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Short chapter, just some R/Hr fluff and some Ronniekins angst. Poor, poor Ronniekins.

Chapter 13: Krum Who?

After Harry and the twins had left for bed and all was quiet in the Gryffindor common room, even both Rons' were sleeping, Hermione had too, drifted off into a dream. Ron, the real Ron, was not asleep though, and had sat up watching the entire episode from the afternoon develop.

How he wished he could see Ginny and tell her everything was alright. How he wished that the twins would just realize it was him. They could even call him Ronniekins when it was all over. How he wished that he and Harry could just play chess and Quidditch like they always did. How he wished he could just kiss Hermione, one more time.

He watched as Hermione drifted to sleep and knew that in the morning she would be very sore. He strode over to her quietly, knowing that Krum was fast asleep, and picked up her frail form in his arms. He carried her silently up the girls staircase and only started when she began to move slightly in his arms.

"Ron?" she said sleepily, "is that you?" Ron froze but managed to whisper back,

"Yeah, it's me." Hermione's eyes were still closed and she was still half asleep, but she smiled and snuggled further into Ron's arms.

"Was I studying again?" Ron smiled and answered quietly.

"Yeah, you were studying. Do you ever stop?" he teased. Hermione smiled again and smiled contentedly and yawned.

"Guess not." She became silent and Ron realized that she had fallen back to sleep, and probably wouldn't even remember this in the morning. Ron smiled and continued up to Hermione's room. He stepped through the door, still hugging Hermione's still form to him. Quietly, he walked across the room, knowing that even if someone was still awake, they'd just think that it was Hermione going to sleep.

He placed her gently on the bed, and took off her socks and shoes. He decided it was alright to take off her jacket, but he wasn't about to go changing her into her pajamas. He doubted she would ever forgive him for that one. He brought the blankets up around her and kissed her forehead, then her cheek, then gently, her lips.

He started silently out of the room and was only stopped by a half-asleep whisper, "Thanks Ron, I love you." Hermione had mumbled. Ron stopped, those words had froze him where he was, but he answered,

"I love you too Hermione, I love you too." He forced himself out of the room and down the stairs as quietly as possible. He walked over to his side of the room and sat down in a chair. His head fell into his hands and one lone tear dripped down his face. Love you too Hermione. Love you too.