[Chapter 1: Midnight Snack]

By: Diana-Jae

Robin casually turned the corner of the corridor towards the door to his shared apartment. Friday night had whizzed past him, not that it bothered him. His first date with Kitten had turned out pretty well, and there would surely be no doubt about dates in the future. His only predicament now was to make sure that he could enter the five-bedroom apartment without making a noise because it was now early Saturday morning, and he did not dare to wake his friends for fear that bodily harm would come to him.

The five sixteen-year-olds' weekday schedule was hectic enough as it was with school and work without having to save the city at a moment's notice. They all had to pay the bill for their room somehow so they considered their weekends quite holy, and even more so if they didn't need have to put enemies in check.

So Robin quietly inserted the key into the keyhole and opened the door carefully, expecting everyone to be sleeping soundly. But to his surprise, he found a small amount of light emitting from the kitchen, probably from the television set and walked towards it. Fridays were usually mellowed out because it was considered the end of the week from hell, and Friday nights were, frequently, especially quiet because if there were to be any sort of late-night fests that took place in the apartment, it would happen on a Saturday night. And this just happened to be one of those supposed-to-be quiet nights meaning his roommates were all too burned out to do anything but sleep until mid-morning.

Popping his head into the kitchen, he saw Starfire's small frame sitting on a stool in front of the counter with her back towards him. She was facing the television, which was on mute, and was greedily spooning herself from a pint of chocolate swirl ice cream.

"You mind if I have a seat?" Robin asked quietly from behind her.

Starfire nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard the voice, but when her bottle-green eyes met those of cerulean, she just sighed and patted the stool next to her. Robin took the offered seat and looked at the television screen. She was watching a late run of Looney Tunes and would giggle a little to herself now and then.

Robin watched her and raised a brow. "How do you know when to laugh when you can't hear anything?"

Starfire shoved another spoonful of the creamy snack into her mouth and looked at him from the side of her eyes. "You do not need to hear anything," she pointed out matter-of-factly. "The pictures are already hilarious." She looked at the screen and another small laughter escaped her lips when Wile E. Coyote fell off a cliff and got hit by the very anvil he used to catch the Roadrunner with.

A small smile tugged at the corner of his lips as he watched her child-like demeanor. Contrary to what most people would believe his relationship with Raven and Cyborg and Beast-Boy to be, who he had known the longest by far, he actually felt more at ease when he was around the maroon-haired girl, whom he had only come to know since the fall of last year. He was the first one to make any attempt to make her feel, more or less, at home and teach her of Earth's many strange customs. In the beginning, it was questions that usually poured from her mouth, but as of late, she had come to him just to have a conversation rather than to ask about something she didn't understand. If she hadn't learned it from a book or a movie or from asking Robin and the other Titans, she learned it through first-hand experience, but the girl still liked to be in his company and talk with him, sometimes entering his room when he was in the middle of doing homework and would just sit on his bed until he was finished wherein she would attack him with small talk or ask him to accompany her somewhere. He used to think that she clung on to him as a sort of security blanket from her unfamiliarity of his world, but he later realized that there was just a greater bond of friendship between them. How else was he to explain why there were things that he couldn't tell the others but found easy to reveal to her?

"So why are you up so late?" he asked, resting his head lazily on the arm he had propped up on the table.

"I could not sleep," she shrugged. "I think it is because of this heat-wave we are having. It is called a heat-wave, is it not?"

He chuckled and nodded.

And sure enough, it was hot. The week had been hell, literally, which suddenly explained why the Tamaranian beauty was eating ice cream and was wearing a purple tank top and shorts instead of her typical pink pajamas.

"Today was totally boring, and I think it carried up until now," she sighed. "They cancelled today's shoot, and I was kind of broke to go and do anything. I do not get paid until tomorrow." Then she dropped her spoon into her pint and counted off on her fingers. "And Raven, Beast Boy, and Cyborg all had work today, and you…" she paused to think and then brightened up, "…hey, how was your date with Kitten?" she suddenly asked out of pure means for a conversation instead of complaining about a day where she lay upside down on the couch.

"It was fun," he replied, smiling at her enthusiasm. "I'm seeing her again on Sunday."

"That is good to hear." She looked at him with an impish smile and added, "So are you guys an item now?"

Robin laughed nervously. "I'm not really sure if we're there yet, Star. We're still in the just-talking-and-getting-to-know-each-other phase of this dating thing."

She laughed. "How did you ever start talking to her in the first place? She does not even have any classes with you."

Robin looked away, his face unmistakably tinged with pink. "She was walking by to talk to the coach during practice after school on Thursday, and the ball that was supposed to go in the hoop bounced off the rim and hit her."

"Your shot?"

"Yeah…" He smiled sheepishly.

"Oh, that is terrible," Starfire said trying to stifle a giggle. "Was she okay?"

"I would think so. I mean, she wasn't seeing stars or anything."

Starfire hopped off the stool, putting her pint back into the freezer and went to the sink to wash her spoon. "Well, I do not know about that. She might have lost her mind a little. After all, she is dating you."

"Ha-ha. Very funny." Robin took the hand towel by the sink just within reach and playfully threw it at her, who just giggled and stuck her tongue out at him.

"I'm just joking, Robin," she said, wiping her hands on the towel and putting it back. "She is very lucky to be going out with you." She walked by and patted him on the head before skipping off to her room. "Good night."



Author Notes: I've actually been meaning to write a Teen Titans fic ever since I've watched the first episode, but I never found the guts to do it because this is a whole different territory from what I typically write. Oh, but after watching "A Date With Destiny", I really needed to write a Robin x Starfire fic. ^^

Anyhoo, for future reference, I'd like to mention that I'm not very good at keeping characters in character so if they're slightly or just straight out OOC, please forgive me. That would also explain why my fics are set in an AU and why they don't live in Titans Tower or why Robin doesn't seem interested in Starfire or vice-versa except as friends… for the time being. And I don't do well with writing scenes that involve action. I tried once, and it was a complete disaster, therefore, even though they are the Teen Titans, I'm just going to pretend that the city doesn't need to be saved from evil villains for the duration of my fic. I'll save that for an author with talent. ^______^

I'm also aware that Kitten was a "villain", not to mention irritating in the sense that she acted sweet with a dash of acid and psycho on the side. (I mean no offense to those who like her. She was just… ehh… a little too spoiled and carnivorous, in a literal sense, for my taste.) But I kind of need her to be not so whacked out and crazy for all intents and purposes of this fic.

And that about sums it up. Sorry if the first chapter's a snore. I just wanted to do a set-up. The second chapter will be longer to compensate for the briefness of this fic. Reviews, comments, flames, and other constructive/destructive criticism are welcome. =]

Disclaimer: I stake no claim to any of the characters from Teen Titans. They belong to Warner Brothers and whoever has legal rights to them. The only thing I have dibs on is the fic. With that said, please don't sue. You are cool. =]