aragorn looked down. He had quite forgotten about the hobbits. "I have no clue, Sam, Merry. All I know is that I will get to the bottom of this."

"You'd better," huffed Glorfindel. "He's gone mad, I tell you!"

Merry nodded. "He's lookin' for somethin', or someone. That has to be it."

"Of course!" Aragorn snapped his fingers. "I know where to go!"

"What?!" Merry exclaimed, along with Glorfindel, and Sam at the same time.

"No time to explain, just follow me!"

They ran off, down the alley, following Aragorn, who was now beginning to understand what was going on here...

IT'S AU, remember that!

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