Author's Note: My first crossover. I hope you like!

Agent Dinozzo's hands flew over his keyboard. He looked as if he was on edge, just waiting for the next mission that would come through the door. As if by magic, he received his wish. Agent Gibbs, his boss, walked through the door with a stack of papers in one hand and a mug of steaming coffee in the other.

Tony Dinozzo walked over to his boss, "Good morning"

Nodding, the elder man sat down at his desk and Tony followed, "We going anywhere today?"

"Yeah," Leroy Jethro Gibbs started slowly, "maybe."

"Where?" the young, hot-head asked his superior.

"Colorado", the other man said, leaning back in his seat, leaving the papers unguarded on his desk.

Tony went right for them as he heard someone come up behind him. Ignoring it, he started flipping through the papers.

"You haven't told him yet?" a feminine voice asked.

Agent Katie Todd stood beside Tony, watching him frantically flip that papers that he held in his hands.

"Nope", their boss replied, still slowly sipping his coffee.

Tony looked up from the papers, "Wait, you mean you told her, but you didn't tell me?"

Leroy smiled slowly, "Yep."

"I hate it when you do that..." Tony mumbled, looking down at the papers.

Apparently, a Marine had been killed in Colorado, on the road to Cheyenne Mountain. Only his arm was found, which Ducky was looking at now. It was charred with something they hadn't encountered before.

Half an hour later, they were on a plane for Colorado. Eventually, they landed and rented a car. Now, they were on the same road where the arm was found. Navy NCIS was going to find out what had happened to that poor Marine, and where the rest of him was.