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Ginny Weasley was sitting alone in her room. She just had a little over a week of vacation. After that, she has to go back to school. It wasn't really much of a vacation. More a torture. Her mother was giving her orders every second. Clean up the dishes, was the clothes, make dinner and degnome the garden. But finally she was having some silence of her own. She layed down on her bed and rolled down on her stomach. She was thinking of something. Her brothers, Fred and George, asked her to help them out. To think something for Valentine's day. Now, that was hard. When you think of Valentine, you think of hearts, red rozes and sweets. But something original. Something no one ever knew. But what? Ginny groaned in frustration and rolled on her back.

"I'm never going to think of something." she sighed. Suddenly she heard a voice right outside her door.

"Yes you are going to think of something," the door opened and Fred stepped inside. "because you are the smartest of us all!" he said cheerfully.

"Then please, help me out, cause I can't think of something." Ginny said hopeless.

"Well, we were thinking something around the line's of your 'true love and how to find him or her'. What do you think?" he asked. "You're asking me? Well, it isn't really original, but maybe if you think of a way that is original then maybe its good." she said.

"Well, that's your part Gin!" he laughed and left the room.

Ginny sighed again and stared at the ceilling. Your true love. Now we're talking about hard. "I can't even find my own true love, let alone finding someone else's."

Ginny always thought her true love was Harry Potter. The Boy Who Lived. She was head over heels. He saved her. She fell in love with him. He ignored her. She cried and got over him. Now he finally see's her. And she thinks of him The Boy Who Wouldn't Die. Life truely wasn't fair. True love? Pah, her true love was herself. And no one else. Her hand slowly made its way up to her neck. Where was her necklace? She searched with her hand and finally found it. Ginny looked at the stone. A dark red stone, a ruby. She didn't even knew it herself if it was a real one or fake one. She just found it somewhere. Suddenly she had an idea. She sat up straight and looked carefully at the red stone. How to find your true love.

"Fred! Get your ass right back here!" Ginny yelled. A moment later Fred came in, looking confused.

"Don't tell me its your 'time of month' thing." he drawled. Ginny glared at her older brother and threw a pillow. Fred easily catched it. "Now, why am I here?"

"True love right? How about, a necklace that can find your true love? Or rather, the stone of the necklace."

"Hhhmm. Not bad, not bad at all. I'll see what I can do about it. Thanks for the help sis." he threw the pillow back and left the room for the second time that day.

Ginny closed her eyes and thought of the necklace. Of course it isn't going to work. You just can't find your true love. Ginny felt a little guilty, selling this to people who think they can find their true love with it. Well, maybe selling it to desperate people. Just like herself. She sighed and cleared her mind.


The week has passed, vacation was over and Ginny was back to school. She was back to her bored life. Harry really wasn't helping. Every time in the Great Hall he would sit opposite her and stare at her like a mad man. And all Ron could do was stare at Hermoine. While she was just digging her nose into one of those books again. It's like a chain reaction. Only Ginny really didn't find it funny. She sighed and looked down at her table. She still has to make homework of Potions, Charms and History. But she was just to tired to finish it. Slowly Ginny rested her head on the table. Surely no one would notice her being away. The common room was empty. Before Ginny could close her eyes her stomach made an apparence.

"Ouh. Skipped dinner today, why did I do that?" Ginny mumbled to herself. She tried to ignore the sound of her stomach, wanting to eat. "Can't even bloody sleep while I'm alone." she sighed and started to stand up, preparing to leave and head towards the kitchens.

She left the common room and was mindlessly walking trough the hallways. It even suprised herself that she found the painting without getting caugt by Filch, or getting lost. She tickled the pear and crawled trough the hole. Immediately a house elf ran up to her.

"What can Dobby get you Miss?" the house elf asked.

"Whatever we had for dinner please." Ginny answered. Dobby left and Ginny looked for a seat. Ginny saw a lot of house elves working. 'Poor things.' she thought. Finally she found a seat and sat herself comfortable. Her eyes kept closing and pretty soon she would just fall asleep.

She didn't even notice someone else entering the kitchens. Ginny was now half asleep. Until Dobby tugged her by her robes. Ginny cracked one eye open. Something had changed. She opened her other eye. Some one was sitting at the same table.

"Kids shouldn't be out that late, you know." drawled a voice next to her. Ginny didn't even bothered to look at the person. She already knew who it was.

"Miss, Dobby has your dinner served." the house elf said out loud.

"Thanks Dobby." Ginny said. Then, she dug in. She didn't cared what she was eating, it tasted good and the sooner she was done, the sooner she got out of there.

"Weasley, didn't your parents ever teached you any manners? Look at you, the food is going everywhere!"

Ginny looked up from her dinner at the silver blonde boy. Draco Malfoy.

"Whah bwar yu boing here?" she managed to say with her mouth full. "What's that Weasley? Your parents didn't even teached you how to talk? I'm shocked!" he said dramatic. Ginny only glared at him. She was too tired and too hungry to yell at Malfoy. She finished as quick as possibly and left. But not without Malfoy yelling at her that she got herself a detention. Ginny didn't cared and raced to her common room. Finally there, she ran upstairs and fell on her bed. 'Finally, some peace.'

The next morning something was bugging Ginny. Or lets say, poking Ginny. She rolled over and groaned.

"Hermoine, I don't care if lessons are about to start, like they wouldn't start if I wasn't there. Now let me sleep!" Ginny automaticly said. But the poking wouldn't stop.

Ginny cried out in frustration and sat up straight in her bed. She looked at who was poking her arm. She shrieked and fell of her bed. "Damn owl's! You're supposed to bring the letters in the Great Hall! Not when I'm in bed!" she yelled at the big owl while shooing it away.

Ginny groaned and pulled herself up on her bed. She coverd herself up with her blanket. She wasn't comming underneath it today. Not a morning person.

"Ginny, wake up girl, you're late!" now that was the voice of Hermoine Granger. "I'm too lazy to repeat what I always say to you." Ginny mumbled underneath her blankets.

"Ginny, come on! Accio blankets!" she waved with her wand and the blankets came flying to her. Ginny yelped and curled up in a ball.

"Do I really need to throw water at you?" Hermoine said whith her hands on her hips. She blinked a couple of times and saw Ginny already pulling her shoes on. "Now that's what I'm talking about."

When she was finally finished Hermoine was already in class. She was about to run when she saw the letter. She grabbed it and quickly left the room. She ran as fast as she could to Charms. Ginny barely made it. But Professor Binns (A/N: now I'm not sure if he is the History teacher, or Charms teacher) didn't noticed. Looking for a seat, Ginny saw someone motioning to her. It was Colin, her closest friend.

"Couldn't get out off bed?" he asked as she approached him. Ginny only smiled and took a seat next to him. Colin looked at her hand.

"What have you got there?" he asked and pointed to her hand. "Oh, the letter, I forgot." she said and opened the letter.

The letter was from her brothers.

'Hello Ginny ol' dear

Here is our prototype of, what we call, Valentine Stone. You'll find two necklaces inside. If you put one of them around your neck the other one will find your 'true love'. Now you're thinking that we're full of crap. But it does work! We tested it on mum, and the necklace found dad. That's enough prove for us. After the other necklace found your 'true love' it will glow every time you're near it, yours will do the same. Now don't go screaming at us if it isn't Harry Potter!

Yours, Fred and George.'

Ginny twitched. Harry potter? She twitched again. Stupid gits still thinks she's in love with Harry. 'Man, I'm twitching alot lately.' The two necklaces were still inside of the letter. She decided she will get them out after class.

"From who was it?" Colin asked, looking at the letter. Ginny raised an eyebrow. "You're asking alot of questions. Is there something wrong?" this made Colin blush and looked the opposite of were Ginny was. Colin was acting strange lately. 'Hell, everyone is acting strange lately.' She sighed and started taking notes from what the Professor was telling them.

After class was over Ginny raced outside the classroom. Holding the letter, she felt inside for the necklaces. She pulled out a beautiful long silver necklace. With a light blue stone that shined like a diamond. She gasped. Her brothers made that? 'Of course mum gave them a hand, I know it for sure.' she smiled at the necklace and put it on. Ginny was too busy with the necklace that she ran into someone.

"Sorry, I wasn't looking." she apologized.

"Ah, Weasley. Just the person I was looking for. Now lets talk about your detention." the familiar cold voice said. Ginny looked up in his icy grey eyes.

"What? What detention?" Ginny asked very confused. She didn't do anything right? "Don't you remember? Last night you were sneaking into the kitchens." Malfoy sneered and crossed his arms.

Ginny tried hard to remember, but her memory left her alone. "I really don't remember Malfoy. Now sod off so I can get to next class." but Malfoy stopped her. "You really don't remember anything?" he asked and was smirking all the time. 'Why the hell is he looking like he's planning something?'

Malfoy leaned closer to her face. She could feel his warm breath on her neck. It gave her goosebumps. "Not even about when you kissed me?" he hissed in an attempt to sound sexy. Wich worked. Ginny felt herself go red and backed off. "I did not! I have better taste than that!" she cried. No way she kissed Malfoy. Malfoy only smirked at her.

"A week detention, every night at 7 o' clock at the dungeons, Professor Snape's dungeon." he said coldly and walked away, leaving Ginny in frustration. She didn't even notice that her other necklace was gone.


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