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His thoughts were drifting again, and he was lost in his own world. The world that contained his happiness, his fire, his life…his love.


He shook his head as he awoke, the small smile that had been on his face as he slept slowly dissipating as he realized the truth.

Reality is just cruel, isn't it?

Leila wasn't here…

Leila is gone…

She is----

He shook free the angsty thoughts that entered his mind again. He didn't want to think like that!

It had been a long time, certainly. A long…long time…

He slowly made his way out of the straw mat he occupied in the basement of Castle Ostia.

The kingdom just wasn't what it used to be…

Not since…

He shook his head again, not wanting to remember.

He had blinked again, and some of his closest friends were gone.

Lord Hector, the Lady Lyndis…


He swallowed.

His life just hadn't been what he'd expected.

Back when he met her, he thought…

That he would be happy forever…

And then, after she…passed on, he thought that maybe…

He could still be happy.

But none of that had happened.

All the friends he had made on his travels, most of them were gone, or missing… The war had claimed many lives. And the horror wasn't over yet.

Children were in charge of most of the surrounding lands. Young children, teenage children… young adults…

Lilina and Roy tried their best, but they were just children, really. And with a baby on the way, there wasn't much they could do.

Reality doesn't really have fairy-tale happy endings, does it?

His back ached, he realized, as he stood to make his way to breakfast. The first of two meals that Ostia could afford for the members of the castle.

Ostia was poor, and the peasants living around were even worse off.

He shakily made his way down the hall to the long table in the nearly-bare castle. He just wasn't the man he once was. Now old and frail, he knew he wouldn't be around much longer too see the horrid fate of his once-loved home.

Cornmeal mush was a daily thing now. He sat at the table and dug into the tasteless goo, not really caring whether or not it went down his throat or slid to the floor. His hands shook and he watched in despair as he knocked the bowl to the ground.

His eyes slowly followed the bowl's path, and he cringed as his small ration for the morning landed all over the floor.

"I'll, I'll clean it up," he stuttered slowly, scooting his chair back to clean up the mess the best he could. 

And he felt…so helpless, like a child needing to be cared for.

"Uncle Matthew, don't worry about it," a feminine voice said quickly.

Matthew looked up to see a young woman with a protruding stomach, her eyes shining sadly. Beside her stood a young man, who looked so much like his father that it reminded Matthew of him every time he saw him.

"Lilina, Roy," he said slowly. "It's alright, I…I don't mean to be a burden to either of you……I just…. I have to do my share of the work…"

He sounded lost, even to his own ears.

"No, it's alright," Roy said, helping Matthew up from the floor. "We'll get it taken care of…"

"It's such a nice day, Uncle Matthew!" Lilina said cheerfully. "Did you want to go for a walk with me?"


The fall colors reminded Matthew of another time, another place…

He was different then though, not the same man he had ended up as. He was once young, he remembered…

The leaves had fallen, and he had heard the wind whistling through the trees…

"Can I…" He tugged on Lilina's sleeve. "I want to see her…please, can I just see her…?"

"See…" Lilina trailed off. She knew who he was talking about… And she allowed the older gentleman to lead the way to his love's grave.

"It's still as beautiful as it always was…" he remarked slowly. "Last year though, I couldn't come…I was too sick, too ill…..too old…being old isn't fun, Lilina…"

He sighed, and sat down slowly on the grave, as he stared up at the sky.

"The same sky, the same trees…the same soil… The people you grow up are there, and then you blink…" He snapped his fingers slowly. "And they're gone, just like that. But you're still stuck in the same place. While nature stays the same, you don't. You get older…turn grey…" He shook his head slowly and let his chin rest on his knee.

"I'm just grateful that I'll be seeing her soon…today maybe. That's what keeps me going. Soon, I'll be able to see her, and she'll be just as pretty as she always was…"

Lilina listened to him ramble slowly about his life's love.  A small smile graced her features as she sat with the elderly man that she had learned to call uncle.

"And here I am, old and feeble…" He laughed shortly. "It won't be too long now…" he said slowly. "I feel so tired, so old… I've been waiting a lifetime, just to die and move on…a lifetime, waiting to see her again. I know what it's like now, to love someone and be apart…so far apart, that I can't do anything about it."

"I remember…if I had troubles, I would steal…I was a thief you know, when I was young…and Leila, she was a spy too, for House Ostia…I fell in love with her the minute I laid eyes on her. She was so beautiful…"

He lowered his gaze sadly to the ground before he looked up at Lilina. "All my friends are up there, it seems. This war, it's gone too far…People keep dying…and what will happen when there isn't a country left to defend?"

"They're out at battle today, Uncle Matthew," Lilina told him softly. "Roy, he left… they hope that this will be the last battle…the very last…"

"Oh, I hope so…I hope so…" He smiled softly. "Do you hear that?" he asked her. "Can you hear that music?"

Lilina cocked her head to the side, listening intently. "No, I hear nothing…"

"Oh, that's a shame…That's my song, our song…" he leaned back against the headstone and closed his eyes. "Such a beautiful song, and she always sang it so beautifully too…"


"Uncle Matthew…." Lilina whispered, a few hours later. "Are you alright?"

"Oh…I'm fine…just listening to my song… Leila always was a beautiful singer…could hit any note…" he smiled, and shifted slightly, not opening his eyes. "I think I'm ready…ready to go home…" A small tear fell from the corner of his eye.

It fell down the side of his wizened face and hit the ground with a soft 'plunk'. More followed it's path, leaving a trail of sadness in their wake. 

"No, Uncle Matthew, you …can't go yet!" Lilina reached over to take Matthew's hands.

"No…I want to go, I have to…I'm too old, all my friends are gone, I want to see them again, I want…I want to be happy…"

"Uncle Matthew, will you tell her, tell Leila hello for me…and tell her, that she is the best aunt I've ever had…"

"But you-"

"I never met her, but I've heard so much." She slowly put her arms around Matthew's frail body and hugged him tightly. "I don't want you to go, but I know you want to. Leila's waiting for you…go to her…" She kissed his cheek softly, and opened her eyes to see Matthew's own eyes, softened with age.

"I will…I will child…" he smiled slightly, and leaned back against the headstone, he had worked so hard to get for her. Running his hands along the side of it, along the words that were engraved using his love, his heart…he smiled softly.

"Only she can sing so well," he told nobody in particular… "Only her…"

And his body went limp there, in the warmed autumn air. Tears fell from Lilina's eyes as the horns blared Ostia's victory for all the kingdom to hear.

And Matthew glanced down at the war- now won. And he smiled, seeing loved ones embracing, and people kissing at their reunions.

He looked down at his own clothes, the same ones he wore the day she had gone… His cape blew in the breeze, and he smiled at his youth.

And his eyes looked up too see a young woman with bright hair and light eyes, singing softly as she came toward him. Her ragged cape blowing lightly in the air, a smile upon her face; and love in her eyes.

She stopped in front of him, and her smile widened. "It's good to have you back," she said, finished with her singing. 

"It's good to be back," he answered, drinking in the sight of her.

"I missed you," she told him.

"I lived a life without you," he said sadly. "And I never asked…I meant too, but I blinked, and you were gone…"

"About that?" she asked, pointing down at the gravestone on earth. Lilina's form slowly stroking his hand. "I would have said yes, you know…"

'I know…" he smiled. "But I lived all those years to hear you say that, just to make sure."

"You're such a dork," she answered, rolling her eyes skyward.

"But I still love you," he said slowly. "Twice as much as then."

"Oh Matthew!" she cried, wrapping her arms around him. "Me too, me too…."

"Let's sing…the two of us, together…"


Lilina looked up sharply, as a shadow fell over her. The shock on her face faded to one of happiness as she realized who it was.

"Roy!" she shouted, standing up slowly to give him a hug. "I'm glad you came back, I was worried and-"

"He's gone?" he asked slowly, pointing at Matthew, still leaning against the headstone, his face peaceful.

"Yes…" she sighed, a tear falling. "But he wanted so badly to go, so badly. He missed her so much, you know…"

"Shhhh, listen." He whispered.

They became silent, the two of them, and Roy took his wife's hand as they listened silently.

The wind blew softly, the leaves fell, but if you listened close enough, you could hear two voices singing in harmony.

And though they sang softly, their words were loudly imprinted on the hearts of those that heard them. The men coming back from war, who hadn't seen their wives in months, the children who missed their parents, and on Roy, and Lilina, who stood together in the quiet clearing.

Suddenly, Lilina gasped.

"What is it?" Roy asked suddenly.

"It's….time," she smiled her eyes bright. "And I've got the best names for them…"

"Them?" Roy asked, a confused look on his face.

"Twins," she whispered back, and, when she looked to the side, she saw them both, singing together, smiles on their faces, and love in their eyes. She put her hand in Roy's and let him lead her away from the small clearing, her heart light. She grimaced lightly as another contraction came, but then grinned. "It looks like Matthew and Leila can't wait to come out into the world!" she announced.

And if she would have looked back, she would have seen them smile happily at one another at the news.

~And if, I should leave, this lonely world behind…

~Your voice will still remember,

~Our melody

~Now, I know we'll

~Carry on…

~Melodies of life

~Come circle round

~And grow deep

~In our hearts…

~As long as…

~We remember….


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