This story takes place during the Clone Wars. I have no clue as to what HAPPENED in the Clone Wars because I haven't found any books on it, and the movie isn't out yet. Okay? So if this is full of errors blame it on... wait, you can't blame it on anyone else. So blame it on me.

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Teleporter: The Dark Side of Light

"Now many times have we watched this movie?" asked Tiffany, glaring at her best friend, Danâe. They were watching Star Wars for the twenty-eighth time that night.

"Around twenty-eight times," Danâe answered, yawning. "Whose idea was it to watch everyone of the Star Wars movies twice today anyway?"

"Okay, fine. So it was mine," Tiffany admitted. "You wanted to watch Lord of the Rings."

Danâe shrugged. "So?"

"They're longer."


"I have a bad feeling about this," Tiffany answered. "You want some more chips?"


The two movie-holic teenagers walked to the kitchen to get some snacks, not caring that is was dark. It was, after all, two o'clock in the morning. They left the movie paused as the second Death Star blew up.

"I thought it was dark," Danâe commented quietly.

"It is," answered Tiffany, taking the lead. "Didn't you leave the light on?"


They went into the kitchen, and promptly forgot about the light.

A bat flew by the window... and then, exactly the same, another bat.

"Déjà vu," said Tiffany, remembering the light. "You're sure you didn't leave the light, on, Danâe?"

"Déjà vu? You said déjà vu?" asked Danâe. "And, no, I didn't..." Danâe looked at Tiffany strangely and started to finish that sentence. But she never got to it.

A strange green light slowly enveloped the room, engulfing the shadows into light. Soon neither of the two girls could see at all--

And then it was gone, as swift as it had started.

Tiffany pulled herself to her feet. The first thought she had was that she was standing; she shouldn't've had to stand up. Her second was that her clothes felt strangely different. The third was: "Déjà vu? Great, Matrix flashbacks."

She rubbed her eyes, trying to get the light spots out of her head, and realized that everything felt strange. She felt lighter, and her head spun strangely; as if she could sense other people.

"You shouldn't be here."

Tiffany turned around; finally able to see, and found herself facing a taller, a lot taller man with longish hair, in her opinion. He looked faintly like Obi-Wan in the Attack of the Clones to her, but a little older. She squinted at him, trying to see him better, being that the bright light had damaged her eyesight to a degree. "Who are you?" she asked.

"Where is your Master?" he asked, either not hearing her, or purposefully ignoring her.

Tiffany squinted at him, very confused. "Master?"

He misunderstood her, or something, and grabbed her arm, strong-arming her out of the room. "Master Jade," he said, shoving her over to a woman who looked strangely like a Jedi Knight, owing to the fact that she was carrying a lightsaber, "I've found your wayward Padawan."

"Thank you, General Kenobi," the older woman replied, grabbing Tiffany's arm. "You should not have ran off like that, Tiana. You know better. We are late now."

"As am I," said the man whom the Jedi-like woman had called General Kenobi. "If you'll excuse me, Master Jade?"

The woman nodded. Tiffany could sense some unrest behind the two of them, as one standing on the edge of a knife, though she didn't know why. "As you will, Master Obi-Wan Kenobi," she said, bowing respectfully.

Tiffany was caught in a slight level of shock. Obi-Wan Kenobi? But wasn't he just in the Star Wars movies?

The man called Obi-Wan bowed as well. "May the Force be with you, Master Alenece Jade."

"And with you as well, Master Kenobi."

He turned to Tiffany. "And to you as well, Tiana Elass, though you should say closer to your Master in these times. And when the council summons you as well," he added, with a tone of admonishment. "May the Force be with you."

Tiffany bowed in a stiff imitation of the older woman. "And with you, Master Kenobi."

Tiffany sensed approval from the older woman, Alenece Jade, though she couldn't figure out why she could sense it.

She followed Alenece down the hall, trying to figure out what was going on.

"...Leave the light..." --Denae stopped-- "...On. What on Earth?!"

She rubbed her eyes, taking in her surroundings. "Okay, we really were watching too much Star Wars. Next time we watch Lord of the Rings, Tiffany... Tiffany?" She looked around... the small spaceship, the small X-Wings spaceship. "Tiffany, this isn't funny."

"...eader to Rogue Seven." Danâe half panicked, until she realized where the voice was coming from. A small radio, or something of the like was built into the small ship's interior. She tried to figure it out, but gave up after a moment, and listened. "Rogue Leader to Rogue Seven, come in please."

She finally gave up on figuring it out, and called out, "Can someone give me a hand here?"

A strange beeping caught her attention, and she looked down at a screen or datapad built into the interior basing and read: "Push the little button, you dimwitted Starshooter."

"Great," she muttered. "My droid has a sarcastic streak."

"BeeePP, bLLipP!"

She glanced down at the screen: "You're the one who doesn't know what you're doing," he screen read.

"Why you..." she said, at a lack for words.

[How'd you get into Rogue Squadron if you haven't a clue as to how to use a commlink?] her droid asked, sarcastically.

Rogue Squadron? Well, at least she knew where she was, sorta.

"Ugg," she said. "Sarcastic droids. I don't know what's worse."

[How about a droid who worries about everything?]

Danâe rolled her eyes. "So I'm in Rogue Seven?" she asked the Astromech droid.

[Yes, Starshooter.]

"Why do you keep calling me Starshooter?"

[It's your name, Minor Danâe Starshooter.]

"Is not, you chunk of medal."

[Is so, you dimwitted pilot.]

Danâe glared in the general vicinity of the droid, being that she didn't know its exact location on the X-Wings ship that she had no idea why she was on.

[Are you purposefully trying to kill yourself by crashing into the planet?] asked the droid.

"No." Danâe took the steering controls, and hoped that she wasn't going to crash. "What's your number?" she asked.

[R4-TC,] the droid answered. [Call me Arfoor.]

"Okay, Arfoor," Danâe said. "Now can you tell me how this commlink thing works?"

[All right, Starshooter. You hold down the little blue button to talk, and let go of it so that they can talk,] answered Arfoor.

"Rogue Leader to Rogue Seven," persisted the voice on the other end of the commlink. "You are cleared for landing. Repeat, you are clear to land. Do you want to have to be pulled in by a tractor beam? Over."

Danâe leaned over the best she could to press the button. "Rogue Leader," she said, hoping that she could do this, "this is Rogue Seven. I am attempting landing now. Over."

"Ahh." The voice on the other end sounded relieved. "Minor Starshooter, we were worrying about you. It took you so long to answer. Over."

"Nothing to worry about, Rogue Leader," Danâe answered. "Am landing now."

"Good. Will meet you at exit. Out."

[Do you know what you're doing?] beeped Arfoor.

Danâe half-smiled smiled. "I sure hope so."

Tiffany followed the Jedi Master, Alenece Jade, down the halls, trying to figure out what had happened, beyond the possible hallucination factor, which, knowing her, was a possibility.

She wondered whether Danâe was in the same situation, and whether, if she really was in another world, whether time was passing on Earth, or whether it was like Narnia, and years could go by. She then realized that Alenece was talking.

"...ou know better than to be running off when we are summoned, my young Padawan," the woman was saying. "With the war going on and all, we have to remain alert to any dangers; remain tuned into our senses, and not running off to hide from our duties. You are training to become a Jedi, Tiana, and a Jedi is not so hasty. And now we are late."

"What, we don't arrive precisely when we mean to?" Tiffany muttered under her breath.

"I heard that, Tiana." The woman, though seemingly frustrated, maintained a sense of calm, that surrounded her like a cloak, and blanketed over the area. It was strange, to sense all this. Tiffany assumed that because she was somewhere else, she could sense the Force, and that was what caused it.

She tried to reach out; see what she could do, but hardly did anything, being that, while the girl she was being mistaken for was trained to use the Force, she was not.

"Come along," said Alenece, pulling her down a side passage. "You do not want to hit a wall." She looked over at the slightly bewildered girl, but didn't seem to sense her confusion. "You are dreamy today, Padawan."

"Yes, Master," answered Tiffany, not really paying attention.

"What is it?"

"Nothing," answered Tiffany. "I'm just"-- she decided to take a gamble-- "I'm just uneasy about the war. It is like standing upon the edge of a knife." She unconsciously drifted her hand down to the lightsaber she wore clipped to her belt, or at least the belt to the strange clothes she wore now. "I do not like it, Master. I do not like it at all."

Alenece nodded; she had similar thoughts quite likely.

She steered Tiffany into the room where they held the Jedi counsel...

Danâe, surprisingly, landed quite easily. At the landing pad she was greeted by three people, one surprisingly young looking to be an X-Wings pilot, if that's what he was. He looked merely thirteen. The one looked to be the one whom she had spoken with over the commlink, and the other was a Wookie, or seemed to be.

Arfoor popped himself out of the ship, and rolled after her.

"Might I ask who you are?" she asked.

The oldest one, the one who had spoken with her, answered her question. "I am Wedge," he answered. "My companions are friends, if that is what concerns you, Minor Starshooter."

Danâe looked closer at them. The one looked rather ruffian-like; messy hair, very basic clothes, and a dangerous looking Blaster hung by his side, surprisingly, considering his young age.

"I would like to know who they are," she said, very straightforward.

"This is Han Solo," he said, motioning to the teenager. "And the other is Megabacca, a half Wookie from the planet Corascuant. They are friends at the moment, and Solo will be gone by tomorrow, if you would like to know."

"Megabacca?" Danâe asked, scrunching up her face.

"Call me Meagan," the Wookie said, in slightly accented, but otherwise understandable Basic.

Noting Denae's surprise at her usage of Basic speech, the female Wookie laughed. "I'm half human," she said.

Danâe raised her eyebrows. "Right."

[You have a problem with it?] asked her droid, Arfoor.

"No," she said to her quietly, reading what he said off her datapad.

[I'm surprised you got us down in one piece.]

Danâe glared at it. "Medal brain."

The teenage Han Solo smiled cockily. "That's not my fault," he said. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have work to do on my ship, the Bird Brain." He bowed with his definite Han Solo personality, and walked over to an old freighter ship.

Danâe found herself wondering where the Millennium Falcon was. Then she remembered that he probably didn't have it yet.

"He's a smuggler," Wedge said, in answer to the unasked question. "Come on, Starshooter," he said, beckoning her to follow him. She left her small ship, and followed, Arfoor following after her.

She hoped that she could figure out what was going on without giving herself away, and wondered whether Tiffany was around here somewhere as well.

To be continued