Mind of the Uchiha

By Vitreux

Standard disclaimers apply, author's notes at the end.

Warning: A lot of cuss words in this chapter! Once again Sasuke OOCness!

Chapter Three

It's the Asshole!

"Are you just going to avoid Sakura and do nothing, I mean like no explanations at all?" Naruto rushed beside Sasuke through the busy street, bumping people on his way every once in a while.

"What else can I do?" Sasuke huffed and kept on walking.

"You could- HEY watch that!" Naruto yelled at a man who accidentally stepped on his feet. "Those slippers are EXPENSIVE you know!"

"Well so are mine! You know!" The man laughed loudly and walked away.

"What a jerk! Kind of reminds me of you, Saskue, heheh."

Sasuke glared.

"Not funny? Oh well okay."

Sasuke grunted and shoved his hands in his pockets. It was a nice day in the village; the sun was high shining its rays down giving Sasuke a terrible headache, at the same time a stupid yellow-haired boy was talking to himself from beside… things just couldn't get any better.

"Okay, why are you following me?"

"I'm not following you, I'm walking beside you!"

"Why are you walking beside me?"

"It's a man's freedom to walk anywhere he likes!" he remarked.

"Well, it's a crime to disturb people's peace and harmony. And guess what, you're disturbing me." Sasuke was about to turn his head away from him when he bumped into something for the second time that day.

"Shit! Watch where you're going freak!" He cursed and suddenly came face-to-face with an eyebrow raised ninja.

"My, hasn't your vocabulary grown…" Neiji commented.

"Oh no! It's the asshole!" Sasuke blurted. Neiji cocked his eyebrow even more.

"Is there any possibility on earth that hell might freeze over, money might fall from the sky or there are actually black orbs in your eyes, and you could cut that long gay hair of yours?"

Neiji stared at Sasuke in complete silence. "What has gotten over him?" he asked Naruto, the blond boy could only chuckle nervously.

"Yes I'm talking to you, what the hell are you doing here ruining my life?" asked Sasuke.

"It's none of your damn business."

Sasuke's eye twitched. "Listen you piece of shit, like it or not you just disturbed my peace, I'm not in the best mood today, and your sorry ass chose that moment to bump into me, you don't mess with me now."

"What an extremely important piece of information, Uchiha."

"I hope I don't have to say it twice you little bitch."

"Amusing, where did the I'm-so-cool-I-don't-talk attitude of yours go?"

"Hey! I heard something similar like that before!" Naruto shouted.

"SHUT UP!" Sasuke and Neiji growled in unison.

"Hey, hey! Isn't this Naruto, Sasuke and… Neiji?" Rock Lee's voice interrupted them unexpectedly. "Did I miss something here?"

"Oh great, here comes the burning man."

"Burning man?" Rock Lee asked in utter disbelief. "That was actually the nicest comment I've ever heard! WOW thanks a LOT Sasuke! You're a man that burns, too!"

"Try stating me as the same level as you again and I will cut your tongue out."

"You people are making a scene," Neiji hissed.

"Sasuke I didn't know you talk this much." Rock Lee said.

"And I didn't know why your eyebrows are getting thicker everyday!" Sasuke scowled.

"Oh I remember it now!" Naruto whammed his fist on his palm, "I made the I'm-the-mighty-Sasuke comment myself just before! No wonder it sounds similar! God I'm a genius." Everyone stared at him in incredulity.

"Youth Naruto! This is YOUTH!" Rock Lee slapped him on the shoulder perhaps a little bit too hard.

Sasuke fought back the urge to slit their throats when TenTen ran toward them, skidded into a halt when she saw the expressions they had on their faces. "Did I miss something-"


"Geez, sorry!" Tenten turned to her teammates before looking at Sasuke weirdly and placed her hands on either side of her waist. "Gai-sensei was looking for us, we've got some training to do."

"Training!" They could see flames blazing in Rock Lee's eyes.

Thank God they're leaving! Sasuke cheered, "YES!"

Four pair of eyes widened at his outburst.

"Umm, not you Sasuke."

"I know that!"

Neiji smirked at him tauntingly, "I didn't know you had a Rock Lee inside of you."

"Fuck you," answered Sasuke, Neiji didn't bother to give him another stare and walked away.

"Whew, that was close isn't it?" Naruto heaved a loud sigh. Sasuke's fist trembled but he decided to keep silent. Stepping away from Naruto he wordlessly strolled to a place where there weren't much people, he needed to be alone.

"Hey where are you going?"

"Don't you dare follow me!" he spat and continued on walking. A few minutes later he reached the outer rim of the village and found a place to sit down. He cursed his brother-the fairy for the fiftieth time that day. His frown deepened when he heard ruffles from behind.

"Naruto I told you if you dare to follow me-" he paused halfway when he found out the person who made the noises was not Naruto at all.

"I have some questions for you, Sasuke."

"Kakashi-sensei?" Sasuke's voice came out as a strangled whisper.