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Virus: Part one

'For crying out loud doc it's only a cold,' Jack protested as Dr Fraiser shoved the thermometer in his mouth and took his pulse, further protests stopped by the thermometer which Janet kept in place to prevent him from pulling it out.

She removed it at last and looked at it, a frown on her face. 'I'm sorry Colonel but your temperature says it's more than a cold. You've got a fever of 102 degrees - I'm surprised you're even on your feet.' Janet looked at him sympathetically as she gave him the verdict. 'You have 'flu.'

'But doc, I feel fine,' Jack argued, getting to his feet then, as he felt a wave of dizziness, sat down again abruptly and sighed a weary acceptance of his lot. 'Fine, I'll just get myself home then.'

'You know the rules, Colonel,' Janet grimaced as she reminded him. 'This strain of 'flu was contracted off world and we can't let anyone off base until everyone is clear. General Hammond's orders,' she added as she saw Jack about to start protesting again. 'I suggest you go to your quarters and get some rest, I'll get one of the nurses to settle you in.'

Jack, starting to feel very ill now, agreed without further protest, telling Dr Fraiser that he must be sick to obey her orders without a fuss. She watched him go, took a moment to gather her thoughts then snagged a clip board from her desk before reporting to General Hammond.

'It's affecting half the base now, sir,' Janet advised the General. 'I've got six in the infirmary with complications and two in the iso rooms with pneumonia, but I'm confident that they will all recover in due course. Everyone was given a 'flu shot as soon as the first case came to light, but it does take time to kick in and I'm afraid we're going to see a lot more go down with it before it's run its course.'

'We've contacted all the teams who were off-world before SG7 returned with the virus and they are going to be staying put until we signal the all-clear,' Hammond said.

'That's good, there's no sense in putting any one else at risk if we can avoid it,' Dr Fraiser frowned as she thought of something. 'Sir, SG5 and Dr Jackson left just after SG7 returned, before we knew about the 'flu - are they affected at all?'

'We've not been able to contact them as yet,' Hammond replied. 'The negotiations they were involved with specified that for three days they would remain in seclusion in the mountains with the chieftains of the region until they reach a satisfactory conclusion. It's going to be another twenty-four hours before we can expect any news from them.'

'In that case, I'll get back to my patients,' Janet paused before leaving, 'Sir, are you alright?' She had noticed him swallowing painfully and his face had paled while they talked.

'I'm fine, doctor, you've got…' Before he could finish his sentence Janet had produced her thermometer and was taking his temperature.

'Sorry sir,' she looked apologetic as she gave him the news, 'I'm afraid you've been infected too. I suggest you get yourself to bed. I'll let Sam and Teal'c know.'


Sitting in the control room, Sam stifled a yawn.

'Major Carter, you should get some rest,' Teal'c advised her, arching an eyebrow.

'I'm fine Teal'c, and Daniel's overdue for his check in,' Sam tried to argue, receiving only a solemn look from Teal'c.

'If you do not rest then you will become infected with this disease also. I will inform you as soon as there is any news.'

'Ok,' Sam agreed, 'But you need to kel'noreem when I come back or you'll go down with it too.'

There was only a skeleton staff left at the SGC now, under the temporary command of Sam. Both Teal'c and herself were protected by the effects of goa'uld symbiotes and unlikely to succumb to the 'flu doing the rounds. Sam knew Teal'c was right, in order for them to remain uninfected they both needed to rest properly. Sam departed, promising to return as soon as she was rested.


Daniel rubbed a hand over his tired eyes as Major Pearce signalled a halt. The negotiations had gone well and the Villyans had agreed to part with metal ore in exchange for agricultural supplies.

'You don't look too hot, Dr Jackson,' Major Pearce crouched in front of the rock where Daniel was sitting.

'I'm fine,' Daniel replied, suppressing the shivers he could feel working their way through his body, trying to ignore the aching heaviness in his limbs and the dull pounding in his head. 'I guess three days of negotiating without much sleep has taken it out of me. I'll be ready in five.' Daniel smiled and Pearce moved away to consult the rest of his team, while Daniel absently scratched an arm that seemed to be unaccountably itchy all of a sudden.

All too soon the five minutes were up and they hit the trail again, expecting to be back at the 'gate in another four hours. Daniel was finding it harder and harder to put one foot in front of the other and looked up in surprise when he realised they had stopped again, sinking gratefully to the ground with his back against a tree, closing his eyes briefly.

'Dr Jackson?' Daniel could hear his name being called and he grunted a response, cracking an eye open and accepting the water bottle being offered to him. He gulped the water down, allowing it to spill down his chin as his hands shook. The bottle was taken away and he closed his eyes again, jerking them open when he felt a cool hand against his forehead.

'He's got a fever sir,' he could hear Captain Ellis informing Major Pearce. The next moment, Major Pearce was there taking a good look at him.

'How long have you been feeling ill?' Pearce asked patiently, having worked with Daniel before he knew the archaeologist's habit of carrying on until he was almost ready to drop before admitting to feeling sick.

'It's only a cold,' Daniel insisted, struggling to sit more upright to prove his point, feeling the pounding in his head getting worse. 'It started on the last day of the negotiations, I took some aspirin earlier and I'm feeling much better.'

'Sure you do,' Pearce grinned wryly at Daniel. 'Two of my men are also displaying similar symptoms and I think it's a little more than a cold. Can you make it the rest of the way back to the 'gate?' There was an underlying current of worry in Pearce's words that he hoped Daniel wouldn't notice. The two men affected weren't quite as bad as Daniel and should be able to make it back unaided, Daniel's symptoms, however, were more extreme and he was becoming concerned. 'I can leave you with Captain Ellis and send help back,' he suggested.

'I can make it,' Daniel insisted, struggling to his feet, 'I guess we better get started.' He began plodding on in the direction of the 'gate, the rest of SG5 taking his lead.

Several hours later, the sweat was pouring down Daniel's face when he saw the 'gate at last. Barely keeping on his feet now, he stumbled to the DHD and concentrated hard while he punched in the right address. Looking towards Major Pearce, he saw the GDO signal being entered, then allowed himself to be guided through the 'gate by Captain Ellis while Pearce assisted the other two who were just about keeping upright.

They reached the other side to be met by Dr Fraiser and her team of medics who took charge at once.


'Nice to see you decided to join us, Danny boy,' Daniel could hear Jack's voice as he woke. He opened his eyes slowly and squinted at Jack sitting beside his bed.

'What happened?' Daniel asked, not able to figure out what he was doing in bed in the first place.

'You've got 'flu, Daniel,' Jack told him smugly. 'You'll feel like crap for a few days then you'll start to get better.'

'Dr Jackson,' Janet had arrived, thermometer in hand. 'Open,' she commanded and slipped the thermometer in while Daniel tried to continue talking.

'SG5?' Daniel tried to ask, fortunately Jack understood his mumbles.

'Two of them came down with it as well, Major Pearce and Captain Ellis managed to escape. You three are the last of the batch, Dr Fraiser reckons once you're in the clear, they'll let us out of here at last,' Jack sounded extremely fed up at being kept cooped up here with nothing to do and nowhere to go until the base had been decontaminated. All those affected were now more or less fully recovered, even those with infections were recuperating and should all be released by the end of the week.

'Your temperature is still pretty high,' Janet frowned at the reading. 'How are you feeling?'

'Like I've got 'flu,' Daniel responded promptly as he tried to sit up and reach for the beaker of water on the cabinet. As he lifted his head off the pillow, a wave of nausea and dizziness swept over him and he lay back again. 'I think I'll just go to sleep instead,' he mumbled and suited his actions to his words, oblivious to Dr Fraiser's continued presence.

'What's wrong?' Jack was instantly on the alert, sensing that something was not right.

'I'm not sure,' Janet replied slowly. 'Maybe nothing but Daniel's 'flu doesn't seem to be following the same pattern as anyone else's.'

'Well you know our Dr Jackson,' Jack said lightly, 'Likes to have us all running around after him. You know he doesn't consider a mission to be a success unless he clocks up some time in the infirmary.'

'Yes Colonel,' Janet smiled at Jack. 'I'll need to keep him in here until he shows some improvement.' Janet scribbled something on Daniel's chart and walked away.


Daniel sat in front of the bench, an open book in front of him as he tried to translate a tablet brought back by one of the teams stranded off-world during the 'flu outbreak. Dr Fraiser had released him the previous day and he'd gone home, glad to be out of the infirmary at last. He had felt much better and had happily sat down in front of the History Channel to watch a programme on the latest theories on the Egyptian pharaohs, a tray on his lap with his favourite dish from the Chinese take-out. He'd taken a few mouthfuls of the food, then carefully placed the tray on the coffee table as his stomach started doing somersaults. He buried his face in his hands until the nausea passed, slowly raising his head as his stomach settled, reaching for the glass of water from his tray and taking small sips of the liquid. His stomach quivered a little but thankfully didn't protest too much and he began to feel a little better. Taking one look at the food still in front of him, however, undid all his precautions and he found himself dashing to the bathroom and kneeling over the toilet, emptying what little there was in his stomach. Sitting back on his heels when he was done, he ran a hand over his now sweaty face feeling decidedly weak.

Putting it down to the after effects of the 'flu, Daniel struggled to his feet, leaning heavily on the tub for support and rinsed his mouth in the basin before heading to his bedroom and crawling into bed, pulling the covers around him without bothering to undress first. Within minutes he was asleep.

This morning he had woken with an achy feeling all over his body, almost as though someone had been using him as a punch bag - and he knew that sensation all too well having been on the receiving end of too many goa'uld attacks to remember. He'd gulped down a couple of cups of coffee after throwing out the remains of last night's dinner, even the sight of it causing his stomach to gurgle dangerously, and had headed in to the base and straight to his lab, not wanting to bother Dr Fraiser with just a few minor symptoms.

Now he was beginning to wonder at the wisdom of his reluctance to get himself checked out. He was feeling much worse than he had when he'd had 'flu and every time he moved his head the room seemed to spin, in fact every time his eyes moved he was in danger of falling off his chair. He was also shivering uncontrollably in spite of the perspiration he could feel on his forehead causing his glasses to keep sliding down his nose. Sighing to himself, he figured if he didn't go now, Dr Fraiser would probably chew his ear off for not seeing her as soon as the symptoms started. He pushed himself off the chair and then made a desperate grasp for the bench to stop himself falling flat on his face. Taking a moment to gather his rapidly scattering wits, he took a few tentative steps forward before his knees buckled, the ground rushed up to meet him and he passed out.


To be continued…