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On with the STORY!!

Warning- fluff, fluff, fluff, fluff alert!!
Disclaimer: All characters or ideas affiliated with Rurouni Kenshin, Wandering Samurai or other characters created by Nobohiro Watsuki belong to the aforementioned Shueshia, Shonen Jump, and Sony Entertainment. Permission was not obtained by these entities. This is a not-for-profit entertainment piece.

            He had waited all day for her to come and tell Kenshin & Kaoru about their nightly encounter so that he could get smacked over the head with a bokken…. But she hadn't come. In fact, Dr. Genzai had told him that Megumi hadn't even shown up for work that day…

            The sun had set a couple of hours ago, it was nearing midnight.

            If he were smart, he'd pull the covers over his head and go to sleep.

            Too bad Sano never prided himself on his amazing brains……

            He sighed. For some reason, he just couldn't get the fox out of his mind. Why couldn't he stop thinking about her? 'Oh, that's right,' He mentally chided himself, 'It's because she goes on weird moonlit strolls and tries to COMMIT SUICIDE.' Well, he was never gonna get any sleep this way…

            He grabbed his white jacket from the one western chair in his little house and casually strolled towards the door, trying to convince himself that he was merely being chivalrous and didn't give half a fishbone as to what happened to the girl.

            Too bad Sano never prided himself on his lying ability, either…..

           "Now," he said aloud as he walked down the darkened street with his hands in his pockets, "If I were a crazy, sleepwalking fox, where would I be?"

            Obviously, he was not, nor could he think like, a 'crazy sleepwalking fox'.  Sano had been walking around downtown Tokyo calling out Megumi's name for about two hours now with no results.  When he had checked her house about an hour ago, she still wasn't home, but there were a set of footprints leading out of her door and away into the night. Unfortunately, they ended some 100 feet away from her front door.  Maybe she had circled around and was now safe at home, asleep in her own bed?

            Well, a guy could hope, couldn't he?

            At any rate, there was no sense wandering around without reason. Sano would just have to go home and try to sort things out in the morning….

            It was a good thirty minutes walk to Sano's house, and when he caught sight of it off in the distance, he was more than relieved.

            But, as he got closer,

            He saw someone leaning against his door frame, their black hair playing a game of tag with the wind.

            Sano began to run towards her, happy that Megumi was unharmed. But when he reached her, he noticed the glazed over appearance of her eyes and he let out his fiftieth sigh for that night. So, she was still asleep. But what was she doing here of all places?

            Sano waved a hand in front of her unblinking eyes. She tilted her head to the side a bit, but other than that, she merely stood there in Sano's door…

            This wouldn't have made Sano so angry if Megumi hadn't been acting as a breathing road block.

            Great. So Sano was being kept out of his house and away from his warm, fluffy futon by the fox doctor….   Who had the ability to annoy the hell out of him even in her sleep.

            For a few seconds, the two of them stood there and stared into each other's eyes, Sano's twitching eyebrow and angry expression, and Megumi's placid deer-in-the-headlights impersonation.

            Then, quite briskly, Megumi turned without a word and began ambling down the street.

            "Yes!" Sano almost shouted. "Futon, my friend, here I come!" he took one step towards the door.

            And then he stopped, turning his head to look after the disappearing Megumi.

            Damn. Why did he have to be such a wonderful person?

            And with that thought, he ran to catch up with her, laying his jacket over her shoulders just like the night before.


            By this time, Sano was getting quite accustomed to making small talk with someone who was more of a zombie than a human.

            "Ya know, Fox, I don't even have to be here. You owe me one, big time. And I do mean, you owe me one."

            He paused in conversation as if waiting for Megumi to answer.


            "Ok, ok, sorry I mentioned it! No sexual favors, fine…"


            "Yeah, I agree. You are MUCH sweeter when you're asleep."


            "Oh, giving me the silent treatment, huh Fox? That's real mature of you…"


            And so it continued like this for about thirty more minutes, Sano holding a perfectly coherent conversation, while Megumi silently ambled along at his side. And before long, Sano found himself opening up to the sleeping, mute Megumi.

            "I-its not that I don't find you attractive…" He heard himself saying. "I mean, you're the one who keeps putting me off…"

            'Why am I saying this?' He thought. 'Thank Kami she can't understand me…'


            "I mean, you're a very pretty woman, you know?"


            Suddenly, Megumi stopped. Sano jumped, thinking that maybe she had come out of her sleep, but her eyes were still glazed heavily. Then, he noticed where they were. Both of them were standing on the bridge where Megumi had stood on the railing the night before.

            And ever so gingerly, just as she had the night before, she lifted herself up onto the railing and stood ramrod straight.

            Sano leaned his arms on the railing and stared up at her.  Her white shift wavered in the wind and her hair ran across her face, concealing it from his view as she stared out across the rushing river below her. Kami, she was gorgeous.

            For a minute, Sano let the silence settle. Then, he began to speak again. "I… I just wish you could tell me why you're doing this."

            At the sound of his voice, Megumi whipped her head around and stared into Sano's eyes, almost as if she was awake. She opened her mouth to speak, to cry, and her voice came out hoarse. "O-opium." As she said it, her arms rose at her sides like angel's wings and she closed her eyes.

            Then, she leaned forward.

            And fell.

            "Megumi!" Sano yelled after her as he watched her white form plummet towards the water.

            She was 10 feet above the water now.

            Now five feet. Kami, why was this taking so long? It was as if the whole world was suddenly in slow motion.

            Now three feet. That's when Megumi snapped out of her sleep. Her scream pierced the night, "Saaaaan-"

            She went under.

            Recalling the episode at a later date, Sano would always comment on how amazing the human body is. Sometimes, it just does things without thinking, without even being told.

            He jumped. He jumped before he knew what he was doing, and only in the air did he realize that he was falling. But it didn't matter, he had to find her.

            The water was cold on his bare chest. He fought to keep his head above it and yelled her name. "MEGUMI!!" No answer came. He yelled again with the same results.

            The river was strong, carrying him to destination unknown.

            What if she was halfway down the river by now?

            What if she was being tossed by the undercurrents at the bottom of the river?

            A million scenarios flashed through his mind, each one worse than the one before.  He dove under the water and tried to scan the bottom for any trace of her.

            After a few seconds he caught sight of something white at the bottom of the riverbed. The current was flowing strongly and he fought with it to dive deeply downwards. It was her, her white shift in tatters. She was wedged between two rocks and looked unconscious, but Sano didn't see any blood anywhere and took that as a good sign.

            Silently he prayed to himself, hoped she wasn't….

            He couldn't think about it. He had to work fast. Inserting his hands behind her back and at her waist, he tried to pry her out from between the rocks and save her skin from getting scraped. As a result, the rocks gashed his hands and the water directly in front of him began to turn murky and red with the heaviness of his blood.

            But she was free. Sano wrapped a hand around her waist and kicked his way back up to the surface, holding her head above water.

            Now, how to get out of the river?

            With the remainder of his strength, he fought the current over to the sloped banks and struggled to pull them both out of the water. He laid her down on the young spring grass and pressed his ear to her chest.

            "Thank Kami…" her heartbeat was slow, but it was still there.

            Megumi's lips were serenely smiling, her wet hair plastered to her face and head. She was possibly lovelier than Sano had ever seen her. 

            "Megumi," He touched her shoulder lightly with one hand and caressed her face with the other. "Megumi, please, please wake up…"

            No response.

            "Megumi, please…!"

            And then, slowly, her fluttery butterfly lashes opened. Relief flooded Sano. Her eyes widened and she sprung up to a sitting position, which caused all of the water in her lungs to shift and made her start coughing violently. She fell forward in to Sano's chest, wheezing and hacking.

            Sano encircled his arms around her now shaking frame, rubbing circles into her back until the coughing ceased.

            Her shoulders shuddered again. "S…Sano… I-" As soon as she started to talk, the coughing came back.

            "Shh…." Sano tried to stop her shivering by pressing her harder against him. For a few seconds, silence pervaded. Then, she began to cry.

            "Sano, I…. I… thank you…" Her crying had dissipated to a trickle of tears now.

            "Mgumi, what is going on with you? Right before you jumped, you said,"

            "Don't say it!" Megumi shoved herself away from Sano and turned her back to him.


            "Don't you think I know what I said!" She screamed between coughs, her eyebrows twisted into a frown. Megumi threw her hands towards Sano to push him, but he caught them in his own and jerked her towards his chest again. "Lemme go!" She beat her fists upon his chest. Sano tightened his grip about her.

            "I said let me go! Get off of me! I don't need you to tell me what I've done!" She continued saying these things until finally, she began to quiet down. Her yell softened to a plea and then mingled with her gasping tears. Megumi buried her face in Sano's shoulder and kept repeating 'get off of me, get off of me,' as she laced her arms around his neck and pulled him tightly to her.

            "I won't."

            "D-don't you know what I am, Sano? I'm an opium dealer… No one will ever love me. I don't- deserve it…"

            "Megumi!" At this, he shrugged her face off his shoulder and grabbed it in his hands, forcing her to look at him. "How can you say that? I love you!"

            And he did.  He'd just never fully realized it until faced with the possibility of losing her.

            "Oh, Sano, I-"


            And with that, he lightly placed his lips over hers, a sweet angel's kiss.

            Her cheeks turned rosy in the moonlight.

            She fell back in to his chest. "Sano, don't let me go."

            "I won't. You don't have to fall any more. I'm here."


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