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P Saga of the Jagin Warriors Chapter 1 Arrival and the Jagin of Fire

P It had been a month since all the experiments had been found. Angel, tricky little trog, fooled Hamsterviel and Gantu into thinking she was evil again and so she was teleported back to earth to make other experiments evil .As soon as she was there she immediately charmed 625 into letting her out her cage when Gantu was asleep, and made a bee line for Stitch's house. The Blue Dude thought he was seeing things when his Bushi Bu appeared on the door step. All doubt was banished from his mind when Angel captured his lips with her own.

P " Welcome back, Angel." he had said. Since then they were always with each other.

P " Hey Stitch, Angel come on, Jumba made another invention." called Lilo as she went into Stitch and Angel's room. Her jaw dropped when she saw they were making out. " Stop doing that and come on." Stitch and Angel broke the kiss and followed Lilo to Jumba's lab, Kixx, Richer and Sparky were already there. An iron box that looked like a big GameCube was there.

P "601, 221 and 513 are helping with project." said Jumba.

P " What is it?" asked Lilo.

P " Evil Genius Device creates field of super gravity which causes tear in universal time-space continuum. Causing hole in the fabric of the local world matter to construct interdemintional gate to appear anywhere within 10 meter area." Said Jumba.

P " Huh?" said Peakley

P " Gaga?" said the Experiments.

P " Jumba! English!" said Lilo.

P " Device creates portal to another world." said Jumba.

P Gantu's Ship P

" You Miserable Fish-Faced Fool! How could you let 624 get away! I'm losing experiments thanks to your laughable incompetence!" scolded Hamsterviel.

P " But sir! You said she was evil." said Gantu.

P " No excuses, You Shark brained buffoon! You'd better bring me something useful or you are fired!" said Hamsterviel.

P " Sucks to be you." said 625 as he finished making a grill cheese.

P " All you ever do is eat! You're coming with me to spy on the little girl and the abominations." said Gantu as he grabbed 625, and headed out of the ship. He approached Lilo's house quietly. " Peek in the window and see what they're doing!" ordered Gantu. He crouched down and placed 625 on the window. He opened the window and went in.

P" Everyone! Dinner time!" called Nani.

P " But Nani, Jumba was about to show a device for opening portals to other worlds." complained Lilo.

P " He can show you after dinner." said Nani. Lilo and the rest of her Ohana followed her into the kitchen. 625 crept up to the Gate Maker.

P " Hamsterjerk I'll love this. Plus it'll keep fish face out of my fur for a while." 625 thought out loud. He approached the machine and stepped the remote and the TV turned on.

P " Lilo, turn off the TV." said Nani. Lilo walked into the Living room.

P " The TV wasn't on.." muttered Lilo, Then she gasped.

P " Sandwich Boy!" she said.

P " Cousin hagata?" asked Stitch.

P " Mega Nala Questa!" Yelled Kixx. He lunged at 625 and wrestled to the ground. Realizing he was danger 625 overcome his laziness and used his super strength to fight back. In their brawl they knocked into the Gate Maker. It began glowing and shot a beam into the ceiling. The beam widen into a circle and a city by a large mountain appeared in the circle. The winds picked up and seemed to be sucked into the circle.

P " Oh no! Gate Maker activated, will try to suck us all up. But don't be worrying, safety program will shut down Gate Maker in 1 minute. Better hold on to something." said Jumba. The winds got stronger as everyone braced themselves and grabbed something sturdy. The coffee maker flew out of kitchen and hit Angel, causing her to let go and fly toward the portal. Stitch jumped to catch her.

P " Goocha Bushi Bu." he said.

P " But who's got you?" Angel asked. Both of them were getting sucked in. Kixx reached out to them and grabbed them. Richter steadied him, but the winds got stronger pulled both of them off their feet. Sparky extended his second set of arms, grabbed all of them with static electricity, and pulled them back. But then 625 in his haste to leave tripped over a chair and was pulled by the winds into Sparky and all of them were pulled into the portal, the Gate Maker followed them.

P " What's going to happen to Stitch and the others?" asked Lilo.

P " Best case scenario, Experiments reactivate Gate Maker and are back in moments. Worst Case Scenario, since the Gate Maker wasn't set with any coordinates experiments may end up in Limbo." Said Jumba.

P " The Deminstional Prison?!" asked Lilo in alarm.

P " Little Girl is correct." said Jumba.

P With Experiments P

Angel clung tightly to Stitch, as the six of them fell through the portal. They landed on rocky terrain.

P " Where are we?" asked Richer.

P " Wherever we are, we'll be staying for a while." said Sparky, he was holding the broken Gate Maker.

P " It's the traitor's fault were stuck here!" Said Kixx. 625 started backing away and laughed nervously.

P " Traitor's such a strong word..." he muttered.

P "Whatever, I'm going to crush you now." said Kixx. He raised his fists and was about to flatten 625 when Stitch stopped him. Before Kixx could ask why, they heard cheering. They looked toward the noise and saw a medium sized village. They walk to it and saw a group of fuzzy creatures their size gathered around a large stone with six daggers in it. Each dagger had a colored gem stone, red, yellow, blue, white, brown, and green. Then an older looking creature approached the crowd.

P "Tell us the Story of the Jagin Daggers Great Elder." One of them said.

P " Very well." said The Elder. " Long ago, the Elements created these Daggers and bestowed great magic power into them. One Day six warriors will come to wield the power of the Daggers and bring peace to our world."

P' I wonder what kind of power those daggers have?' thought Stitch. 625 sniffs the air and walks toward the village. Kixx stops him.

P " Their food is not for you, Traitor!" he said. Then they heard screams, they looked back at the village and saw robot ride armors attacking the village. They were the size of Truck in terms of height and were humoind in body structure. They were firing off missiles and flame throwers causing much destruction. The experiments ran to help. Stitch and Kixx started pounding the armors. Richer beat his rail against the ground, causing a quakes to swallow the armors, Sparky let loose streams of electricity and fried the armors, 625 was too cowardly to fight but Angel despite not being made for combat helped out the others by tricking the robots into shooting themselves. After Most of the armors had been destroyed a new enemy appeared, It was a Bird like creature covered in black armor, he had long eagle like wings comming out of his back with a mangle beak. He walked towards the Stone.

P "Now the Jagin Daggers are mine!" he said and grabbed one, He was immediately shocked.

P " Someone as evil as you will never possess the Jagin Daggers!" said the Elder.

P "Who are you?" asked Stitch.

P " I am General Kazetengu of the Zabitues Empire I claim this pathedic village in the name of Lord Dragki!"said the bird creature. Stitch attacks but is backhanded by Kazetengu.

P " Run along weak little creature, before I have kill you." he said. Stitch lunged at him, Kazetengu pointed his palm towards him and forces him into a building with his energy. Stitch backs up to the stone, The dagger with the fire stone on it's hilt begins pulsing. Stitch reached up and pulled it out.

P " He's one of the six who will save us!" said the Elder. Stitch stared at the blade, it continued pulsing then began glowing until, nothing happened. Kazetengu started laughing.

P " Give me the Dagger!" he demanded.

P "Naga!" Stitch shouted.

P " I assume you said no. So I'll just have some fun with your friends." Said Kazetengu. He pointed his palms at the Stitch's cousins and blasted them with energy. Stitch watched in horror as was Angel forced into the ground. He tried to stab The Wind Bird Demon with the dagger but was once again swatted. " I see this one is special to you. That will make this more fun." he said then smiled cruelly. He used his power to force Angel into ground making a big crater. Stitch was furious!

P ' I got to save Angel!" he thought and charged at Kazetengu, the dagger beginning to pulse again and started glowing red hot. Stitch became consumed by fire, when it dissipated, he was wearing red armor, headband chest plate, gauntlets, leg guards, and boots, the armor was very strong but also very light and easy to move around in.

P "NO ONE HURTS MY ANGEL!" He shouted at Kazetengu. The said demon laughed.

P " And what are you going to do about it.?" he asked. He sent another blast at Stitch. He didn't move at all. When the dust cleared, Stitch was still there without a scratch on him.

P " If that's all you got, you don't stand chance against me." He said. Stitch holds the dagger in front of him and slashes at Kazetengu, a vertical beam of fire energy rushes toward him, the scared bird didn't have time to respond. The beam slammed into him burning off his feathers and melting his armor. Before he could recover Stitch was on him, pounding him mercilessly. Stitch was blasted off of his prey by a ball of energy.

P " Come on Kazetengu, Master is waiting." said a cat like creature in a red robe.

P " Of course." he said. He ran to the Cat demon and they both vanished.

P " You are one of the six warriors who will save our world and bring peace." said The Elder.

The others walked towards the stone, and the remaining daggers began to pulse. They pulled them out with ease. 625 tripped on a rock and grabbed the last dagger to steady himself and it slipped out.

P " Amazing! The Prophesy has come true at last!" sad The Elder happily.

P " What?" asked Stitch.

P " There is a Prophesy that six warriors will come who can wield the power of the Jagin Daggers. They will defeat Dragki and bring peace to our world." said The Elder. " I would be honored if you and you're friends stay the night." 625 was happy to agree, the rest were hungry after the fight, they agreed as while.

P " We gotta find a way home. We're from another world." Stitch said to the Elder.

P " I will ask council if they know anything about transdimentional Travel.." said the Elder

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