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A beautiful sight at the shore of Besaid Island held tight on Rikku's gaze. Tear's streaming down her face as she watched her cousin in her beautiful wedding gown, holding hands with her new husband, and love Tidus. The sun was setting, and made everything glow. Everyone seemed so happy. The Grand Summoner finally married! She couldn't believe it. Yuna's face seemed to glow with the setting sun, her blue and green eyes a light with joy. Her hair was gently blowing in the breeze, and her simple white dress, that almost looked like air, floated around her ankles. Nothing could ruin this day. Tidus looked so sheepish and happy. His spiky blond hair shining in the golden red sun, with his black suit on. He looked so out of place without his blitzball uniform on.
The two finally boarded the ship on, waving goodbye to everyone as the stars started to appear in the semi-indigo sky. Everyone waved goodbye to the newly weds as they headed off to their secret honeymoon. At last Spira had achieved its peace again. Three years ago Yuna had defeated Sin. Recently she defeated the lost spirit Shuyin who had threatened Spira, trying to gain revenge on the death of his love Lenne. Six months later after his defeat Yuna and her love Tidus were married. Everyone seemed to be so happy. LeBlanc and Nooj were now settled down. They had eloped right after Shuyin's defeat. Paine and Baralai were living together in Bevelle, planning a future together. Wakka and Lulu were enjoying life as parents, with their son Vindina. Kimahri's life was filled with the hardships of being the elder of Gagazet, and her brother found his own love with Nhadala. That left her in the dust. Even Gippal seemed to have found someone from the Al Bhed Psyches. That only left her and her pops left.
Everyone began to head back to the village leaving Rikku behind, gazing at the stars, while her bridesmaid dress fluttered against the salty breeze of the sea.
Standing in the shadows, Gippal watched a lone Rikku stand silently in the night, her aqua dress blowing around her ankles. Her hair was up in a messy twist, the way she wore it when she was Yuna guardian. Her face seemed so full of sorrow, making his heart tighten in his chest. He couldn't help but think of her as a beautiful goddess. He'd been surprised when he'd seen her dateless at the ceremony. The men of their clan were forever asking her out. She was Cid's girl, a chipper, young spirit, always full of energy. He couldn't help but smile, remembering how distressed she'd been when he'd told Paine and Yuna that she was his girl. He'd made it sound like a joke, but truth be told, he had always had a soft spot in his heart for her. He decided to walk up to her, and talk, try and cheer her up.
Rikku was focusing her attention up at the sky, enjoying the night breeze, and the scent of salty water. She was soon brought out of her enjoyment when she heard footsteps from behind her. She discretely put her hand against her waist, where her dress sphere was, incase it was a fiend. Turning around quickly, her eyes focused on the figure in front of her.
"Gippal! You scared me!" she said with a gasp.
"Sorry Cid's girl." He said with a chuckle.
"Why don't you call me by my name for once Gippal?" a slightly irritated Rikku said.
"Do you really want me to?" he said looking into her eyes.
"Yes I do." She said softly trying to advert her gaze from his enchanting silvery blue eyes.
"Well then, Rikku, what seems to have kept you out here?" he said as he stepped closer to her. Lifting her eyes up to him, she saw that he looked truly worried. "I just wanted to enjoy the night." She said gently, realizing that Gippal was extremely close to her.
"I see. Well I think there's more to this than meets the eye."
"Well to tell you the truth, I'm a little envious of everyone! I seem to be the only one of my friends who is still single. Plus pops wants me to settle down soon after we finish re-building home!" she ranted on.
Grabbing her shoulders, Gippal brought her against his chest, hugging her. Rikku immediately she stopped talking, taking in his scent. He smelled of oil and leather, a smell that she'd grown up around. Breathing in deeply she relaxed against his strong chest.
"Why are you being so kind. Don't you think that your date is waiting for you?" she whispered against his warm chest.
"I was set up with her. She's not someone I wanted to go out with." He said while tipping her chin up, ensuring that her gaze caught his.
"I..I don't know what to say."
"Don't say anything." He said before kissing her sweetly on the lips.
Her body seemed to melt against his. His lips were so strong, and soft, almost like heated velvet. They seemed to fit hers perfectly.
Holding her tightly against her, Gippal gingerly parted her lips with his tongue, enjoying the honey sweet taste of her lips. Smooth as silk, and soft. He could just get lost kissing her like this.
When they pulled apart, their breaths mingled in the night air. A little dizzy, Rikku took a slow step away from Gippal, ensuring that her mind might straighten out. She couldn't believe what she'd just done.
"I, I... I've got to go now Gippal. Thanks for talking to me..." she said shakily, then pressing her garment grid at her hip, she changed into her wet suit, and jumped into the water, swimming toward the spot where she kept a secret ship of her own.

Standing there helplessly, Gippal watched as Rikku just swam away into the night. He couldn't believe what he'd just done! He'd just made out with the daughter of the leader of the Al Bhed. He couldn't believe how he truly felt about her.


In the hot sun of the Sanubia desert, Rikku worked hard to restore the machina for the entrance of Home. She decided to take a break, and stood up, wiping the sweat from her forehead to be greeted by the man that she'd managed to avoid for a month. She watched Gippal converse with her father, and decided to quietly slip away, before she was caught. Crouching down behind a metal door, she slowly moved away from her father, and managed to get most the way to the exit when she heard her dad yell. "Rikku don't you dare try and escape me girl. Get yer bony butt over here!" Wincing, she stood up and began to slowly head toward her old man. "What's the matter pops?" she said looking unhappy. "Don't act that way, I got a mission for you. One that I think you'll like." Her bald father said in his southern tone.
Perking up, she decided to put on a curious face. "So what exactly do you want me to do Pops?" she said with a sweet angelic smile.
"Thas my girl, smiling for me. But any ways, I want you to go and help Gippal here with some stuff at the Machine Faction. He needs someone to help with fixing and transferring machina down here." He said.
Gaping at him, Rikku just stared in disbelief at her old man. "NO FREAKING WAY AM I GONNA WORK WITH THIS FREAK JOB!" she screamed, making her old man turn bright red.
"Now Rikku, don't yell! Don't call Gippal a freak job. You are going to work with him, and you are going to be good!" he said in an athorative tone.
"Now Cid, if she's scared to work with such advanced machina, then don't make her." He said, letting his words ooze off his tongue.
"What are you trying to make me sound like poor helpless girl?" she said, fuming with rage. "For your information, I was the guardian of the GRAND SUMMONER! I helped defeat SIN! I helped destroy VEGNAGUN, and I help defeat the freaking spirit SHUYIN! What did YOU do?" she said, poking him in the chest. Watching him gape at her. "Fine I'll help you answer that. YOU DID NOTHING!" she screamed, before turning on her heal to leave. Quickly she turned back to face her father. "I'll do as you want Pops, I'll help this poor excuse of a man transport and fix the machina. I'll do whatever I can to pick up his mess. But to warn you, I will NOT be bossed around." And with that said, she stormed out, heading toward the airship that she and Brother owned.

Back where Gippal and Cid stood, they just watched in amazement at the pissed Rikku. Turning toward Gippal, Cid put a fatherly arm around his shoulders. "Well I guess that's settled. You get my little girl to help you." He said before he too ran off toward his office.
"Shit and I get the bitch!" Gippal said to himself, kicking some sand in his frustrations. What the hell could've made her so hostile? I mean she wasn't her happy go lucky self, making everyone smile. She was being totally BITCHY! Could the thought of just being around him make her feel so disgusted? No that couldn't be it. She'd been so warm and soft that night of Yuna's wedding. Maybe she was just unsure.
Deciding to just put the situation behind him for now, he headed off for the Djose temple, where the machine faction was held.

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