Virus: Part Three

Time seemed to have slowed right down, or so it seemed to Jack sitting with the critically ill Daniel. Daniel was connected to so many tubes and wires to keep him alive that he looked like something out of a science fiction show, but Jack was thankful for the machines which let him know his friend was still alive. The 'gate activation alarm sounded several times during his vigil and each time he got up and went to the door of Daniel's room to see if there were any news, only for one of the medical staff to hurry his way with a shake of the head to indicate that it wasn't Sam and Teal'c returning.

Jack had been tempted to head to the control room the first time the alarm sounded, hesitating as he reached the main part of the infirmary, not wanting to leave Daniel alone. If something happened and he wasn't thereā€¦

*Don't even go there* Jack told himself fiercely, superstitiously believing that if he thought the worst, then the worst would happen. Dr Fraiser, all too aware of what could happen and understanding Jack's need to remain with Daniel, had arranged for her staff to relay messages from the control room as required.

The alarm sounded again and Jack leapt to his feet, hovering at the door as he waited for someone to come his way. It would normally take a few minutes for word to get to him, and throughout the wait he was in an agony of impatience. He glanced at his watch - this was taking a lot longer than normal. Anxiously, he moved further into the infirmary, his ears alerted to the sound of running footsteps.


'It's SG5's signal, sir,' the technician advised Hammond who had appeared at his shoulder. General Hammond was as anxious as anyone for this team to return and he had achieved very little in the hours that SG5 had been gone. Hammond was down the stairway and in to the 'gate room almost before the first of the returning team had stepped through.

'We've got it, sir,' Sam announced, a broad smile on her face, tinged with anxiety. She was holding up a container. 'How is he sir?'

'Not good, Major,' Hammond's face was sombre. He had received regular updates on Daniel's condition and knew that time had almost run out for the youngest member of SG1. 'You need to get that down to the infirmary immediately, Major Pearce can bring me up to date.' Allowing Sam and Teal'c to rush past him, Hammond turned to the members of SG5, indicating for them to follow him to the briefing room.

'We've got it!' Sam said breathlessly to Janet and Jack who were both waiting to find out what was going on. 'The locals have given us some herbs which will eliminate the poison from the insect. Ideally it needs to be brewed and drunk like tea, but when we told them of Daniel's condition, they said the steam can be inhaled first until he's able to drink.'

Janet was calling out orders to the medics that were gathering around, listening to Sam's instructions. Within minutes, bowls of steaming water surrounded Daniel and handfuls of the herb were being infused. Soon, a refreshing, invigorating aroma filled the room and all those present felt the better for it.

Four faces were anxiously watching for a reaction from Daniel. Half an hour later they were still waiting.

'Shouldn't something be happening?' Jack asked.

'Yes sir, they said he would improve almost immediately,' Sam was looked very worried now, afraid that they were too late, that Daniel was too far gone to be helped.

'Well, he is still stable,' Janet reassured them, checking him again. 'I would have expected him to continue to deteriorate, so it may be working.' She looked doubtfully at them, not sure if she was giving them false hope.

At that moment, a nurse walked in with a teapot from which more of the pleasant aroma was coming, so it wasn't until Jack exclaimed 'Daniel?' that they realised Daniel's eyes had opened and were darting around the room, his chest movements becoming more pronounced. He tried to swallow but found the tube in his way.

'Ok, Daniel,' Dr Fraiser spoke soothingly to him, 'You know the drill, relax and breathe out, I'll do the rest.' Daniel's eyes showed the discomfort he was in but followed Janet's instructions until the tube was out. He moved his mouth to try to say something but found his voice wouldn't work yet. 'You'll be sore for a while Daniel, in the meantime I need you to try to drink some of this.' Pouring some of the 'tea' into a beaker and with Jack supporting Daniel to ease him into a semi-sitting position, Janet encouraged Daniel to take a few sips. Satisfied when he had got a little of the liquid inside him, she nodded to Jack who eased Daniel back down again before checking him over.

'Vitals are improving and he seems more alert,' Janet looked satisfied.

Daniel made a couple of attempts to clear his throat to say something but was still too sore, he turned pleading eyes to Jack for an explanation.

'It turns out your 'flu wasn't just 'flu but an insect bite as well which made you very sick. We almost lost you, Danny,' Jack's voice spoke this last part softly, before returning to his normal manner. 'Anyways, when the Doc eventually figured out what the problem was, we sent SG5 back to that planet you visited and got some medication for you. Herbal tea, if you can believe it.' Jack looked questioningly at Sam for more information.

'Apparently the natives use the herb as an insect repellent, but it also doubles up as medicine when drunk as a tea if anyone does get bitten - which isn't very often. They said the tea needs to be drunk every couple of hours for several days to completely neutralise the poison from the insect. They also use the tea as a general pick-me-up, which I can well believe judging from the way it acts when inhaled.'

'Good work, Major,' Jack patted Sam's shoulder and turned back to Daniel who had stayed awake long enough to listen to the tale but now his eyes were starting to slide closed. 'Get some rest Danny, and get well soon.'


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