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Saga of the Jagin Warriors chapter 9 Faltering Leadership

" There's no way we'll get him out of his garden now." Said Stitch. It seems that when Richter works together with ForestHorn, his powers of growing were increased greatly. The rest of the Jagins were in the Central Mountain.

" So is there anything to do here?" Sparky asked.

" I think There's something that will interest you Thunder." Said JM. He lead Sparky down another tunnel, this one lead to a large cavern, mostly filled with junk.

" What this?" Sparky asked.

" This is where Junk slips through the Dimensional Net and lands in this dimension, I think you will find it amusing." Said JM. Sparky was so excited he slipped into his old way of speaking.

" IH! Sparky nala Pelaga!(YES! I will play!)" The Lightening Jagin said. He changed to lightening and dove in causing several explosions. In main room with the rest of the Jagins, a stream of water leaked form the portal took the form of Kixx.

" Were have you been?!" Stitch demanded.

" Just kixxing some Dragki Patogie." Said Kixx.

" We're supposed to stay together when we fight!" Said Stitch.

" Who died and made you leader?" Kixx asked.

" I did! You could have killed or captured out there!" Said the Fire Jagin.

" Well as you can see I'm fine." Said Kixx.

" Thinking you're were invincible is what almost got you killed before." Said Stitch.

" That was before I got these water powers, which I will use on you if you keep trying to play Leader." Said Kixx. Aqua energy beginning to surround him. " Water puts out fire." He said smirking. Fire energy began to surround Stitch. Angel was about to break them up when JM stooped her.

" Let them settle it." Said the JaginMasetro. Flare walked behind Stitch and spread his wings, Stitch began smirking.

" Fire and heat evaporate water." He said. " You were saying?" Kixx glared, and walked away. Stitch got worried when he saw his cousin run off.

" Don't worry Pyro, He will calm down." Said JM.

" JM, am I supposed to be the Leader?" He asked.

" Of course." Said JM. Angel took Stitch's arm.

" I think you're a great leader." She said. Stitch smiled.

" Thanks Angel."

Dragki's Castle

" Kazetengu!" Dragki called. The Bird flew in.

" Yes, Milord?" He asked.

" Take some solders and take a village."

" Which one Milord?"Dragki pointed to map.

" This one!" He said. Kazetengu spread his wings. " Take Hondo with you." Said the Devil Cat.

Back at Tetra

" Jagins, Dragki has launched another attack." Said JM.

" Where?" asked Stitch. A virutal map appeared in Front of JM, there was a spot flashing a good distance from Tetra.

" Then let's go." Said the Fire Jagin. He jumped on Flare and started to take off.

" Wait, Couldn't Angel gets us there faster?" Richter asked. The others were starring at him as if wondering when he came. " I heard the alarm." The said.

" I could use Angel Flight." Said the Light Jagin. Stitch got off Flare.

" A real Leader would think off those things." He muttered. JM heard him anyways.

" Don't lose faith in your abilities Pyro. You may be a leader but you are learning as well." He said. Stitch smiled before he and the rest of the Jagins gathered around Angel and she warped to the village.

With Kixx

' Stuck up trog.' Thought the Water Jagin. ' He thinks just because he has an Elemental Beast he can boss me around.'

" HELP!" Shouted a voice.

" oh well, time to save the day.' He thought before looking for the source of the voice. A Jagment was drowning in a nearby lake. Kixx simply pointed his axes at the lake and raised them , causing the river to rise and then Kixx beckoned the water to him. The water splashed out on to the shore. He then ran up to the Jagment.

" You ok?" He asked.

" Yes, Thank you." It was a kid with blue fur.

" What were you doing here?" Kixx asked.

" I was trying to get something from the bottom of the pound all by myself. You see how well it turned out." Said the kid. " Just like you did."

" I didn't have water power back then!......wait, how could you know that?!" Kixx demanded.

" Because I'm part of you, the same way Flare is a part of Pyro and SliverFang is a part of Hikari." Said the Jagment.

" You're my Element Beast?" Kixx asked.

" Yeah, do you mind helping me up?" The Jagment asked. Kixx extended a paw toward the Jagment and when his Elemental Beast took his hand, Kixx felt a lot of Aqua energy leave him. The Jagment started glowing. Then he transformed into a serpent.

" My name is Riptide." Said the Water Elemental.

" I don't need anyone's help." Said Kixx.

" I think you do. You'll need my help to shift the balance of power with Pyro and Flare." Said RipTide. Kixx smirked.

" Alright I accept your help, Partner." Said Kixx.

Dragki's Castle

Kazetengu and Hondo walked in bruised and beaten.

" I assume the Jagins defeated you yet again?" Asked Dragki with an amused smirk.

" It wasn't my fault Milord! Hondo's soldiers and Mutations are no help at all!"Said Kazetengu.

" SILENCE!" Kazetengu cowered. " I did not expect you to win. I merely wanted you to distract the Jagins while Vara carried out a very important assignment." Said Dragki. As if on cue, Vara appeared and bowed before Dragki.

" Milord, the mission has been accomplished." She said.

" Good, you have done well." Said Dragki.

" Your praise honors me Milord." Said Vara.

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