This HP fic is a solo venture by 'Azer'. Please kindly read the contents below thoroughly before proceeding further.


"All Harry Potter characters are owned by J.K.Rowling and/or Warner Bros. unless otherwise stated. Any similarities to living or deceased people are totally unintentional. This is strictly a piece of non-profiting work." (Mostly for personal amusement; so spare me the headache people!)

Contents Warning:

As yet, the entire story content is not confirmed. However, it will probably be a piece of slash work (i.e. homo-social relations between certain characters), so please do not proceed if the contents may offend you.

Also, though there would be no graphic descriptions of sexual nature, I do not recommend readers below 18 yrs of age to try. (The topics related may not be easily digestible to the young mind.)

Thank you for your patience and here's to a pleasant journey forth!