Chapter 13

Pansy's Plan

The next few days were very hectic for everyone, Draco most of all. He was vulnerable and depressed at this time so Pansy decided to take it upon herself to "comfort" him. "Draco, it will be alright," she whispers during History of Magic Class.

When he came in there were no seats left except by Pansy. At the time he didn't care where he sat as long as he could think without any interruptions. Boy was he wrong. "How can it be alright when Raye is sleeping her life away up in the Hospital Wing?" he asks quietly holding back upcoming tears.

"It will be alright because you have me," she replies, emphasizing "will" while getting closer and closer to him by the second.

"Please Pansy, don't," he says pushing her away.

"Hmph, what is it that she has that I don't have anyways?" she huffs.

He just sighs heavily and turns his attention back to Professor Binns's lecture on "The Greatest Witches and Wizards from the past to the present".

Later that day in the library after classes

The rest of the Senshi, the Golden Trio, Cho and Cedric decide to meet up in the far corner of the library to discuss the matter at hand.

"I still can't come up with any logical explanation for this situation," Hermione sighs when they all were settled at a table at the back of the library.

"Well, let's look at what we know so far," Cho suggests. "We know that Raye got really sleepy right after she drank the pumpkin juice after dancing, right?"

"Right," they all agree.

"So, I'm guessing it's safe to assume that it had to be something in the drink," Darien says.

"Do you think someone might have wanted to poison Raye?" Serena gasps.

"Maybe it was a Slytherin. I mean, they all despised her because she was dating Draco, so it's possible that one of them had a scheme set up in the beginning of their relationship that would get rid of her and leave Draco single and "up for grabs" once again," Lita suggests.

They all ponder this possibility for a second when Madam Pince approaches their table. "You all should be heading out now, it is nearly time for dinner," she says.

"Yes Madam Pince," they reply as they gather their things to leave.

When they approach the halls which lead to their separate houses Hotaru speaks up and makes a suggestion. "You know, I just thought of something, since I'm with most of the Slytherin girls that are most likely to want Raye out of the way. Then perhaps I can "keep an eye" on them and make them trust me, then maybe I can get out of them who was behind this."

"That's a wonderful idea Hota," Harry exclaims hugging her tightly.

"Thank you Harry. Could you please get off of me, I can't breathe," Hotaru coughs out from under Harry's tight squeeze.

"Oh, sorry," Harry replies blushing embarrassingly as he let go.

After Harry let go of Hotaru they all went their separate houses to put their stuff away and get ready for dinner.

At dinner that night; Slytherin Table

"So how are you all getting along with the Raye situation?" Draco asks Hotaru after ten minutes into dinner. She had told him about their plans when they first started their secret investigation.

Hotaru looks around her to make sure nobody was paying attention to them, "We've gotten a bit further to who might have done it but that's about it," she whispers.

"That makes me feel sooo much better," he replies sarcastically.

"Well I'm sorry Draco, but what do you want me to say?" she asks. "Hey Draco, we've found out who did it and we also found out how she can be woken up," she retorts. "Geeze Draco, sometimes I begin to think you have worms for brains," she hisses before hastily walking out of the Great Hall, due to her "sudden" loss of appetite.

"Women," he sighs. He then finishes his dinner and heads back to his common room.

Gryffindor Table

"Boy, Malfoy is taking it pretty hard with Raye being and all," Ron says to Harry and Hermione with a bit of sympathy when he sees Draco walk out of the Hall.

"Huh, what?" Hermione says lifting her head up from its thinking position.

"Hermione," Ron sighs helplessly.

"I'm sorry Ron. I was just thinking about Raye," she says. "Did you notice anything different about her when we last saw her?"

"No, why? Was there something wrong?" he asks worriedly.

"Actually, there was something a bit…odd about her," Harry says finally speaking up. "I noticed that her breathing was quite slow and her face seemed really ghostly pale." "But, what does that have to do with the situation?"

"Honestly, don't you two pay ANY attention to Professor Snape's lessons?" Hermione sighs heavily raising her arms in the air giving them a defeated gesture.

"Those are the signs that someone has been given The Draught of the Living Dead. With this potion, the person who drinks it will be put into a deep sleep. They are unable to be awakened." Before Ron and Harry have a chance to interrupt her she adds, "but, there is one not so simple antidote to this potion."

"What is it?" Harry and Ron ask together.

"A kiss from her one true love, which by the way we do not know. Which is why I said it would not be so simple," Hermione says gathering her things. "Now if you two will follow me, we have plans. Also make sure you guys find the rest of the group, we'll need them, hurry. Meet me in the Room of Requirement in a half an hour," she whispers to them both before walking out the doors.

"Why does she always leave us in the dark?" Ron asks Harry.

"I don't know Ron, but let's just get going. You know how Hermione gets when she has to wait," Harry sighs.

So the two gather up Oliver, Lita, the twins, Hotaru, Serena, and Darien and head to the Room of Requirement to meet up with Hermione.

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