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Legolas' keen ears didn't miss the sound of battle just outside of their underground home, and neither did the other Elves. Several of the Elves looked up, startled, and the guards made the predictable move for their weapons. Aragorn's hand had already been instinctively rested on Anduril's hilt, and he nodded to Legolas, who knew from years of fighting by Aragorn's side, nodded back. He knew where Aragorn was going. To find Drizzt. Aragorn was a skilled warrior, and he, like Legolas, had not missed the graceful steps of a warrior in Drizzt's stride. Aragorn gave Legolas a quick wave, and left. He wasn't worried about his friend. Legolas was a legendary fighter, and had lived in these halls and woods all his life, and knew them better than perhaps anyone. The Elven warrior was the first one to the scene of the battle, but no amount of field experience and training could have prepared him for what he saw.

Three people stood in the middle of the clearing, surrounded by dead and dying giant spiders. Why the attercops were so interested in these three, he could not say. Maybe they were attracted by the smell of the shortest of the three, a dwarf. He wrinkled his nose disgust, but he had to give the dwarf some credit. Using his head to ram the spiders to the ground was certainly innovative, and afterwards... well, he'd use his... unique... armor to his advantage.

The tallest was obviously of the race of man, but the tallest he had seen, save the Beorns. He fought wielding a great hammer, spiders imploding upon it. Legolas winced slightly as the man tossed his hammer, sending it crashing through two spiders. A brave move, precise aim, but foolish. Now he only had his bare hands to fight with.

Legolas blinked- or did he? Where there had been only empty fists before, the hammer had returned.

"It is enchanted," An Elvish warrior to the right of him whispered.

"Obviously." Legolas had to refrain from rolling his eyes. This warrior- Telrayen, was young, and idolized the elven prince, constantly trying to impress him. It grew rather trying at times.

"Do we move in now?"

Legolas sighed. Telrayen must not have had his lesson in battle tactics yet, "No. Patience. We will move eventually, yes, but let us wait until our distractions are limited. Perhaps, until the spiders have been.... removed?"

"Oh!" Telrayen exclaimed a bit too loudly for Legolas' liking. After a silencing glare from the prince, though, Telrayen seemed to get the idea.

Legolas let his eyes wander back to the fighters, admiring their prowess in battle. One- the middle one- was fighting with a bow, obviously magical, as was the sword hanging at the fighter's side. The fact that the middle fighter was a woman came as a bit of a shock, but women warriors were not uncommon among the Elves, and, like in the case of Eowyn, they were sometimes found among men. She, like the tall one, was obviously trained in fighting b some master- judging by their style, the same one.

Beside him, Telrayen was veritably itching to go and... get acquainted.... with these visitors. Legolas, on the otherhand (though he also wanted to wait for Aragorn), would rather learn more. How did one Drow Elf and Dwarf from another realm end up in one place- here, of all places. And- if the trees were correct, these three must have come from... wherever Drizzt and Bruenor came from as well. Despite his reluctance at jumping into things, Legolas knew that soon they would have to. The other Elven warriors were arriving, and it wouldn't be long before the three skilled mortals had emptied the forest of attercops completely- not that that would be a bad thing, but the Elves might lose their chance at surprise.

"All right, Telrayen, we'll go soon- just wait for my signal."

If Legolas had thought Telrayen would relax from this, he was horribly wrong. The young elf was twitching now, and his hand was thumbing the string on his bow. The normally patient Legolas had half a mind to charge recklessly into the meadow if only to escape Telrayen.

A leaf barely moved to his right- most of the most skilled mortal woodsmen might have mistaken it for the wind, or missed it all together- however, Legolas was not one of the aforementioned. This was not an Elf- if it was, Legolas would know. There was only one human that the prince knew of who could tread so softly in the undergrowth, and that was the elven-raised Estel. Legolas gave a barely perceptible sigh of relief. He glanced to where he knew his friend was standing, (and, Legolas guessed, watching) and nodded. Instantly, Legolas and Aragorn moved into action, the other Elven warriors following his suite. In an instant, the three- as Telrayen put them- the three trespassing fiends, were surrounded.

More Elves had been been hidden in the forest than even Legolas had expected, and the "three trespassing fiends" were quickly surrounded. Realizing, and admitting (well, the larger two thirds) that they were outmatched, they decided for tact and negotiation rather than force, and lowered their weapons.

"Why do ye hinder us here?" The woman asked, flicking her read hair behind an ear, her hand resting easily on the hilt of her sword.

"You're trespassing!" Telrayen unhelpfully blurted.

Legolas pushed him back slightly, sighing, "He is correct, you know. We do not readily welcome visitors... though we have been.... making exceptions... as of late," He glanced at Aragorn, "Who are you, and what brings you through these grounds."

"Ye'll have to fight us to get it out o' us!" the rancid Dwarf sputtered indignantly. The larger one reached out and grabbed the Dwarf by the shoulder, holding him back.

"I be Catti-brie. This is Wulfgar, and this is Thibbledorf Pwent." She nodded to each in turn.

"Ha! You never told us why you are here! See, Lego..." Telrayen was silenced by a death glare from Legolas.


"A battlerager never reveals anything!" None other than Pwent spouted indignantly, earning him glares from Catti-brie and Wulfgar, "I reveal what I want, when I want, and I want to reveal what I'm revealing!" (?)

Almost instantly Thibbledorf Pwent, chief battlerager of the Eighth King of Mithril Hall, found himself facing the tips of many arrows, and found that he didn't like it one bit.


Much to Drizzt and Bruenor's dismay and shame, they were horribly, horribly lost.

It had started off all right- both Drow and Dwarves have an excellent sense of direction, come from living the majority of their lives underground- but maybe it was something in this world, or perhaps there some enchantment on the halls meant to confuse trespassers-but whatever it was, Drizzt was more... navigationally challenged... than he had ever been.

"See, Elf. Ye got us lost again." Bruenor grumbled.

Drizzt smiled, his lavender eyes twinkling, "I think, my friend, that you're memory is not what it used to be."

"That's what ye think, Elf."

Drizzt chuckled lightly, "I think that you are deluding yourself, my friend."

"Not a chance, Elf. Still sharp as a tack. Wait... which way did we come from?"

"I do not know. Perhaps the wise and sharp Bruenor can show us the way."

"If I knew, I wouldn't be askin' ye, would I, Elf? But... maybe... left? No.. no... right..."

"We came from the right." Drizzt said calmly.

"You knew all along, didn't ye, Elf?"



Legolas could have laughed out loud at the look on Thibbledorf Pwent's face, but didn't want to face this Dwarf's wrath when he was finally freed. A slight gesture, and the arrows were gone as quickly as they had appeared, "Well?"

"We are looking for two of our friends. Have you seen them?" Wulfgar spoke for the first time, a deep, resonating baritone.


"Ye're an Elf, aren't ye?" Catti-brie asked, regarding him closely.


"Well, that explains the riddles."

"I am told Elves do that quite a lot," Legolas said, pointedly ignoring Aragorn's nod of agreement, "Let me start again. My name is Legolas Greenleaf. The laughing one," Legolas galred, "Is Aragorn. This is Telrayen. We recently intercepted two travelors in our woods. They were not of this world. Neither, I presume, are you."

"Ye still haven't answered me question."

"Nin nyérë [sorry- lit. My sorrow], but I do not feel now is the time or place."

Legolas saw for the first time in Catti-brie's eyes what might have been mistaken for fear. However, it was a look Legolas had seen many times in Aragorn's own, and it was not fear. A look of suddenly realizing a fault, of noticing how vulnerable they were in one position, and the urge to correct it. It was a look that came with experience. Catti-brie, Wulfgar, and Pwent followed the Elves quickly. They had reached an understanding, and all else would be explaine later.


"Please forgive my haste," Legolas began, lighting gracefully upon the edge of a couch in his rooms. He had checked in on Gimli a moment before, and found him asleep over the weapons, "The attercops you faced- giant spiders- they havn't been seen in nigh on two years, and they never attack groups. They single out one person, and... you understand. This behaviour, not to mention their appearance along, is most disturbing. Now, what was your last question?"

"Have you seen our friends?" Wulfgar asked, not much caring for the constant delay.

Aragorn smiled mysteriously, doing a very good imitation of the Elves he had been raised with, "Perhaps."

Wulfgar glared, and Legolas laughed, "I suppose it is my turn to be the open one, my friends."

Aragorn snorted, "Indeed? Than quit stalling."

"I am not stalling. You're friends... were they a Drow and a Dwarf?"

Catti-brie's pulse quickened, could this be them?? As if on cue, the aformentioned Drow and Dwarf came in through the door.

Bruenor skidded to a stop, completely oblivious of anyone in the room who wasn't named Legolas, "What was wrong? Fire? Battle? An' ye left us out of the action?! An'... oh... hi, Cat... Cat? Me girl? Wulfgar? Pwent?"

"I suppose Drizzt and Bruenor are the friends you were seeking?" Aragorn asked, piercing grey eyes lighting on each in turn. The three most recent arrivals nodded.

"So we all know each other, then?"

Drizzt met Aragorn's gaze, but abruptly turned it on the wood-elf, "We thought that we did. Legolas, why didn't you tell us? We wouldn't have minded."

Catti-brie and Wulfgar were wise enough to know that they missed something. Thibbledorf Pwent, apparently, was not, "Didn't tell what?"

Pwent was ignored.

"You mean in court. You would not have minded- but I could not be sure of that at the time." Legolas said.

"We were honest with ye, and ye told us o' Aragorn. It's only courtesy to do the same." Bruenor scowled. He, evidently, had been thinking on the same track as Drizzt.

Legolas did not anwer, though Aragorn had strong suspicion to the reason. The Elven Prince was a naturally secretive person, and it had been a surprise to Aragorn simply how open he had been off the bat. That alone was a sign of his respect and trust for the travelors. Had he had his way, the Fellowship, save Aragorn, would most likely have never known of his status until nearing the end of the trip. Aragorn was surprised to hear Legolas answering.

"It was irrelevant, and I am an Elf." He said, as if that cleared up any questions. Aragorn chuckled, he should have expected this.

Legolas turned swiftly, glancing toward the door to his room- the room he slept in, that is. Gimli yawned from the doorway, "The Elf didn't give you too much trouble, did he?"

Bruenor shook his head.

"Free to go?"

"Free to go? Last I checked that means that you were held prisoner." Wulfgar smirked.

Catti-brie didn't miss her cue, and her blue eyes twinkled, "Aye. The Great Drizzt Do'Urden and Bruenor Battlehammer held prisoner by... what? Some Elves?"

And so, sighing, they proceeded to fill in the three newcomers on their latest venture.


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