Earth and Air

It was late when he finally came home. After confronting his father, he'd spend hours just skating around. Trying not to think or feel about anything. Just skating.

He found Dustin spawled across the couch, sound asleep. Sprawled being the appropriate word; one arm was pinned between his body and the couch, the other trailing along the floor, while one leg was flung across the back of the couch and the other laid precariously on the edge. A smile drifted across his face at the sight of his boyfriend's innocent expression, tossled curls, and soft breathing.

He carefully set down his skateboard, coming to kneel beside Dustin's head. "Dustin." He shook him gently, but insistently. "Dustin, wake up."

Sleepy brown eyes flickered into existence, drifting up to meet his. The sweet smile that followed made his heart flutter. Man, Dustin was gorgeous.

The brunette yawned with a small, cat-like stretch. "I was trying to wait up for you, but I guess that didn't work out." he admitted with a sheepish smile.

Shane couldn't help but smile back. "S'okay. I was late anyway."

Dustin cocked his head, frowning slightly. "You're better?"

The smile faded a bit. "A little. I talked to Porter today. Applogized to my mom. And told my Dad to deal with it." He shrugged.

Dustin's arms were around him in an instant, squeezing gently. "You gonna be okay?"

He took a deep breath, then slowly smiled again. "Yeah. I will be."

They separated after a moment, and he took in the sight of Dustin's fidgeting. He raised his eyebrows. "All right, what is it?"

Dustin paused again, then blurted out "I'm not moving!"

He blinked. "You're not?" he ventured after a moment.

Dustin nodded, just barely meeting his eyes. "I told Mom I didn't want to move back in. She was upset, but we talked about it and now she's cool." A faint smile drifted across his face. "She wants to buy us a house."

Shane blinked again.

"I talked to Raz and Emi, too. Sorry about all that." he added quickly. "Raz was freaking 'cause he thought you were taking me away from him or something. But he's cool with everything now. Emi..." He hesitated, then smiled again. It wasn't as bright, but hinted that what his sister had said promised happiness just the same. "She's dealing. She said she'll work on it."

"That's awesome." Shane said sincerely.

Another slight hesitation. "So what'd Porter say?"

He shrugged again. "About the same. He's dealing. He and Mom are being supportive."


Dustin's genuine enthusiasm made him smile. "Yeah." He raised his eyebrows again as Dustin hesitated once more. "What now?"

He was totally unprepared for the flying tackle that ended in Dustin's lips on his, but he couldn't exactly complain. He hadn't meant for the murmur of approval, but he couldn't complain with the response to it. They were both breathless when they parted, and he found himself staring at the hazy brown eyes of a blushing boyfriend. "W...what was that for?" he panted.

"I love you."

He blinked yet again, as Dustin seemed to be startling him a lot lately. "I love you, too." he said at last. After months of arguing for it, it was remarkably easy to say to the one who mattered most.

Dustin gave him that sweet smile again, and he lost himself in lips and curls and the scent of warm earth.

Dustin blinked himself awake, dimly wondering why the ceiling seemed wrong. He moved his head to the left and started at the sight of CD towers upon CD towers. Shane's room? What was he doing in Shane's room?

An attempt to roll over abruptly reminded him just what he'd been doing in Shane's room.

He was blushing before he had a chance to think. A few more attempts managed to manuver him over to face his boyfriend. Shane was still sound asleep, his expression rather peaceful. He smiled, snuggling a little closer. This was just way too perfect a way to wake up.

A snippet of doubt crept in. What if it was too perfect a wake up? What if Shane...what if he regreted this? Had they taken it too far? Oh, man... What would he do without Shane?

Just as the panic attack was about to set in, a muffled voice grumbled "Get your elbow out of my stomach if you're planning on eating breakfast today."


"Go back to sleep." The tone was harsh, but an arm slipped out from under the blankets to wrap around him and pull him closer. "It's too early." he continued grumpily.

Dustin grinned. "You're such a grouch in the morning." he complained as he rested his head against Shane's shoulder.

"Get used to it."