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"Too Late?"

"Yugi, are you feeling better? "Yugi? "Yugi!"

Tusaki Moto's voice ran through Yugi's tired ears. He slowly lifted his heavy eyelids. It hurt just to breath. Suddenly, he felt a cold but soft hand gently brushing across the top of his forehead.

"Yugi?," someone said gently. "Yugi, can you hear me?"

Yugi gathered up all of his strength and looked up at the person sitting on the foot of his bed, looking into her crimson purple eyes. He slightly opened his mouth, trying to say something.

"Mother," he managed, but it can out as a low croak. The beautiful queen smiled at her sick 13 year old son. Her long, smooth, silky black hair flowed to her right when a gentle breeze blew from the giant square window. Her usually bright crimson eyes was now puffy and filled with hot tears, and she was wearing a fancy red and gold colored dress that wrapped around her shoulders, revealing smooth, creamy colored skin.

"Yes, I'm here. Don't worry, the healers will be here soon," she whispered, while running a delicate hand across Yugi's now pale face. His multicolored hair drooped instead of standing straight and his handsome purple eyes were now dull and lost its lively sparkle.

Yugi looked up at his mother pitifully, unable to say anything. He lost his voice. He felt too weak. He slowly shut his eyes, not sure if he'll ever open them again.

"Yugi? No! Stay strong! Please!" sobbed his heart broken mother, while the rest of her words were drowned into her tears.

     Knock Knock    The pharaoh ran to the door, almost tripping over his long dark violet cape, and was relieved to see Hotano Mazaki, the prized egyptain healer.

"Hotano," he signed with heavy alleviate.

A handsome young man stood before him, smiling at him. He had a firm, tall body, wearing a brown robe and a long orange scarf with red ends. His tidy brown hair nearly covered his handsome green eyes. On his side was a 12-year-old girl, holding a small, red pouch and a long white dress that wrapped around her body.

"Quick! The prince is in here," the frantic pharaoh nearly shouted while he led Hotano and his daughter to a large room with a large bed. In the middle was a large red bed and on the bed was Yugi in Tusaki's arms, sobbing uncontrollably.

"Oh no…" the pharaoh whispered, slowly walking over toward his queen and his dying son. Hotano ran toward the three, followed by his daughter. He knelt down by Yugi and put his head on his chest. After about 5 seconds, he looked up at the royal couple with a grim look in his eyes.

"He's still alive, but we must act quickly." Tusaki laid Yugi down on the bed ever so gently, stood up and wrapped her arm around her husband's waist, sobbing into his bare chest. He in responds, rubbed her back, while whispering soothing words in her ear. Hotano motioned his daughter to stand next to him, while he reached his hand out, asking for the pouch. The girl obediently handed him the pouch, stood up and bowed to the royal couple and then went outside, tending to the horse they rode here on.