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Chapter 10

"Robin, it's getting late...we should go now." Raven stood brushing herself off and looking down at Robin. He was asleep. She sighed, and rolled her eyes poking him wither her toe. "Wake up..." He didn't move. Instead he began to snore. -That is so unromantic-. She looked back up to the horizon. The sun was about to come up.

Just about when Raven was ready to give up and leave him there, an arm moved and fingers wrapped around her ankle pulling her straight down onto the sand. "Don't you want to watch the sun come up with me?" Robin pouted at her.

Raven removed her face from the sand and tried her best to remove all of the beach dirt from her hair. She grumbled as she allowed Robin to pull her close. -If I didn't love him, I swear to God I would kill him.- She looked away from the rising sun for a moment, and caught Robin starring at her. "You are missing the show..." She leaned into him a little, and turned his head to face the rising sun.

"Am I?" Robin continued to stare at her.

"You've really got to stop that..." she mumbled before pulling him towards her for a kiss.

Back at the Tower, Speedy was soundly asleep in Aqua Lad's bed. Aqua Lad was awake, and watching Speedy sleep from the bathtub. The door was open wide enough for Aqua Lad to have a good view of the sleeping archer. -My God, he is beautiful.- Aqua Lad let his mind wander as he sank lower into the tub of bubbles. He sighed. -It's a shame he doesn't really love me...-

Speedy squirmed in his sleep as if he were having a terrible nightmare. Aqua Lad stood from his bath, naked and full of soap suds. He leaned over Speedy, covered him with a blanket, and kissed him gently on the cheek. He looked at the clock. He should be up soon. -I wonder what he will say about what happened yesterday-.

Starfire opened her eyes, only to find Terra's face staring right back at her. Their faces were so close Starfire could feel Terra's breath. "Terra?" Starfire moved away and rubbed her eyes sleepily.


"What are you doing?" Star questioned.


"Okay." She closed her eyes and went back to sleep.

Terra chuckled to herself. -She's so adorable.- She got up from the bed when she heard the front door open and close. -Oh, they're back.- She sneaked silently, as to not wake the sleeping alien, out of the room. Terra dashed down the stairs to greet Raven and Robin. "Morning."

It wasn't Robin...or Raven. She squinted...maybe she was imagining things. The people she saw were not people at all, they were robots. As soon as the first one spotted her, it shot a green colored light beam at her. If she hadn't moved at the last second it would have hit her, but instead it hit the wall behind her and made a loud explosion.

"Oh shit..." She whispered trying to run up the stairs as they followed close behind her. Without thinking she used her powers to shake the ground of the tower just enough to wake the sleeping titans. A half asleep Speedy, and a half naked Aqua Lad rushed out of the first room and as Terra ran past her room, she caught a glimpse Starfire still sleeping. Terra stopped running when she came to a dead end. She jumped into the air and over the two machines heads.

They turned quickly, but as soon as they did Cyborg and Beast Boy appeared by her side. They tried their best to fend off the enemy as Aqua Lad pulled on his pants. "What are these things?" Cyborg asked as it easily deflected one of his attacks.

"They are Slade's robots. They're looking for me." Terra spoke quickly leading them outside, where there would be a more fair fight...but mostly so she could use her powers without destroying anything of significant value. She led them a safe distance from the tower, Cyborg and Beast Boy following close behind them. Her eyes and hands began to glow as she dropped a big rock on the first one causing it to shatter, not at all affecting it's target. "Dammit..."

"I hope you don't mind me asking...but why are they after you?" Beast Boy questioned, changing form into a tiger and pouncing on one.

"No idea..." Terra threw a large boulder at one of the robot's heads, causing it to detatch and begin rolling on the floor. -One down, one to go.-

"Is it just me, or is she getting better" Cyborg pointed out to Beast Boy, stepping aside and watching Terra fight off the last remaining robot. The last robot exploded, after being crushed between two large chunks of rock. "She's getting better..."

Beast Boy's eyes widened in shock as his jaw literally dropped to the ground. "T-T-Terra?"

"Huh?" She turned to face him and smiled. "What?"

Aqua Lad and Speedy rushed towards the three. Apparently, Starfire was still asleep. "What happened?" They said in unison, then looked at each other.

"Robots." Terra said, as if it were nothing.

"Oh." Aqua Lad and Speedy sighed. "I thought it was something serious." The three walked back into the tower casually.

Cyborg and Beast Boy stared at each other. There was something going, and they had all intentions of finding out what that was. They followed the rest of them back into the house, and seconds later Raven and Robin showed up at last.

They walked in during the middle of the conversation, unfortunately. "So you have been fighting off these things for how long?"

"A couple weeks..." Terra explained. "At first I couldn't kill them, but then I started to get better, and now they are pretty easy to defeat." Terra looked towards the couple that had just walked through the front door. "Welcome Home." She said with a grin. "You missed an amazing fight."

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