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Raven gazed intensely upon the center of the dance floor, where the center of her very heart wanted to be...with Robin. The love of her life. She continued to look and saw how much fun Starfire was having dancing with her beloved. Starfire. Her best friend. Her worst enemy. Envy took control of Raven, and she wished she were in Starfire's place. She sighed and took another sip of her Smirnoff Ice.

She averted her gaze to Beast Boy whom was so under the influence of alcohol that he was no longer him self...in fact, she had grown a tail, and hooves. He resembled a fawn. Raven laughed to herself when some one tapped her on the shoulder, and she quickly turned around.

It was Robin. Her heart jumped and she dropped her drink. She didn't notice and hoped Robin didn't either. "Wanna dance?" he whispered in her ear. She couldn't find the breath to say yes so she just nodded.

Robin took her hand and guided her to the dance floor. She was oblivious to the fact that it was a slow song, and it hit her when she found her arms around Robin's neck, and his hands were gently wrapped around her waist. They were so close she could feel his belt buckle pressing against her stomach. She ignored it and inhaled deeply the sent of Robin.

She looked up at the masked boy, and wished the moment would last forever. However, just as quickly as her moment began, it ended. The song changed, and it was now a fast song. The beat to the song "Salt Shaker" echoed throughout the club.

Starfire appeared out of nowhere and cut into Robin and Ravens dance time. Raven was pissed, but couldn't let it show so she danced by herself. She let herself get taken away with the bass line of the song. She swayed her hips to the rhythm, and then felt someone come behind her.

"I didn't know you could dance like that." Robin's voice filled her ears, and she felt his hand on her stomach pulling her towards him. They're bodies moved in unison, and their was nothing from Earth that could pull them apart. Then Starfire came back.

She did one of those 'I'm not from Earth so nothing I do is my fault' looks. She grabbed Robin and yelled, "I love this song, and it is off the necklace!"

"Stupid girl." Whispered Raven. Jealousy wasn't on the tope of her things to do list, so she found an empty table in the corner, and took a seat. Clearing her mind at this point would be a good idea if she wanted to be happy, or at least seem happy to everyone else.

She felt a migraine coming on, and began to rub her temples. She then felt something brush against her thigh. She suddenly looked up, half expecting to see Beast Boy. It turned out to be him, well kind of. He was half chimp half beaver. He still wasn't sober.

When Beast Boy was drunk it wasn't good. He began to hit on everyone in sight, including Raven. "Hey sexy." The green animal winked at her, and she wished she were back in Robin's arms.