Mind of the Uchiha

By Vitreux

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Chapter One

How it Began

   "Ohayo Sasuke-kun!" Sakura's voice rang out clearly on a cool summer morning. She ran to the bridge where Sasuke stood leaning against the railing, with an expressionless face as usual. She came beside him and smiled, "Nice weather today, isn't it?"

   He looked up and reached out a hand to block the sunlight. Furrowing his brow, he thought the sun was too hot.

   "Ne Sasuke-kun?" she tilted her head and met his eyes.


   "After the training, will you go out with me?" she asked hopefully.

   "No thanks." his answer was expected, but Sakura still thought maybe there was some kind of hope. Her shoulders slumped. She was about to say something again when a loud familiar voice interrupted.


   Sasuke gave a grunt. So much for a quiet morning.

   "Ohayo Naruto!" Sakura greeted as Naruto came into view.

   "Ohayo Sakura-chan!"

   "Be quiet dobe. Some people are still sleeping, you know." Sasuke gave him a look.

   "What's with the gloomy face in the morning? Don't you know that by keeping a happy face helps you stay healthy?" Naruto jumped beside Sasuke and studied his face.

   "Stop staring at me like that."

   Naruto grinned and pointed to his brows. "I bet with all that frowning going around is going to get you a lot of wrinkles! Haha! Wrinkle Sasuke! Beware!!"

   "Shut up you idiot!"

   "Oh yeah?! Wanna fight?! I've been waiting for this for a long time-"

   "Naruto! Stop that!" Sakura stood between the two. "Sasuke-kun is fine the way he is! And he won't get any wrinkles," she folded her arms.

   "How do you know?" Naruto asked suspiciously.

   "Well, because… erm…" she searched through her mind with an excuse.

   "See even Sakura-chan can't think of anything! I feel so sorry for you Sasuke, having wrinkles for the rest of your life must be hard." He patted his back sympathetically.

   "Stop that!" he snatched Naruto's hand away. "I don't need your sympathy! And why are we even having this discussion? About my wrinkles?"

   "Iie, come to think of it, it IS a serious problem." Sakura stared at his brows. "Naruto's right! You need to loosen up more!"

   Sasuke grunted again and turned away from them, walking down the bridge. This is just wrong…

   "Hey where are you going?" came Naruto's question.

   Away from you. Sasuke put his hands in his pockets and continued on walking.

   "Demo Kakashi-sensei isn't here yet! Sasuke-kun!"

   UGH! This is so annoying! Why are they bouncy so early in the morning? Why can't that sensei just arrive on time for once? Why is the sun so hot? What's wrong with my wrinkles? Why-

   "Sasuke-kun watch out!!"

   Before the black-eyed boy could do anything he felt something hard hit him squarely on the face, and all he remembered was a blur of something pink and yellow running toward him before he hit the ground.


   Sasuke! Sasuke…

   Who's calling me? Sasuke rubbed his head and got up, a bit dazed. Where am I?

   My dear, sweet idiot…

   He turned toward the source of the voice and gaped. Whoa!! Is that YOU Itachi?!

   A fairy. That was what he saw. With a face that looked just like his brother.

   This must be a dream… yeah… what's going on?

   This is not a dream my foolish brother… I've came to help you. Before Itachi could continue, Sasuke covered his mouth to stifle a silent laugh.

   Tell me that… tell me that you're actually a FAIRY? You know, those wings-flopping freaks that appear in fairytales?

   Itachi did not look pleased.

   All right, all right. Fine. What do you want?

   Itachi the fairy sighed. Naruto and Sakura are right. You're always frowning. You need to open up more. I've came to help them grant their wishes.

   What? So you knew them already? And what the hell are you talking about?

   Hush, sweet brother. Saskue cringed at the fairy's voice. He was adding extra and unnecessary endearments, for Christ's sake!

   Soon you'll find out what I mean… soon…

   Matte! HEY! I'm not through with you! Before Sasuke could yell another curse at the disappearing fairy, a blinding light took over his senses and familiar voices came.


   "He's waking up!"

   Opening his eyelids, Sasuke regained consciousness and gave a groan of suffering. "Damn that hurts a lot…"

   "Sasuke-kun? Tell me you're all right!" that must had been Sakura.

   He sat up from the ground and saw three faces staring at him.

   "Sasuke, how are you feeling?"

   "Kakashi-sensei?" Sasuke blinked and shook his head. "I'm fine."

   "Sasuke-kun do you need anything? Are you hurt?" Sakura placed a hand over his before a soft shade of pink crept onto his face.

   I shouldn't let them worry. It was only a bump. But her hands… they're… "Your hands are so soft… eh?!" What the hell?!

   Both Sasuke and Sakura deepened their blushes.

   "Sou… sou desu ka?" the pink-haired girl asked shyly.

   "Yeah, you're the smartest in our team, plus responsible, delicate… and you have a great rack."

   Their eyes bulged. Not to mention Sasuke himself was the most surprised one. He panicked. What's going on?! It's like I can't lie!!

   "What the hell?!" he blurted.

   With a fuming expression Naruto pointed, "What's the matter with you Sasuke? And you don't say that to MY Sakura-chan!"

   "She's not yours you ramen freak. Her ass is mine."

   Sasuke covered his mouth and stared at them in terror. Naruto with a horrified expression, Kakashi-sensei raising his eyebrow behind that mask, and a wide eyed Sakura wobbling back and forth with a fainting look on her face.

   Shit! What's happening to me?! I really can't lie!

   "You… you…" Naruto held up a fist. Sasuke did the only thing he thought about that time and ran. Past Team 7, down the bridge, deeper into the village. People threw weird looks at him while he dashed from pure embarrassment. He just… he just said all those things to Sakura! In front of his team!

   "What the hell are you looking at?! YES I do have a problem! Do you mind?!" he shouted to no one in particular and covered his mouth in shock.

   Shutting his eyes, he jumped up to a rooftop and jumped on another again.

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