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Melodies of Life

A Matthew/Leila fanfiction written by Kitten Kisses, to the song "Melodies of Life" from the game Final Fantasy IX.

~Song lyrics are bold and underlined

Otherworldy voices are just italicized.

~flashbacks will be stated~


Disclaimer: Unfortunately, Fire Emblem wasn't my idea, so I guess I don't own them. =P But if the rights were simply handed to me, I'd gladly take them!


The red and gold of the leaves were seen as they drifted slowly to the cold ground. A young man trudged slowly along, his shoulders slumped, as if he carried the weight of many problems upon them.

Under his feet, the red and gold leaves were crushed, littering the cobblestone road with fragments of the once-perfect foliage.

~Alone, for awhile ~I've been searching through the dark

His eyes were lowered to the ground, his dirty-blonde hair blowing softly as the breeze touched it gently. But his gaze, it held a look that most men don't ever wish to see.


He passed a few men on the way, but ignored them, his steps never faltering. Eventually, he slowed down, until, finally, his feet brought him to a halt at the edge of a small grove of trees.

He gathered his breath, pulling his cloak close to his body, and took a hesitant step forward.

~For traces of the love you left ~Inside my lonely heart

His hand lifted slowly, and pulled the branches of the weeping willow away, as he stepped under the large tree's shade.

Weeping willows surrounded it, he knew. And the trees whose names' stood for something he felt…

He walked swiftly to the other side of the tree, lifting its branches again, and stepped out into a rain of color.

~To weave, by picking up

~The pieces, that remain

Red, gold, and orange floated lightly past his face, and his eyes lifted heaven-ward.

'Why it had to be you, Leila, I will never understand…'

In the center of the clearing stood a large marble stone. The young man made his way closer to the stone that stood so proudly in the center of the circle of weeping willows, and a faint smile crossed his lips.

'I remember…I worked so hard for that…'

He knelt slowly by the stone, and set a hand lightly on it's cool surface.

"Can you hear me, Leila?" he asked aloud. "Do you still hear me when I call?"

~Melodies, of life

~Love's lost refrain

He knew that he shouldn't have been hoping, praying, for an answer, but the disappointment still washed over him. Slowly at first, it spread, until his eyes lowered to the ground, only to see the pattern of leaves scattered about in a crazy way.

He turned around and sat, his back against the cool marble. In a way, it was uncomfortable, but it was his time, to be alone…with all that he had left of her.

"I know, it's been a long time…" he muttered softly, staring at the bright sky as he stroked a hand over the marble. "Five years even…And it seems like just yesterday….that we…"

~Our paths, they did cross

~Though I cannot say just why

He took a deep shuddering breath. "Five years ago, we were laughing over those pranks we played on Lord Hector…" He looked down at the ground again, his other hand fisting by his leg. "And we were laughing together, not alone."

"I know you must think it's silly…you've heard it four times now already…but this time, I promise it'll be the last." He laughed shortly at himself. "Funny, isn't it, that one second…you were with me, and the next, you were gone?"

~We met, we laughed

~We held on fast

He slid down the length of the large stone until he was lying on the ground, his head propped up against the cool marble. "I never thought, even suspected, for one moment…that you wouldn't be there with me, for the rest of my life. That one minute, I would turn around, and you wouldn't be there beside me…"

He closed his eyes lightly, and took a deep, calming breath to steady his voice. "I feel so silly, sometimes…talking to the air, the wind…but it makes me feel better, thinking that maybe, just maybe…you can hear me."

~And then we said goodbye…

"And it must have been awful…you were all alone…nobody was there with you when you died…nobody. I'm still angry at myself, Leila…still angry…because I wasn't there the moment you needed me the most."

~And who'll hear the echos

~Of stories, never told?

"But Jaffar, I know…it wasn't his fault…and you showed me that, in your own way, even though you're gone… I've finally gotten over it, the hurtful hate toward him. I felt so bad, so wrong… He has feelings too… And Nino, she's a great girl. I know he likes her a lot…and I didn't want to take her away from him like you were taken from me… That would have been wrong, cruel even… To separate two people that love each other…"

~Let the ring out loud

~Till they unfold

"They're happy…I've seen them once or twice since the last get-together we've had. The sparkle's still in their eyes, and I've heard there were twins on the way… I always wanted a family, you know? Children to take care of…A wife to cherish…"

~In my dearest memories

~I see you reaching out to me

"I'm just sad that that won't ever happen to the two of us… And I waited too long…just a few days, weeks, months sooner, and maybe none of that would have happened… Maybe we'd be together, raising a family, right now…"

He opened his eyes again, and picked up a leaf from the ground, twirling it between his thumb and forefinger.

"You liked autumn…I remember that…" he reminisced, and his gaze drifted off. "The fall colors filled your eyes with the most wonder I've ever seen before."

~Though you're gone

~I still believe

"And you looked so beautiful when you spotted the first leaf fall… You laughed, and clapped your hands together, shouting all over Ostia about how it was autumn again…"

His gaze came back into focus on the leaf he held in his hand. "I can't believe I laughed at you the first time I saw your excitement."

A small chuckle sounded deep in his throat as he remembered. "Yeah…I sure do miss those days…"

~That you can call…

~Out, my name…

"I think that's where I fell in love with you…your beauty, your love for life, your enthusiasm…optimism… and you were always cheerful. And I thought… I thought that nothing, nothing…could take that away from you. Nobody would ever be able to take away what you held in your eyes…"

~A voice, from the past

~Joining yours and mine

"The passion for life, the sorrows of your past…the past that I will never be able to learn about… You told me, that… you said you'd tell me…after you got back. But you never came back… I came back though, I came alone…but I brought you with me."

He patted the soil beneath his hands lightly. "Lord Hector let me…he said he didn't mind that I brought you along… Even though life wasn't grand…and things weren't going right for anyone… You came…"

~Adding up the layers

~Of harmony…

"I remember Eliwood, and how grief-stricken he looked as he held his father's body close. And I looked back at the island where I left you…and I couldn't leave you there…I vowed to come back, and bring you home again. I know how much you loved the shade of the willows on a warm summer day…"

~And so it goes

~On and on

"And I asked Lord Hector if I could lay you to rest here, where I knew you would like it… He even offered the royal cemetery. But I said no, you never tried to be someone you weren't…even though you were royalty to me. I knew you wanted to be in a place where you could be alone if you wanted…to think, to remember… It sounds so stupid, now that I think about it… Maybe I should have taken up on Hector's idea."

~Melodies of life

~To the sky beyond the, flying birds

"I'm not so sure anymore, about anything. Life sure is lonely without you Leila…it's just not the same… The birds' songs aren't as cheerful to me…and the laughter is dimmed, it seems. I can see them laughing, and I think…they shouldn't have the right to laugh if you can't laugh with them."

~Forever, and always…

"Oh and your voice…musical… I told you that you could sing, and I was right. You were such a beautiful girl to begin with…and you could sing like an angel… I only heard you once…when you thought you were alone…down by the fields…by a small rock… I saw you singing, and I listened…"

~So far, and away

~See the bird as it flies by

"And the emotion in the song, made me feel what you felt. I didn't know why you were singing, or what the rock was for…but I asked…after you left me, I found out. Your younger brother, killed in a murderous rage by a drunken father… And I never knew the pain you went through as a child…the horror of growing up with a father that would go so far as to kill his own child…"

~Gliding through the shadows

~Of the clouds up in the sky

"But I never even suspected anything like that…you were always so nice, so friendly… to me, to everyone. I'm sorry I never knew, never tried to do anything… And I'm sorry I couldn't move your brothers' grave. The stone's gone now, removed… I looked for days, in the spot I saw you singing at."

~I've laid my memories, and dreams

~Upon those wings

"But I never heard you sing again…what I wouldn't give, for just one more song… our song… I miss your musical laughter, your soft eyes…"

~Let them go, and see what

~Tomorrow brings…

"But most of all, I miss your smile… You always seemed to know what I was thinking… and every time I was feeling down, you would give me that beautiful smile… the brightest one of all, every time… And it always made me feel like I was on top of the world…"

~In your dearest memories…

~Do you remember loving me?

He sighed and looked at the sunset. The clouds were sprayed with purple, pink, and orange, casting a soft glow on the world below.

~Was it fate…

~That brought us close

~And now leaves…

~Me behind?

"I'll never know how you felt about me…I'll never know your exact past… I'll never know the answer… The answer to the question I was never able to ask…"

~A voice, from the past

~Joining yours and mine

"But I worked so hard for this…" he announced proudly, patting the huge headstone. "I got an honest job and worked for a year to save up enough money to buy it…for you."

~Adding up the layers

~Of harmony

"I carved every last word in this myself too…" he smiled softly. "I didn't want any other man to do it…It was from me, to you…"

~And, so it goes, on and on…

~Melodies of life…

"It had to be special, and I wanted you to feel my love for you in the words…"

He ran a hand over the carved headstone. "It had to be big to fit all I wanted to write…" he told the wind.

~To the sky

~Beyond the flying birds

"And I want you to know, that I still mean every last word of it. Every last single word…"


~And if, I should leave, this lonely world behind…

"I want to be with you so bad…I want to hold you once more, I want to kiss you, like I was never able to do…but I'm not stupid…I won't take my life to get there. I'll wait out my years, and join you when it's my time."

~Your voice will still remember,

~Our melody

"And when I get there, will you sing my song for me? The song you promised to sing for me, when we could be together again…"

~Now, I know we'll

~Carry on…

"But I've brought this for you…" he said, sitting up, and reaching into his cloak. "I bought it honestly, just for you. I saw it, and it reminded me of you…"

He pulled out his hand, and in his palm sat a small, bright pink rose. "Not as beautiful as you are, but it was the closest thing I could find…"

~Melodies of life

~Come circle round

"The sun's nearly set…" he murmured slowly, placing a light kiss on the marble. "But I'll return next year…and the year after…" He stood slowly, wrapping his cloak around himself again. "Until we meet again, love…" he said, slowly making his way out of the small clearing.

The autumn leaves continued to fall as his figure faded into the distance, out of sight.

And a delicate pale hand reached out, and touched the rose that the young man had set on the gravestone.


A young woman stepped out from the shadows, her bright hair shining pink in the evening light. A soft, sad smile graced her features and she picked up the small flower and held it close to her heart.

She knelt next to the headstone, and read the words she had read every year… They always were the same, and they always made her smile…

Here lies…

The most wonderful woman in the world

Her smile, her eyes…they shone with a light like no other

She was beautiful…

Now she's gone, but she'll always be with me

I carry her in my heart…

In my soul…

And in my memories…

I love her

And I miss her

And I'm waiting to be with her

And when I leave this world

I want to know one thing…


I love you

Will you marry me? Loving you always…


Tears gathered in the young woman's eyes, and she slowly stood up. The sun in the west was slowly sinking. She loved sunsets… So beautiful, and they brought out the colors in the fall.

And for one last second, the world was light, the oranges and pinks spread across the sky…and then, the sun fell in the west, and the world plunged into darkness.

The woman sighed, and sat on the gravestone, tucking the small rose in her hair. She took a deep breath, and opened her mouth.

A beautiful song fell from her lips, and she only wished that he could hear it.

If anyone would happen to walk into the small clearing…they would see a girl with her face turned upward, her mouth opened in song, and beautiful white wings sprouting from her back.

But the words to her song are silent.

For angels are dead, and their voices can only be heard by those who are dead as well.

In time…In time you will hear our song again, Matthew. And it will be twice as beautiful as you remember…

A flash of white, and all that was left was a soft white feather, sitting in the very spot that the small flower had been…

~As long as…

~We remember….


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