Meanwhile in Japan...

Eiichiro Oda is walking to pick up volume one of One Piece off the newstand and admire his work. His eyes widened when he noticed the story getting messed right on the page when Luffy had just left his hometown. Suddenly the book burst into flames!

"What the...." He then frantically ran home.

Inside the One Piece world....

Sanji somehow cooked a three course meal for Mary on the little rowboat they were on.

"For you, love." Sanji kissed her hand tenderly.

Mary giggled. "Thank you so much, Sanji!"

Luffy twirled his straw hat on his finger while Koby sighed sadly for not being able to go to the Navy.

"Mary-san, you really are the most beautiful woman I have ever had the pleasure of laying my...eye on." He grinned.

Mary began to giggle uncontrollably. "Well, darling, you are even sexier than all the boys on Gundam Wing!"

"I have no idea what Gungan Wing is but that must be good!!" Sanji exclaimed.

"Gundam Wing." Mary corrected, wagging a finger at the chef.

She then spotted the island Zoro was located at.

"LAND HO!!!" Luffy shouted.

"Hey! That's insulting to the land!" Mary said.

"Um, but, everyone says that!"

"Still, say something else!"



They got to the Navy Base to rescue Zoro when they couldn't even find him!

Captain Morgan's son Helmeppo walked up to the group.

"Hey, where is Roronoa Zoro!?" Mary demanded.

"We executed him a few weeks ago. I tricked him into thinking he would stay alive for a month! Isn't that hilarious?" Helmeppo retorted.

Luffy and Koby glared at Mary.

"OH NO! ZOOOOOORRRRROOOOO!!!!" Mary screamed, tears flowing freely down her cheek.

"Screw that Zoro guy...You have me now, Mary-san!" Sanji said, putting a comforting arm around her.

"Stop it, Sanji-kun!" She then smacked his arm away. "I...I want Zoro... He's the love of my life."

The cook scoffed. "Hmpf. I hate that stupid Zoro guy."

"Oh, Zoro...Why....Why...?"

"Hey, baby, you can always be with me." Helmeppo said. "I am the most beautiful man in these parts."

"YUCK!" Mary punched Helmeppo in the face.

Everyone else clapped at Mary's stupid but brave act.

"I...I wish Zoro was back with me..."

Suddenly the ground from under Mary began to quake frantically. The green haired beauty jumped away from it. Then a hand shot up from the dirt.

"Wow!" Luffy cried out.

Then Zoro jumped up from the ground, covered in filth and a worm dangling from his shoulder.

"Zoro!" Mary then glomped the swordsman.

"What the-!!" Zoro was deeply confused as to who this insane girl was, yet he was comfortable in her holding him.

"Zoro-chan, kawaii no genki desu ka? Konnichiwa soto kaizoku kaze wa setsu ka?" Mary babbled.

"Huh? What is that gibberish?" Koby asked.

"It's Fangirlnese!" Giggled Mary.

"It sounds cool!" Luffy shouted.

Captain Morgan and his Naval crew appeared.

"Why is that man still alive? Who the hell are you people!?" Morgan inquired.

"I'm Straw Hat-"

Mary cut Luffy off. "I'm Insane Fangirl Mary Sue. Captain of this pirate crew."

"But I'm captain!" Luffy protested.

"Shut up!"

Luffy sat down, pouting.

"You have incredible powers, Mary Sue. I bet you ate the Devil Fruit." Morgan scowled.

"...The secret treasure from those seas!!?" An officer exclaimed.

"So that's her power...?" Another wondered.

"Like no way! I just read way too many manga and fanfiction."

"Hey, Steel mouth, if you want to hurt Mary-san, you'll have to get through me!" Sanji shouted, taking a long puff of smoke.

"No. He'll have to get through me." Zoro said to Sanji.

"No, you stupid Cabbage Head, I'm going to protect her."

"You don't seem like you can do much."

"I'll kick your scrawny ass right now!"

"Bring it on!"

"Guys! This is my fight! Let me fight it!" Mary interrupted.

"Anything for Mary-san!!" Sanji proclaimed, heart eyed.

"Fine. Be careful, sweetheart." Zoro said, which seemed very...unlike him.

"Wow! Roronoa Zoro isn't tough after all." Koby said. Zoro glared at him, which made him cower.

"GET HER!!" Captain Morgan ordered his men.

They charged at Mary. Yet her cuteness, made them weak at the knees.

"Oh god! I want her!!" One Marine moaned.

"Me too!!" Another groaned.

"HEAR ME! All you cowards who were pining for the Sue just now...Will shoot yourselves in the head!" Axe Hand Morgan commanded. "I will not tolerate anyone wanting that girl over me."

"Something's wrong with those Naval Marines!!" Zoro blurted out.

"Hey, Guys, on my order, shoot Captain Morgan!" Mary ordered.

"WHAT!?" Morgan was shocked.

"Hold it!" A voice shouted.

"Huh??" Everyone said in unison.

A mangafied Oda-san walked out to them.

"Our creator!" Luffy cried out.

All the characters, even Captain Morgan, bowed down to the famed manga artist.

"Hello, characters of mine. I found out that Mary has distorted my manga world!" Oda then turned to the green haired girl. "Why?"

"I...I don't like my life! I hate it! So I decided to mess up...I mean improve the One Piece world. I'm so sorry." Mary bowed her head. "Gome...Gomenisia."

"Gomenasai!!!" Oda corrected her.

"I guess...I"

"Yeah, I have to fix this manga all over again! I mean, Zoro and Sanji aren't together in this volume. And Sanji wants Nami, not Mary."

"Nami!? Who's that!? Is she beautiful!! Oh, I think I'll worship the ground she walks on. Ohhhh Naaaaammmmmiiiiii-sssaaaannnnn!!" Sanji then swooned.

"What a nut case." Zoro grunted.

"Now, be gone!" Oda said to Mary.

A portal then opened up and sucked Mary back into her world.

"Damn. You messed things up bad!" The fairy said.


"You'll never make another wish in this town again!"

The fairy disappeared.

Mary went over to her bed and hugged her pillow. A single tear drop cascaded down her cheek.

The End