Title: Lifeless Eyes
Author: kawaii-kirei "KK"
Rating: PG
Warning: A bit of suicidal theme
Pairing: RayMariah

Disclaimer: BeyBlade and all it's characters don't belong to me. Their owner is Aoki Takao, so thank him for the anime. XD Though the plot, Martha and other unfamiliar things belongs to me.

++ || ++

Lifeless Eyes

"Mariah, dear?" A woman in her late twenties popped her head inside the room, smiling brightly at her daughter.

"Yes, mother?" The girl, known as Mariah, didn't even look at the other occupant of the room. Her eyes stayed glued to the mirror, her reflection looking back at her.

"All the guests are here. I suggest we start the party."

Hearing that, Mariah sat up stiffly. She wasn't nervous or anything. She just didn't find anything meaningful in this birthday. If you ask, she'd say that she doesn't find anything meaningful in her life anymore. Her dull eyes roamed over her reflection once more.

Her pink hair was held up with a silver ribbon, and a silver rose was attached to it. Her slim figure was covered by a long silver, glittering, sleeveless dress that hugged her every curve. Silver sandals that had leaf-shaped crystals on the straps was on her feet, and a golden necklace hung around her neck. She was almost physically perfect. Almost.

For very observant people, her eyes would've been the one that would give her away. Dull and lifeless, the gold irises were covered by grayish mists.

Looking hard at the mirror, she wished that the glass would just break. Sadly, her wish wasn't answered. She left the room with her mother, Martha.

++ || ++

Ray Kon sat on a black chair on one side of the room. His eyes scanned around, but finding nothing, he sighed. To others, it would've been a great experience to be in a debut of a singer. A very popular singer. But to him, singers are still human anyway.

Hearing that the star of the show is finally gonna appear, he sipped the last of his wine and stood up. He looked directly at the stairs and fingered the thorns of the rose on the table.

Mariah Yin appeared.

++ || ++

Mariah walked down the stairs slowly, her face void of emotions. She knew the guests well enough to know that they don't mind her lack of enthusiasm.

Her mother stayed at the top of the stairs, waiting for her daughter to fully step off the stairs, then finally went down herself.

It's been nearly a year and a half ever since her daughter became like this. Every day, Mariah would just sit around the house, looking down at their garden from the windows of her room when she has no appointments. If not, Mariah would just walk around the outside of their mansion. Her child's lack of nutrition was what worried her the most.

To make things worse, she doesn't even know what made her daughter like this.

Martha sighed and just continued to watch the show.

++ || ++

Mariah sat in a chair at the very front of the room. Numerous boys went up to her for a dance, but all were dumped. Yes, dumped. She was in no mood for dancing right now. Besides, she didn't find anything special in those boys, anyway, so why waste the time?

++ || ++

Ray sighed, and started sitting down - only to stand up again when a finger poked his ribs. "Argh! Watch it, Lee! I'm ticklish there!"

Lee walked out of the shadows with a smirk, "That's why I'm doing it." Ignoring Ray's glare, he continued, "What's wittle Way doing here all awone?"

Ray sat down with a pout, "None of your business." He grumbled,

"Hey, Ray..."


"I dare you to ask Mariah to dance."


Lee smirked, "Your heard me."

Ray's stare was long and hard. Finally, he sighed exasperatedly as he saw no signs of his friend joking. He mentally snorted, Great friend, he is. "Fine, fine. I accept."

Lee just grinned, before disappearing back into the shadows. That's when Ray banged his head on the table, What the heck have I gotten myself into?!

++ || ++

Author's Notes: This should've been a one-shot but since the laziness has struck me again, I decided to make this a 2 or 3 chaptered fic. ^^;; Please review! XD