Teleporter: The Dark Side of Light (Part Three)

(A\N: This is not going to turn into a Han Solo romance, however it may seem to be turning at the moment. I am quite aware that he belongs to Leia.)

Disclaimer: I don't own Star Wars. However, I do own Tiffany\Tiana, Danâe and Jedi Master Alenece Jade.


Danâe followed Wedge, and wondered who he was. When she thought about it, he shouldn't've been born yet... Maybe he was a different Wedge?

Her droid said something.

"What?" she asked, startled out of her thoughts.

[Watch where you are walking, or you'll crash into the wall,] said the droid. [Or are you trying to do so?]

She glared at the astromech droid; shooting a lightning glare that would've melted a plastic flower, if it had been real lightning. "Please," she said, "try to not annoy me." But she turned from her path anyhow.

Wedge had led her to a briefing room of some type; she recognized the layout from the movies. However, no one was in there at the moment, and the room was dark. Out of instinct that should not have been with her, she dropped her hand to where her Blaster was holstered.

"Welcome back, Minor," said Wedge, flicking the glowpanel on. White light flooded the room, and Danâe blinked with the sudden bright light.

Her droid beeped something that translated roughly to 'Dimwit'.

Danâe glared at it again. "Sarcastic droids. If I had my way, you'd be scrap medal. If, that is, you keep on insulting me."

Wedge sat down at a computer terminal, and brought up a holo-file for a mission file. "I'm glad you made it back alive," he said. "We were sure that you were dead after that last mission, Minor Danâe Starshooter. You know the plan for the following mission?"

Danâe shook her head, and sat down. "Explain." Inside she was thinking: Umm... help? I'm no X-wings pilot.

"All right." He pulled up the file onto a larger screen. Danâe noted that Arfoor was recording the mission file.

After she read through the file, she got the basic rundown. It was fairly simple. The Republic was sending Rogue Squadron and two Jedi into Imperial territory in hopes to find a weakness in the Empire.

Rogue Squadron would cause a simple distraction to get the Jedi in. Her part was to go with the two Jedi as backup to a degree in case the Emperor got word of the plan and the Jedi were killed. She would have to escape and get word back to Rogue Squadron, and to the Republic.

It was simple sounding, but dangerous... if they failed, then the Republic could be doomed; not that they weren't already.

[Should be fun,] said Arfoor.

"Hardly my opinion of fun," she answered, only half paying attention to the droid.

"Sure it is," said a voice from the back of the room. Danâe turned around to face the cock-eyed teenage smuggler, Han Solo.

"What are you doing here?" asked Wedge, slightly annoyed by the intrusion.

"Repairs on my ship aren't gonna be as easy as you thought, Wedge Darksaber," he said, grinning lopsidedly. "After one too many hits by Imperial ships..." he shrugged. "The hyperdrive unit is shot, and so is the shields."

Wedge tightened his face. "Implication?"

Han grinned. "I was wondering if maybe I could umm... get a new unit?" He shrugged. "Or a new ship?"

"There aren't to many spare hyperdrive units or shields hanging around here, Solo," Wedge said. "Or ships."

"You're going to Dantooine?" he asked. "A little out of the way, isn't it?"

"I don't take highly to blackmail," replied Wedge.

Han shrugged, and walked into the room calmly. "Who's blackmailing?" he asked. "All I'm saying is that if the Empire got word of that..."

Wedge set his face, and looked closely at Han. "Blackmailer. You know very well that X-wings cannot carry more than one person. And Corascuant is out of our way, plus dangerous to go to, with the Empire gaining control."

"I know that," said Han. "And might I note that since we're on Corellia, it's not that out of the way. Oh, and won't you have to stop on Corascuant to pick up those Jedi? And to pick them up, won't you need a bigger ship?" He grinned lopsidedly. "I think I've caught you."

By the look on Wedge's face, that was true enough.

"All right, Solo. Danâe Starshooter will take you as far as Corascuant," said Wedge, stiffly. "But that's it. No more blackmailing. You okay with that, Starshooter?"

Danâe nodded her consent, and glared at the young space pirate. "You'd better not cause any trouble, you pirate."

He pointed at himself. "Me? A pirate?"

Danâe shook her head at him.

Arfoor tittered something that translated to: "Corellians."

Danâe nodded. "Yeah."

"Oh," said Wedge, just before he dismissed her. "Megabacca will be going with you as well."

"This is turning into a regular pleasure cruise," muttered Danâe.

[Well, then there's all the more with a Blaster at their sides in case,] said Arfoor.

"Good point," Danâe conceded, as she left the room. She was conscious of Han's gaze following her as she exited. "I really don't like that guy," she said.

To be continued...