"Ouch," a young girl with two blonde pig tails cried from her place on the ground. She quickly recovered and stood up to give her apologies. She had been running like a bird chased by a cat down the street when the collision had occurred. "I'm sorry." She immediately began apologizing to the person she had run into .
"Don't worry about it, Meatball Head," said a deep voice.

The girl stopped mid-bow knowing immediately who it had come from. She raised her eyes to see a tall handsome man with ebony hair and deep blue eyes wearing a white t-shirt (that coincidently showed off how often he worked out) and some jeans standing above her. "My name is SERENA, Darien! Why can't you ever remember my name?"

"I know your name, I just like my name for you better," he said back.

"Ohhhhh! I can't deal with you right now, Darien! I can't be late for school today!"

"Okay, I can take a hint. See ya around...Meatball Head!"

"Ohhhh," said Serena before sprinting off in the direction of her high school. "I can't believe that guy," Serena thought to herself, "He just always HAS to tease me; can't let me go by without saying 'Meatball Head.' Ohhh! But actually, he did let me off easy today. I wonder why. But I guess that I don't really mind being teased by a handsome college student." Serena giggled to herself as she came upon Ami and Lita walking to school together. "Hey girls," she called out.

"Hey Serena," they said back, stopping to wait for her.

"Serena, are we running late or are you just early," asked Lita with a big smile on her face. The brunette amazon teased her friend.

Serena grinned too, "I am on time today. I don't want to chance getting a detention with the meeting after school."

"Right. Are we going to walk over to Rei's together after school," asked Ami, tucking some blue hair behind her ear.

"Yeah," said Lita, "that sounds good to me."

They agreed to meet in the in front of the school and walk to the Cherry Hill Temple after classes let out. The girls arrived at the Juuban High School and started their day.

"Hey, Amber, wait up," cried a girl from down the hall. Long blonder hair flowed behind her as she ran to catch up with her friend. "Amber! Amber, can you hear me?" Upon reaching Amber, she saw that the girl was completely oblivious to the entire world. She followed Amber's eyes across the hall to a handsome guy walking into an art classroom. He wore a jacket that proved he was on the school baseball team and smiled at everyone he spoke to. He had some dark blond hair with a few natural highlights scattered about and dancing brown eyes. After he was out of sight, she waved a hand in front of Amber's face. "Hello?"

"What?!" cried Amber. "Oh, hi Elise."

"Caught you staring again."

"Yeah, I know, I just can't help myself. He's just so...so..."


"Yeah...," the dreamy look returned to Amber's eyes.

"Well, you better hurry and get to that class before the bell rings and you get detention," said Elise, tugging at her friend's arm trying to get her to move along. Amber was a bit taller than her so the task was harder than it looked.

"Okay," said Amber, giggling a bit at her friend's English accent.

"You're not used to my accent yet," asked Elise, aware of her giggling. She laughed too, now that they were moving. "You've known me for 4 months."

"I can help it. It's just so cute," said Amber.

"Well, thanks. Now you get in there after him! I gotta run to my chem class," said Elise. They arrived at the door the guy had gone in.


"Deep breath," said Elise.

They both took a breath.

"You'll be okay."

"Okay, thanks Elise," said Amber. "I'll see you later."

"Okay, bye Amber."


"I can't believe that you were actually at school on time today, Serena," said Mina. "I mean, I love ya girl, but that's amazing."

"I know, I know," said Serena. "Can we just start the meeting?"

Mina, Ami, and Serena sat on the few stone steps that lead into the temple while Lita leaned against a pillar and Rei stood with a broom finishing her chores. It was a gorgeous day outside. The sky was a vibrant blue with just enough streaks of clouds to provide a little shade. The sun created a warm spring day, and none of the girls wanted to be in a meeting for long. The sunshine day was calling their names and they hadn't gotten time off since school let out.

Luna and Artemis were sitting on the top step and saw how the other girls were drifting off. "The sooner we get this done, the better," Artemis told Luna.

"Yes," she agreed, "we had better get started. Girls, let's try to make this quick."

"Yay," squealed Serena. The rest of the group looked at her and the girls laughed.

"Yeah," said Mina, as the laughter quieted, "let's hurry and finish this."

Everyone focused their attention on the two guardian cats. Both had gold crescent moons on their forehead, birthmarks of their past. Artemis was completely white and guided Mina because as Sailor Venus she was the leader of the Scouts. Luna belonged to Serena, Sailor Moon and the Princess of the White Moon kingdom. The titles of their past lives carried over to the present, whether or not the girls fully understood what they meant.

"Well, as you all know, there hasn't been much activity since we defeated Queen Beryl," began Luna, "but we still need to stay on our toes. Something big is going to start soon, I can feel it. And we still don't know who Tuxedo Mask is."

Serena rolled her big, sky-blue eyes and picked out a strand of hair from one of her ponytails to twirl around her fingers. She had heard this speech on and off for the past two weeks from her cat and it wasn't getting any more interesting. Even though she wanted to know the identity of the masked hero who always saved her as Sailor Moon, she knew there was no way to find that out until the next battle happened.

Amber strolled down a sidewalk in Tokyo, on her way to the hospital. It was a beautiful day, and she was taking full advantage of it. The sun's rays fell lightly on her face and a gently breeze blew through her hair, like fingers combing it. Amber loved the wind; it felt as if it blew only for her. That it came and went as she pleased, instead of listening to Mother Nature. Amber thought the wind liked her too. It always played with her hair; a child playing with a new toy. Today was no different. The wind picked out all the silver strands of her hair from the auburn ones. Wisps of silver would occasionally fall into her face, making her giggle. "Strange how the wind seems to like the silver more than the brown in my hair," thought Amber. "But then again I do too."

As she enjoyed all of this she fell into her daydreams. Normally these would consist of the guy she was interested in, but today her mind was elsewhere. The school today had been a-buzz with talk of Sailor Moon. "I haven't read about her in the news for a while," Amber thought while walking. "I guess that there hasn't been much trouble around Tokyo lately. And that's a good thing. I wish I could find out more about her. Ahh, heck. I wish I could be her. To be that strong and protect the world would be so awesome. But it'll never happen."

Before she knew it, Amber was in front of the hospital. She pulled some a piece of paper out of her backpack and looked at the room number written on it before walking in the front doors.

~Darien's POV~


"Ouch," cried a girl's voice. She stood holding her head in the middle of a hospital hallway.

"At least this girl doesn't fall when she runs into someone," I thought to myself. I looked the girl I just ran into over; the way a person does whenever they meet someone new. She was younger than me and looked to be about 17. She was pretty, though. Very pretty. She was tall, but still a couple inches shorter than me at 6'0. She had big green eyes that show all that ran through her mind; much like Serena's only a piercing emerald instead of sky blue. She had long, wavy dark brown hair with wisps of silver in it. The girl wore a school uniform that looked like the one Serena's friends, Mina, wears. The shirt didn't quite come down to meet the skirt so a little of her thin stomach peeked out.

"I'm sorry," she said, bringing me out of my own world.

I gazed into her eyes, trying to form words. Suddenly, my mind decided to stop working. "How does this girl do this to me," I wondered. "Only Serena can make me act this way. It's as if I've known this girl before... feeling tugging at my heart."

"Are you okay," she asked me. Her eyebrows furrowed in concern.

I smiled at her. "Yeah, I'm fine. Are you?

"Yeah," she said. She smiled, a little embarrassed for running into me. "I'm sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going."

"Don't worry about it," I told her. I glanced to the ground and saw that she dropped a piece of paper. I reached down to pick it up for her.

She took it softly from my hand. "Thank you," she said shyly. "Do you work here?"

"Yep," I said. "Can I help you find something?"

"Yes," she said. "That would be great!"

Clearly she had been wondering around for a while already.

"So, what are you looking for?"

She handed me the piece of paper. "It's my mother's new office. I was supposed to be there 20 minutes ago but this hospital is so big."

"It's okay," I told her. "I used to get lost all the time when I first started working here. And actually, this is where I'm going anyway."


"Yep, I'm supposed to deliver these charts to Dr. Johnson." I showed her the small stack of charts I'm carrying under my arm.

"That's my mom."

"Great. We can walk over there together." I pointed her in the direction we should be going. I couldn't believe how excited I was about walking with this girl to her mom's office. I mean, I didn't usually walk around with anyone, and there I was walking around with a girl whose name I didn't even know. That was when I realized, "Wait! I don't even know this girl's name!"

"Uh...my name is Darien," I said to her waiting for a response. I couldn't believe that I was actually nervous! I was supposed to be suave and sophisticated. Tuxedo Mask would never act like that.

She turned her face to me as we walked and smiled. I breathed a small sigh of relief. "Good," I thought. "A smile is good."

"My name is Amber."

She brought out her hand from under the school book she carried for me to shake. I slowly brought out my own and we shook. It was then that I noticed that her book was in English. And she didn't have slanted eyes at all. And her skin wasn't pale. She was definitely not from around here. "So...where are you from?" I decided that small talk was a good thing.

She slightly blushed again. "Is my accent that obvious?"

"No, actually," I said. "You speak Japanese fine, but you don't exactly look like you're from around here."

She giggled slightly. What a beautiful sound. I definitely had to make her do that more often. It seemed like we'd laughed together before...but where...and when? We'd never met before.

"I'm originally from America."

"Wow," I said. I'd never met anyone from America before. "So, why are you at a hospital in Japan?"

"Well, my father is a Christian pastor and likes to do missionary work. My mom's a doctor so it's easy for her to move around and she likes to do missionary work too. They used to travel a lot before I was born, but when they had me they felt like they should stop. I know that they missed it. But earlier this year an opportunity came up to go to Japan. I had been learning Japanese in school at home and decided that I would be willing to live here. So we moved here a few months ago."

"Wow," I said, amazed that she was able to do all that at such a young age. I had only learned English last year. "Is it hard to come here and live in a completely different country with a different language and no friends?"

"Well, it was hard at first," she spoke to me, glancing up to my face every once in a while so she could still watch where she was going. I thought to myself, "It's so cute that she's trying not to klutz out again. Whoa! Did I just call her cute?!?! This is starting to get weird. I never use that word. Okay, maybe sometimes I say that about Serena, but it's still weird that I said it now. And the way I'm thinking...I never get this excited."

"But my parents got me into a private school once we got here," she said to me.

I tried desperately to keep my attention on her—to learn everything I could about her. But, for some reason, my mind and even my heart kept wondering why this girl seemed so familiar to me. It was strange; usually my heart didn't respond to anything.

"It's a wonderful school. Almost all of the international students in Tokyo go there. We have some classes that are taught in English, some in French, and in Spanish because so many of the students didn't know Japanese before coming here. And, of course, we all go to a Japanese class everyday. And I get to meet people from all around the world. It's great!"

"That school sounds amazing," I said honestly. "I had no idea that there was a school like that here. So, what grade are you in?"

"I'm a junior," she said grinning. "Only two years left."

"Only one," I said. "It's April, remember. This year is almost over."

"That's right," she said. "Yes! Only one year left, and I get to spend the summer in Japan."

"How long are you going to be here," I asked, wishing the answer would be forever. Even though I had only known her for ten minutes, I knew that she was a missing piece in my life. I knew that she would be able to help fill the void. Strangely, I knew that she also couldn't fill the emptiness by herself; but that she was a piece of the puzzle. "Just like Serena," I thought to myself. "Except that I feel an even stronger connection to this girl...if that's possible."

She looked down sadly. "I know that we're staying at least until the end of the summer. It's horrible, but I don't know if I want to go back to the States. I mean, I miss my friends and family there, but I just can't imagine living anywhere else but here now. It's as if I was meant to live here...that I belong here. Silly, isn't it?" She tried to laugh away the thought.

I stopped walking and gently turned her toward me. She looked up into my eyes. I wanted her to see me telling the truth through my eyes as I spoke the words. "It's not silly. Sometimes our hearts know better than our minds. You have to follow that feeling and trust it. It will never wrong you."

She smiled at me. "Yes," she said. "You're right. I should really know better than to question my heart. Thank you."

I smiled in return. I looked to my left and found that we had arrived at Dr. Johnson's office. I was sad that we would be forced to part shortly, but had controlled my emotions for so long that I could hide the feeling behind my eyes. That's the trick, you know...controlling your eyes. Let them speak only when you want them to. "Here you are," I told her.

"Ya," she said, and did I detect a bit of sadness in her voice?

She knocked on the door and a woman's voice called, "Come in."

The girl smiled at me and opened the door.

The office wasn't very big, probably because Dr. Johnson hadn't been working there long. There were two large windows on the far wall and a desk in the center of the room. A laptop was on the desk as well as other miscellaneous items: a lamp, a pen holder, pads of paper, a basket for charts to go in, etc. On the left side of the room there was a small table for the printer to sit on. There were two chairs in front of the desk for visitors to use.

A woman had been sitting at the desk. She looked a lot like her daughter. She, too, had dark brown her, but it was put up and out of the way for the moment. Dr. Johnson had brown eyes, but the same smile as Amber's. She was slightly shorter than Amber and also thin. But then again, most hospital doctors are from all the running around. She rose and came out from behind the desk to greet her daughter. I stayed by the doorway to give them a chance to say hello.

"Oh, Amber, I was getting worried," said Dr. Johnson as she and her daughter hugged. "I was about to send out a search party."

"Sorry Mom," Amber said. "I was looking for your office for a half hour before I finally ran in to someone who could help me." Amber grinned at the last part of her comment.

"Ran in to?" asked her mother.

Amber turned to me. It was time to make my entrance.

"We ran in to each other in the hall, Dr. Johnson," I said, and smiled at the doctor. I thought to myself, "If I do want to spend more time with Amber her mother will have to like me."

"He happened to be going to your office anyway, Mom, so he walked me over here," Amber said.

"I have some charts for you, Dr. Johnson," I said and stepped forward to hand them to her.

"Mom, this is Darien. Darien, this is my mother, Andrea Johnson," said Amber. We shake hands. "It's nice to meet you," I said.

"It's nice to meet you, too, Darien..."

"Shields," I quickly answered. "I work downstairs with Dr. Zyainmata. He's the one who asked me to bring you these charts."

"I see," she said.

"Please let her like me," I thought. Amber was smiling back and forth, at me and her mother, urging her to like me too.

"So, are you an intern here?" Dr. Johnson asked.

"Ahhh...get back ground on the guy. I can understand that," I thought. "Yes," I said. "I've been taking classes at Tokyo University for two years now. I just started working here in January."

"That's great. Dr. Zyainmata is very nice, and if you're studying with him you must be interested in pediatric care?"

"Yes," I said, a little unwilling to let my only weakness be known. "But maybe it would be better if Amber knew it now," I thought to myself. "Lord knows that my relationship with Serena probably would be a lot better right now if she knew that I cared about some people." I finished my answer to Dr. Johnson, "It seems that kids are my only weakness. I just connect with them better than adults."

Both of them smiled at me. I was proud of myself. I managed to please two women in one day. I thought to myself, "Andrew would say I have accomplished a great feat. Andrew....OH MY GOSH I'M SUPPOSED TO MEET HIM AT 4:00!!!" I glanced down at my watch to see that it was, of course, 3:55.

"I'm sorry, ladies," I said suddenly, "but I'm supposed to meet a friend in a few minutes and have to be going."

I noticed that Amber was disappointed by this, but regained her composure. Dr. Johnson reached out to shake my hand. "Goodbye, Darien. It was nice to meet you."

"It was nice to meet you, too, Dr. Johnson," I said. Then I turned to Amber and tried to figure out how to say goodbye to her.

Before I had a chance to decide on anything, she stepped up to me and gave me a hug. I was stiff to this at first. "I can't believe that she's hugging me. I don't even remember the last time I was hugged. And the girls here don't hug so willingly anyway. Maybe Americans like to hug more that Japanese do. I could get used to that." She sensed that I was in unfamiliar territory and backed away.

"Thanks again for helping me," she said, blushing slightly because of her daringness.

"No...problem...," I said, still in a bit of shock. "I'll see you around...Amber."

"Goodbye, Darien," she said softly and waves with her hand. Her eyes told me that she was sorry to see me leave and feeling foolish for hugging me. "I'll have to fix that later," I said to myself. I grinned and left. As soon as I was out of eye-sight, I took off running for the arcade. It would be 4:15 when I got there. I knew Andrew would tease me until I'm ready to die. Oh well. Maybe Meatball Head would be there.