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Chapter 1

" Where am I? What happened?" Syaoran Li stood alone in the middle of a dark street. What had brought him here? He couldn't remember, no matter how hard he tried. He had only been there for a few minutes, but he already didn't like what he saw.
" Is this Tomoeda? If it is, what's happened to it?" Syaoran couldn't put the pieces together. He had been standing in the middle of the park, enjoying the beautiful cherry blossoms, and suddenly, he was here. But he wasn't quite sure where "here" was.
Syaoran decided that standing there wouldn't do him any good, so he started off. As he walked, the only things he saw were the remains of a sad, sad city. Suddenly, he stopped. He didn't like what he saw before him: the park he had been standing in, only 10 minutes before. But it was different, it was dark and empty. It was... dead. The cherry blossom trees were no longer beautiful, but instead they looked like ghosts of the trees they used to be.
" How could this happen?" Syaoran wondered aloud. He didn't understand. Who or what could have done this? And most importantly, why?
" Hey! You! What do you think you're doing?" a wrinkled old man asked, as he approached Syaoran with a gnarled stick.
" I was just wondering what happened to the park. It used to be so beautiful," Syaoran said. The old man stared at Syaoran for a moment.
" Young man," he said, " how old are you?"
" I'm 16 years old," Syaoran answered. He didn't quite understand what that had to do with anything, but he answered nonetheless.
" Have you been frozen in the Capsule?" the man asked, suddenly looking sympathetic. Syaoran wanted, suddenly, to get far away from this man.
" No. What is the Capsule?" Syaoran asked. The man stared at Syaoran as if he didn't believe he'd just asked that question.
" After the Great Robot War, injured children were taken and frozen in the Capsule to preserve the youth of Earth, but I thought it had been destroyed by the Great Leader," the man said. It was Syaoran's turn to look confused. He didn't understand anything the man had just said.
" Uh, yeah, of course. I've got to...umm... go," Syaoran said. Without looking back, Syaoran ran as fast as he could to get away. What was the Capsule? And who was the Great Leader? After a while, Syaoran decided that he was far enough away from the man and the dead park. Syaoran stopped to catch his breath. Suddenly, a shadow moved from behind him.
" Who's there? Show yourself!" Syaoran demanded. His dark eyes flashed momentarily with fear of what was there. He was in this strange ghost Tomoeda without defense, the last thing he wanted.
" Be quiet! The guards will be here soon! If you don't wish to be caught, come with me!" It was a female voice that spoke from a black alley. Syaoran hesitated, but decided that he would be better off there then here. He followed the young woman, but reluctantly.
" Who are you anyway?" he asked quietly. The girl didn't answer at first.
" This is not the place for introductions," she simply said when she did speak. Syaoran didn't speak after that. He was following her through a small, dark alleyway. Occasionally, they passed a small door or a ladder leading up to a door or window.
" Umm... where are we going?" Syaoran ventured to ask after a couple of minuets. Once again, the girl didn't answer at first.
" Just stay quiet and follow me," she said. Syaoran sighed. He wasn't going to get any answers. Finally, after about 5 minutes, they reached where the girl was taking him. It was only an unimpressive faded green door. The paint was peeling off, too.
" In here," she said. Syaoran was getting tired of this. She wasn't going to say more than a few words to him. He sighed and went in the small apartment and looked around. Although there were no lights on, Syaoran could see pretty well. In the room they were in now, there were two chairs, both covered in faded, pale pink cloth. On the floor was a simple little rug, which was torn in several places. There was a door on either side of the room, as well.
" Please, sit down," the young woman said as she shut the door and turned on the lights. Syaoran sat down and looked up at the girl, who had also sat down. But Syaoran wasn't expecting what he saw.
" Is that you, Sakura-chan?"

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