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Chapter 8:

Amber threw the door of the arcade open and quickly met Andrew's surprised eyes. After briefly glancing around she saw that Darien was not there. She also noticed that a certain English blonde who had been avoiding her all day wasn't present. "Andrew," Amber said as calmly as she could, "have you seen Mina yet today?"

Andrew answered quickly, "Yeah, she came by about 10 minutes ago to talk to the girls really quick and then took off."

A short growl came from Amber. "I don't suppose she said anything to you."

A sly grin spread across Andrew's face, showing that he now knew what was going on. "She did, but Darien had already told me about the dinner at your house.

"Then I'm sure you corrected her and said that nothing happened," said Amber, starting a sigh of relief.

"Of course not. That would have ruined all the fun," Andrew smirked, waiting for the reaction.

"Andrew," Amber whined. "You're no help at all." She put her head down on the counter.

Andrew bent down and said in her ear, "Just so you know, Amber, I think of all the girls as my little sisters. Now that you're a part of the group, you're my little sis too. And what kind of brother would I be if I didn't bug you?"

"Great," said a muffled Amber. "I finally get a brother and look at how he treats me."

"Okay, okay. Will you let me off the hook if I give you a piece of interesting information that Darien told me last night that none of the girls but Serena knows?"

Amber perked up immediately. "Deal."

"Oh, now it's okay to gossip?" teased Andrew.

"Hey, I have valid reasons for being mad at Mina, involving a guy at school I have a crush on."

Andrew's eyebrows rose. "Really?"

"Yes; now spill," Amber ordered.

Andrew paused for a moment, debating how much information to give. But after hearing that Amber already had a crush on another guy, he figured he could tell all. "Darien had a run in with Serena at the grocery store yesterday. The interesting part is that when Serena fell Darien caught her, pondered kissing her but didn't, and he didn't call her Meatball Head once."

"You're kidding! They had a civil conversation?" Amber exclaimed, happy for both of them on instinct. In more of a whisper, "And almost kissed her?!"

"Yep," affirmed Andrew.

"And none of the girls know about it?"

Andrew directed Amber's attention to Serena, Lita, Ami, and Rei sitting at their normal table. "It doesn't seem like it."

At that moment Serena looked up at them with narrowed eyes.

"It looks like she's suspicious of us," commented Amber.

"Of course she is," replied Andrew.

Together, they winked at her. She startled, blushed a little, and then tried to get back to the girls' conversation. Andrew and Amber burst out laughing.

Darien had entered in time to hear Andrew tell all and caught Serena's eyes while Andrew and Amber were laughing. Darien shrugged and grinned. Serena's blush deepened as she smiled back. This time the girls at the table noticed Serena's red face and started drilling her. Serena looked to Darien for help but he decided it would be best to turn his attention to Amber; one girl is much easier to deal with then four.

By now Andrew had seen Darien, but chose not to say anything. Darien took this opportunity to sneak up behind the girl with silver streaks and grab her around the waist.

"Ahhhh!" The scream caught the attention of everyone in the arcade and some people outside.

Not that Darien cared in the least. He was now almost on the floor, laughing so hard that he was bent over. Andrew couldn't help but join him. Amber merely smiled and rolled her eyes as a small blush tinted her cheeks. As her eyes gazed over the crowd, Serena caught her attention by the sorrowful look on her face. It was brief, though, and when Serena realized Amber saw it she quickly changed to the normal sunshine grin that everyone saw as her personality.

Once Darien had regained his balance and the arcade had stopped staring, he said to Amber, "That's what you get for embarrassing Serena so much."

"What?!" said Andrew before Amber had a chance to say anything. "You always pick on her in front of everyone. Why do can't we?"

Darien froze, seeing his mistake. "Umm..."

"Come now, I'm interested to hear this too," said Amber.

"Umm..." Darien desperately tried to regain his calm, "I just do, okay?"

Amber and Andrew accepted that, perhaps too easily. "Okay."

Serena's POV

Serena was having a good day. Though still curious about her dreams, she enjoyed every moment of them and got a full night's sleep because of it. Serena used this as an excuse for not sleeping in a single class and getting a B on her language quiz.

All of her friends, scout or not, were questioning her about this odd behavior, but none of the other kids noticed. They were too busy gossiping about the latest Sailor Scout sighting.

When all the Scouts met at the arcade that afternoon, Serena's mood only blossomed more at the prospect of seeing Darien and Amber. Darien because, well, she was always happy to see him, no matter how she acted. Amber because Serena wanted to discuss the dreams.

Lita, Ami, and Serena sat down at the table with Rei just as Mina rushed through the door. She had a fast, excited conversation with Andrew and then joined the girls.

"What's up Mina?" asked Lita. Serena could already guess what was coming.

"Well, as soon as I got to school I kinda started telling everyone I saw about Darien eating dinner at Amber's house and when Amber heard she got kinda mad cause some guy she likes heard about it too and so I've been avoiding Amber all day and I have to run now before she gets here. See ya later guys!" With that Mina took a big breath and left.

The girls burst out laughing. As they slowly returned to normal conversation, Serena noticed Amber come in and tried to keep an eye on her so they could talk later. She could feel mild anger and frustration emanating in waves from Amber, but no one else seemed to notice. "Guess Mina wasn't lying," thought Serena. "She doesn't realize she's projecting emotions. But that shouldn't matter much right now since no one else can tell."

As Serena watched Amber's head sink onto the table she felt the emotions dim until they could no longer register on Serena's built in radar. Serena smiled, glad that it had passed.

But as the two turned to Serena she grew suspicious. "What do they know? Dinner isn't that interesting. Oh no, the store!" she thought.

As the two winked at her, Serena felt the heat rise in her face and quickly tried to ignore every thought that was running through her mind.

In response, Andrew and Amber began laughing. While she was avoiding their eyes, Serena saw Darien and caught his attention immediately. She gave him the best "Please help me!" look she had and all he did was shrug and smile. That was plenty for Serena. Her face became a ripe tomato at the thought of Darien's fantastic grin beaming at her.

Unfortunately, this was a sight Lita, Ami, and Rei could not miss. Serena was ripped from a brief day dream by Rei's voice. "Serena, why are you red?"

Sure, the question was innocent enough, but it only made things worse for Serena's skin. Serena was speechless, wondering what she could possible say to make this better.

And then a scream.

"Thank you God," thought Serena as she turned to find Darien nearly rolling on the floor.

That was all the distraction the girls needed. "What happened?" asked Lita.

"It looks like Darien came up from behind Amber and grabbed her waist, scaring her half to death, and Andrew did nothing about it," answered Ami, nonchalantly.

"Since when is Darien a flirt?" asked Rei.

"Serena quietly gasped. But as soon as the fear of Darien going out with Amber had entered her mind it was gone. Since the dreams had begun it didn't feel like Amber was competition anymore. Serena didn't understand why yet, but was glad.

The girls were now discussing the possibility of Darien and Amber becoming an item and Serena was content to smile and nod her head to their words. She had no worries, and why should she spoil their fun.

End Serena POV

Darien, Andrew, and Amber had begun a new conversation as soon as Darien had picked himself off the floor. Amber enjoyed being near them and listened, but didn't participate very much. The boys noticed how preoccupied she seemed, but chose to say nothing.

Suddenly something pricked the back of Amber's mind. "Oh no," she had time to think before her body stiffened. She could feel danger near by...another attack. "I have to find out where and what's going on. God gave me this gift and I have to figure it out," she thought.

Amber pushed into the bad feelings floating through her mind. As she searched, a pain began to develop, surrounding her consciousness. It was faint at first, growing into a steady pounding streak of pain. But she reached the place where the sense of danger was emanating.


All around Amber was a black fog. And then an arrow came to her in slow motion leaving a green trail behind it. As the arrow grew near, Amber saw that the shaft was wood and the head crystal of some sort. The tip had a green liquid dripping off of it.

Amber heard screams in the background then. And the vision disappeared.

When Amber opened her eyes, she saw midnight blue eyes with some charcoal hair hanging down in front of them. Her first thought was, "Why is the boy from my dreams here?"

But then her eyes focused and a voice came through. Darien and Andrew were talking to her.

"Amber, are you okay?" asked Andrew.

"Say something," pleaded Darien.

"Uh, what? I'm okay," Amber said. She had to think fast and get out of there. Amber glanced at the Scouts. They were looking at her and Serena nodded. Amber continued, "I just realized that I have somewhere else to be. Sorry, guys, I've got to go."

Before Darien or Andrew could say another word Amber was gone. The girls waited a few moments and then ran past them calling, "Bye guys!"

As Serena passed she looked Darien in the eye. "Bye Darien."

Switching all his attention to Serena, he answered, "Goodbye Meatball Head." Serena smiled and ran off.

Amber paused at the end of the block so the girls could catch up. Lita, Ami, Rei, and Serena soon joined her. Rei grabbed Amber by the arm and directed her into a nearby alley. They all transformed and Silver Star said, "There's an attack—"

"Yeah. Venus called us with it," said Jupiter. "The monster is at the mall. Let's get going."

They began running through the streets. Moon and Mars hung back near Silver Star. "What did you see?" asked Moon.

"I thought...you might...have noticed," Silver Star said between breaths. She wasn't used to running like that. Silver Star quickly explained the vision and described the arrow.

When she finished, Moon asked, "Any idea what it means Mars?"

"Can't tell until we know what kind of visions she has. We should find out soon. There's the monster."

The creature had a human shape, but knives were poking out all over its body like needles on a cactus. The monster did have hands and was throwing daggers at people. Venus had a few shallow slices on her arms and legs from dodging them.

"Thank goodness you guys are here," cried Venus as she joined the group. All three cats ran over as well, they had been hiding in some bushes.

"So hand-to-hand combat is out of the question?" asked Jupiter with a grin.

"I wouldn't recommend it," replied Venus. "But all other attacks would be helpful."

"Let's go then," said Mars.

"Right," the others agreed and ran onto the battlefield.

Silver Star moved to go with them, but Astrea stopped her. "You can't go yet' you haven't trained enough. At this point you may be more of a hindrance than a help, so stay here unless you're needed."

"But Astrea," she protested, "I can't just sit back here while they fight."

"You know that she's right, Silver Star," said Luna. "Stay back here with us and observe. Maybe it will even help you to learn some of their tactics."

Silver Star gave up arguing and leaned against a building to watch. Each Scout threw their own attack at the monster, slowly weakening it, but had to keep moving so they wouldn't be skewered.

Nothing was said until a voice came from above. "Not going to help them today?" Silver Star looked up to find Tuxedo Mask sitting on a street lamp. He jumped down to her. "You were so willing to help before."

Silver Star sighed. "I have been instructed not to help today unless they really need it because I'm still in training."

Tuxedo raised an eyebrow. "So you're working with them then?"

"Yes," she answered. "My name is Silver Star."

"Very well," said Tuxedo.

A sudden explosion turned Star's head in time to see the Scouts leap out of the way. "What was that?" she asked.

Tuxedo stared at Star for a moment longer before turning to the sky and pointing at a spot across the street. Star followed his arm to a man floating in mid-air. He was smirking as he watched the battle. Within a few moments he disappeared and repositioned himself further down the street.

"He's been doing that the entire battle so the Scouts wouldn't see him. Anytime they get too close to the monster he throws an energy blast at them," Tuxedo explained.

"No idea who he is?" asked Star.

"Never seen him before, but likely connected to the woman from last time. The bad guys usually work in groups."

"And you've been watching the battle this whole time?"

"Almost," he said. "They haven't needed me yet."

Star searched for the man and spotted him closer this time with his back slightly facing them. "What's that on his back?" asked Star. "I can't make it out in the shadows."

Tuxedo turned his attention back to the man and replied, "It looks like a bow and some arrows."

"An arrow?! Oh no," said Star as things clicked into place. "I think he's going to shoot one of the Scouts and that would be very bad."

"What are you talking about?" asked Tuxedo.

"There's something very bad on that arrow...on the tip," Star said as she remembered the vision. "We can't let it hit one of the Scouts."

"How do you know all of this?" asked Tuxedo.

"I...I had a vision about it. I don't understand all of it yet, but I know that the arrow will hurt someone. Please, just trust me."

"Okay," he replied with only a moment's thought. Glancing back up at the man, he said, "It looks like he's getting ready to shoot. What can you do?"

"I can push him with some wind," Star suggested tentatively.

"Wind, huh?" Tuxedo said. "Okay. We should hurry. It looks like he's taking aim."

She watched as the man pulled out an arrow. "Suggestions?"

"You take care of him," said Tuxedo.

"And you take care of the arrow," finished Star, gaining confidence.

"Right. Let's go," said Tuxedo.

The two ran toward the man. Star stopped a few yards short as Tuxedo continued and jumped in the air.

"Please, Wind," Star whispered. "Please help me protect my friends. Please help me push this man out of the way."

Star raised her arms and felt power gather around and within her. The man had the arrow set in his bow. He drew the arrow back. Star's palms faced the man as she imagined him being shoved out of the way. A smirk passed over the man's face as she cried, "Wind!"

He released the arrow as the word left Star's lips. The gust of wind crashed into him, slamming him into the building a block away. He fell to the ground afterward.

Tuxedo threw a rose at the flying arrow, changing the trajectory. It stuck in the ground between Jupiter and Venus. "Scouts, watch out! The man controlling this monster is trying to shoot you with arrows," Tuxedo warned. The Scouts stopped fighting long enough to see the arrow and the man, and shout thanks.

Tuxedo joined Star as she stared in shock at the man still on the ground. Tuxedo asked her, "Did you mean to knock him back into that wall?"

"No," said Star. "I guess it will take a while for me to control my powers."

The man stood and rose to the air. He swiftly flew to them and Tuxedo protectively stepped in front of Star.

"Who are you?" yelled the man in surprise and frustration. "There were only supposed to be five girls.

"I'm Silver Star. Who are you?" shouted back Star, trying to be brave.

"I am Apollo," he replied. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have people to kill."

With that, Apollo disappeared again. "Scouts, keep you're eyes open," yelled Star.

Tuxedo and Star desperately tried to track Apollo as the Scouts neared killing the monster. Every time they spotted Apollo he smiled and moved again.

"What do we do?" asked Star, getting anxious.

"Whatever we can," said Tuxedo calmly. "You keep an eye out for Apollo. I'm going to help the Scouts. The sooner this battle is over the better."

"Right," said Star.

With Tuxedo helping, Sailor Moon prepared to deal the final blow. Star found Apollo and used wind again, but too late. She could not change the arrow's course.

"Jupiter!" Star cried as the arrow dug into Jupiter's thigh. The amazon yelled in pain and sank to the ground.

Star's eyes flashed back to Apollo, seething with anger. "See you again soon, Silver Star." He disappeared again as his monster turned to moon dust.

Star gave a short scream of frustration before running to the group huddled around Sailor Jupiter. Tuxedo Mask stood off to the side. As Star passed him, Tuxedo said, "It's not your fault." He nodded his head to her and left.

Jupiter was crying from pain. Mercury tried to analyze the arrow with her minicomputer but it turned to dust in a few moments. The arrow that had missed was also gone.

"Let's just get her home," said Mars.

"She can't stay alone tonight. We don't know what's happening to her," said Mercury, logical as always.

"She can stay with me," said Venus. "My parents are gone this weekend."

"Okay, Venus. Help me get her up. Do you think you can walk?" asked Mercury.

"Yeah, the pain is a bit less now that the arrow is gone," said Jupiter. Mercury and Venus each took one of her arms and started walking her home. Moon, Mars, and Star followed.

"So you vision was of the immediate future, huh?" said Mars. "Good; that will be handy."

Star smiled in response, still thinking about all that happened in the battle. Mars ran ahead to help the others. They all detransformed in an alley.

"Amber, we need to talk later too," said Serena.

"What's wrong?" asked Amber.

"Well, I've been having dreams since I became Sailor Moon, but now you're in them too. I'd like to compare them to your dreams."

"Okay," said Amber. "I'll take all the help I can get figuring out mine."

"Great," said Serena. "I'm going to have a Scout meeting tomorrow afternoon to talk about everything that happened today. How about we meet early?"

"That sounds like a great idea," said Amber.

"Good. Let's help them get Lita home."