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The Red Hunger


Chapter 1

[Words in Italics are thoughts]

It all began three weeks ago. A desperate laugh escaped Kagome's lips; if her companions had heard the foreign sound they would have been surprised that she even knew how to laugh desperately. But they were not around. No, they respected her wishes to be alone. She told them she was going to bathe, and then meditate. A poor excuse, but she was the last person they would expect deception from, so they happily granted her some time alone. After all, she asked for so little. Not even Inuyasha could deny her this small request. Plus meditation would also help focus her ever-growing miko powers, a strange phenomenon that had begun after Kikyo's death, which would help them find the Shikon shards faster. Inuyasha would let her do anything to find the shards faster.

If they only knew what she was really doing. But they didn't. She had become frighteningly good at lying. So she waited, sitting by the small hot springs. After the first time she'd learned not to run, for nothing would stop him. He would always find her. Plus, it was hard to run when you wanted to be caught. But the first time she had been terrified, and had run with an almost inhuman speed. It was unfortunate that he was inhuman.


"Run Kagome! GO!"

Kagome surveyed the familiar scene in front of her. It had begun as a peaceful autumn day, with cotton candy clouds lazily drifting in the azure sky. After lunch at Kaede-baba's house she'd sensed a small Shikon shard close by. Her and Inuyasha had left Sango, Miroku and Shippo at the small hut, confident that they could handle the small youkai in possession of the shard.

They were right, the lizard like beast had barely put up a fight before falling at Inuyasha's feet. Just as they were crossing a large meadow Inuyasha's sensitive nose caught wind of Sesshoumaru. As he had pulled them to a halt, Sesshoumaru indeed appeared a few yards away with Toukijin drawn and battle ready.

"Come forward and fight me hanyou, or will you continue to hide behind your wench?"

A flush bloomed across Inuyasha's face as he realized that Kagome was in front of him. He quickly shouldered her back, glaring at the taiyoukai before him.


He barely had a second to draw Tetsusaiga as Sesshoumaru sped forward. The force of the blow and consequent parry caused Inuyasha to stumble back into Kagome, pushing her hard to the floor.

Realizing that she was a liability, Inuyasha told her to run into the protection of his forest while he continued to battle with his brother. To his complete shock, Kagome actually heeded him and took off. With her gone he could concentrate on Sesshoumaru.

Inuyasha would never admit it, but he reveled in these fights with his half-brother. They demanded everything from him, for his opponent was deadly-- and in the recesses of his soul he knew that Sesshoumaru was more powerful than he was. The Tetsusaiga was his main advantage. He blocked out the screaming groans of his overtaxed muscles, and ignored the sharp pain as Sesshoumaru slashed downwards clipping a rib in the process. Yes, his half-brother was in good form today. With renewed effort Inuyasha sped forward going on the offensive.

And so the two brethren clashed in a circadian dance as old as the dirt beneath them. However this time it was to be different. As Inuyasha was about to jab forward, his opponent stepped backwards.

Time stood still.

Sesshoumaru would never retreat. Yet he pulled back, and seemed to scent the air. A bewildered Inuyasha did the same, but smelled nothing. On the other hand Sesshoumaru seemed distracted, no consumed by something. But what?

Inuyasha's thoughts were soon broken by a terse, " We will continue this later hanyou."

With those brief words Sesshoumaru disappeared leaving a very befuddled Inuyasha in his wake. What is wrong with him?! Realizing he could never understand the mind of the Western Lord, he sat with a grunt, and decided to recoup his strength before heading after Kagome. After all she had probably went back to Kaede's village.


In the three years that Kagome had traveled with Inuyasha, she had come to one conclusion: when he battled his brother it was none of her business. She knew nothing of the circumstances surrounding their mutual hate, and after enough battles Kagome understood that they both enjoyed the fight too much to actually kill each other. They might beat themselves to a bloody pulp, but something always conveniently stopped them from making the killing blow. Not that she would ever tell them that, but she had an inkling that at least Sesshoumaru had realized this truth.

When Inuyasha told her to run, she understood, he could not fight and think of her protection at the same time. So she ran not looking back to see what was happening. In fact she was not really looking at all as she fled, because she glanced up just in time to narrowly avoid hitting a low branch only to stumble into a bramble bush that painfully sliced her shoulder.

After a brief war with the tenacious thorns she freed herself, muttering a few choice words when she saw blood flowing in small rivulets down her arm. With a disgruntled sigh she tore the fabric of her last uniform shirt and tried to assess just how bad the cut was.

It was then she noticed how utterly silent the forest had become; it was the silence of animals petrified with fear as an acknowledged predator passed through. Every creature was holding its breath in hopes that it would not attract deaths presence. Kagome slowly raised her eyes, cringing as they met an edge of white cloth. That was enough to set her running.

It is said that the tiger gave the antelope its speed, but this prey knew there was no way to out run its predator.

Kagome had to hide. The fates, being the Indian givers they were, presented Kagome with a small cave nestled just behind a weak waterfall, she quickly darted in and used a small burst of miko power to avalanche the only entrance shut.

Her heart was jumping in her chest, as she pitifully pressed herself against the back of the cave. Frantic thoughts were whirring through her brain. What happened? Where was Inuyasha? Why was Sesshomaru— Kagome could only stare in awed fear as the taiyoukai burst through a veritable mountain of boulders and prowled closer to her. It was then she saw that his demon-red eyes were intensely focused on her shoulder…. her wounded shoulder.

Kagome was cornered in a cave and hidden by a waterfall that masked her scent, with a voracious looking taiyoukai. Indian givers indeed.

"Sesshoumaru….stop. What are you doing? Aheh – heh-heh--- INUYA----" Before she could complete her cry for help, Kagome was pinned up against a wall, and gagged by Sesshoumaru's hand.

What he did next was unexpected, unforeseen, and it sent Kagome's mind reeling. Keeping eye contact he lowered his head and began to lap at her shoulder wound. For a split second there was total silence as Kagome processed what was happening to her. Then she began to struggle in earnest. A low growl froze her motions, as his tail wound around her, forcing her still.

Sesshoumaru's mouth never moved, and his eyes never wavered from hers as he continued his attentions to her shoulder. What is he doing? She blocked out the slight stinging as his tongue stirred the congealing blood to flow once more. Kagome infinitesimally relaxed as she realized that this was all he was doing….licking her blood. His tail loosened as her struggles ceased, and Sesshoumaru continued to lick down to her collarbone where some blood had pooled.

With each sucking tug of his attentive lips, with each soothing lave of his tongue Kagome was unwillingly pulled into a languorous world where pain became pleasure. Sesshoumaru removed his hand from her mouth and used it to manipulate her pliant body to his will.

Unnoticed by both, as Sesshoumaru continued to suckle at her shoulder, the bloody veil began to clear from his eyes. Slowly the layers of addictive need and hedonistic fulfillment cleared.

With one last hard suck, that elicited a moan from Kagome, the taiyoukai pulled away to the realization the he Sesshoumaru was completely wrapped around Inuyasha's wench. His last clear memories were of battling the hanyou, until the most tantalizing scent reached his nose and seeped into his skull. After that he remembered nothing but felt an awesome need. He craved something, something warm, and thick, and sweet.

Only this would satisfy him.

As his nose tested the air of the cave he realized that the thing he wanted was the woman-child's blood, but there was something else in the air. Even now it was tempting him, after he had fed his full. Arousal…both hers and his. It tugged at his senses, shattering his hard won control. What did the miko do to me?! He angrily slammed her up against the wall, which roughly pulled her from her passion filled stupor.

"What-have –you-done-to- me?" With each word his claws dug into her neck, making her mewl in pain.

"I did nothing, y-you did something." Tears began to gather in Kagome's eyes. She was so confused. What had just happened? Sesshoumaru was touching her…her….blood… and she liked it, part of her even wanted to say she needed it. That's impossible, I don't even like Sesshoumaru….and he hates me. With that sobering thought she looked into the now golden gaze of the youkai lord.

"Please…please let me down."

For the first time in a long time Sesshoumaru was lost. The miko told the truth, he could smell it on her, she really had not done a thing to him. Then what is going on? With a sigh he realized that the wench would be more compliant if she was not pinned to a wall. He removed his claws from her neck, only to stiffen as small ruby droplets formed where his nails had broken skin. The miko's own eyes widened as his gaze went red.

While naïve, Kagome was not a slow learner. This time she did not struggle, but was terrified when his first pull at her neck made things low and warm clench and writhe. This time it all ended quickly.

With his lips still muffled against her throat he asked, "What is happening here wench?" This definitely engendered a reaction, though maybe not the one he was expecting.


Squelching the need to wrap his tail around his ears Sesshoumaru coldly asked, "What would you like to be called? You have never given me your name."

This question seemed to take the wind out of her sails; it was true she had never told him her name. Embarrassment washed through her, "I apologize Sesshoumaru-sama. You are right. I am—my name is Kagome." With a brief nod, he stood and offered her a hand up. She continued, "Why do you ---I mean why is ---ah---you see—what is it about –er……my blood?"

"I do not know. I was not in control myself."

Though Kagome did not know what it cost him to make this statement, she gulped If Sesshoumaru cannot control it….how am I supposed to? Even now she flushed as she remembered the feelings that flooded her body. They were strangely addictive, she wanted to feel more, but was immediately disgusted with herself. She did not love Sesshoumaru, she loved Inuyasha…and he was coming to love her. Her body was betraying her to someone she hated! The only consolation was that at least he was faced with the same problem.

"What will Inuyasha say when he finds out?"

"You will not tell anyone about this." Kagome jumped, not realizing she had spoken aloud, but she nodded in agreement. It is for the best.

Sesshoumaru was furious, though his expression was as glacial as ever, something was making him want the miko's blood…and thus want the miko. Something he could not control, if it wanted him to have her…then he would defy it. Unknowingly, Kagome's thoughts echoed his.

"Wash thoroughly in the stream, or else Inuyasha will smell me on you. We will not be seeing each other again Kagome." With that the taiyoukai left her to stand alone in the cave.


The Red Hunger : Chapter 2 Preview

Miroku was worried, Kagome had been skittish lately……The Lord of the Western Lands ransacked his library fruitlessly searching…..She had not meant to ….blood dribbled down her hip diluting once it hit water……silver hair fanned out in spring as he kneeled….his mouth went lower still, following the curve of her hip…."Hey Inuyasha where is Kagome?"

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