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Sakura screamed and covered her face with her hands.
"Sakura! Move!" Syaoran commanded, but with no prevail. Suddenly, everything moved in slow motion as Syaoran ran faster than he ever had before to get her out of the way of that sword.
Sakura stood ready to take the force of the blow, but it never came. Deciding to see why it never came, she uncovered her face. The scene that met her emerald eyes was not a pleasant one: Syaoran had taken the blow for her and was now engaged in a heated sword battle. Sakura stood in a trance, staring at the beautiful dance of battle before she realized that what Syaoran had done.
"Syaoran!" Sakura yelled in fury. "You said you wouldn't interfere! You lied!" Syaoran, however, didn't respond. Sakura scowled and decided it was time for her to join the fight. Grabbing the nearest thing to her, which happened to be a beautifully ornamented diamond cane, she too joined the battle.
"Sakura, what do you think you're doing?" Syaoran panted. Sakura shot him a grave grin.
"You didn't think that I'd let you beat him after all my hard work, did you?" she asked. Syaoran shook his head and they continued the assault. But, the young man they were against didn't back down.
"No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to beat me!" he yelled as he threw a blow with the butt of his sword towards Syaoran's head. He managed to duck, but it still caught him squarely on the side of his head. Syaoran reeled in pain before stumbling to the ground, blood slowly crawling down the side of his handsome face.
"Syaoran! Are you alright?" Sakura asked in concern. Syaoran yelled back that she needed to keep her eyes on her opponent. He tore a piece of his shirt of and wrapped it tightly around his forehead. It didn't stop the blood flow, but it most certainly helped. Picking up his sword, Syaoran rejoined the fight.
"I have trained for more years than you've been alive, my little kittens! You cannot defeat me!" the young man yelled. Syaoran let out a chortle.
"I have been training all my life to beat lowlife scum like you!" Syaoran retorted as he raised he sword to strike, but it was easily deflected and the battle dance continued. But no matter how hard they tried, the man was gaining the upper hand in this fight. Suddenly, he swung out with his sword, catching the already wounded Syaoran across the side, causing him to cry out in pain. Turning, the young man now advanced on Sakura.
"Now, my dear, it is finally your turn. After all these years," he said, malice coating his voice. Sakura had long since dropped the cane; so instead, she took a wildly aimed punch towards his head. The man easily blocked it and struck out with a backhand of his own, except his caught Sakura directly on the cheek. She stumbled, and then fell to the floor, a large bruise already beginning to appear.
Syaoran lie on the floor, watching all this unfold. His hand was on his wound, which now bled freely. Shakily attempting to get up, he grabbed his sword for support and quietly made his way towards the man. He would strike down his opponent, despite Sakura's wishes.
The young man slowly raised his sword above the small, feeble form that was Sakura. She glared at him, emeralds burning with the flame of eternal hate.
"Now, you shall die!" the man roared.
"Then I guess I'll see you in hell!" Sakura raged back. She was prepared for death and would wait for him in hell. Sakura waited for the sword to come down, but was not fully prepared for the intense pain. The sword pierced the flesh in her right shoulder, sending waves of tormenting pain rushing, but she did not cry out. So, he intended to kill her slowly. As he withdrew the sword to attack again, she waited in agonizing pain for another blow. But, the blow wasn't against her, it was against the man.
He cried out in pain as the blood poured from the new hole in his chest. The man slowly turned to see who had stricken the finishing blow in this battle. His eyes met those of the young man, Syaoran.
"It seems that I have underestimated you," he said, as his life's blood slowly drained away. He fell to the floor, dead, at long last. Syaoran heaved a sigh, only to realize that this made his wound burn more. Suddenly, he heard a small wheeze and turned towards Sakura, who was now attempting to sit up.
"You killed him..." she said in disbelief. "I was to kill him!" Syaoran couldn't believe what he was hearing. But Sakura quickly got over it and smiled.
"I guess I'll just have to find him when I die!" she said. Syaoran shook his head. He started to say something, but Sakura interrupted him.
"You have to go back to your own time. This place is about to explode and with it, the time machine," she said. But Syaoran refused.
"What about you? I won't just leave you here!" he insisted. But Sakura was already on her feet, pushing him toward the machine. It took all her strength, but she did it anyway. Then, she unexpectedly kissed him, full on the lips.
"Future or not, I love you, don't ever forget that," she said when they parted. Syaoran nodded but Sakura had pushed him into the small pod and was now typing codes into the computer. Syaoran watched in horror as the explosions began all around Sakura.
"Sakura! Get out of here!" he desperately yelled. She had just finished typing in the final code. She blew him a small kiss, then pressed the START button. In a whirl of bright light, Syaoran disappeared.
"In any time, I will always love you," she said. Succumbing to her wound, she collapsed on the floor as the flames engulfed her. The final explosion rocked the palace, but she was already dead, watching it all from heaven, standing beside her beloved little wolf.

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