Valentine Stone

A/N: Sweet Jesus, it took so long to actually start writing this! Probably everyone has forgotten, but I'm still writing this because I feel I owe it to this story.

Chapter 13 – Epilogue

In the great mass of red and pink, it was difficult to find the fiery red hair that belonged to Ginny Weasley. Today was February the 14th, the day which now meant something meaningful to Ginny. This was the day when something had ended, just to get started, right about a year ago. For the first time on this day, Ginny wasn't feeling excluded in the big party known as Valentines Day. Maybe it was because her Valentine Stones were still popular among the students. Or maybe it was the fact that she – Ginny Weasley – was someone else's Valentine this year.

As she slowly sat down at the Gryffindor table, earning some glances at her happy face, Ginny ducked out of reflex when another Valentine Stone zoomed pass her head, on to finding his victim of true love.

The girl smiled softly to herself. True Love. Something that she couldn't seem to understand more than a year ago, and it seemed that she still didn't understand the meaning of true love as of today. But she was getting there, wasn't she? After all, they were just toys – something to be seen as playful instead of taking it serious. But she couldn't help but notice that it seemed to have a hint of seriousness in it. Because, how could it have brought so many people together that were still together today?


Maybe it wasn't finding its true love; maybe it has just created a path to lead you to your first steps of true love. It was up to you whether to believe it or not, you still had to keep in mind to not let the stone decide for you, you had the decision to make you act on it or not. Though it was just a toy – it still held some of the truth.

ZzOOomM … zZZoooommm

Ginny peacefully finished her breakfast while she enjoyed the show of passing Valentine Stones. She looked at a girl that took the stone out of the air when it hovered in front of her face. She giggled and asked her fellow friends to put on the necklace, all the while she was furiously looking everywhere in the Great Hall for any signs of her true love.

It wasn't as if the stone was the only link they had between them. No, there were of course many things that linked them together. Maybe on some level, she had always kept on eye on him subconsciously, and she never knew about it until the stone showed her otherwise. It was weird to know he always had his tiny spot in her heart after the time in the bookstore. Was it meant to be? Was it a feeling to let you know this could mean something? Did the stone let you realize the spot in your heart for this special someone?

ZZOOooommmnn ….

Or maybe she just had spent too much time with him that she started thinking in the way of fools. Scratch that – Happy in love fools.

Yes, Ginny Weasley was in love, or so to say. It wasn't until recently she knew what he meant in her heart. He was gone for the Christmas vacation, and in between that time, Ginny realized she missed him.

She missed his presence, his touch, his smile, his laugh, his sneer, his smirk, his –

– Everything.

And when he returned on the platform, it was all Ginny could do to not pounce him right there, right then. Instead, she just plain tackled him, of course. It may seem strange, but love did make you do crazy things, and she was crazy about him. Sometimes she was literally crazy of him when he had something to remark about her clothing, her preference of Muggle devices, or the fact that she should just run away from home to come live with him in Malfoy Manor.

Sure he was pretty wacko too, but it made her want to love him all the more. There were times when he was just being cruel, and there were times when he laughed about something funny instead of something cruel. But when he flashes his smile, a smile only reserved for her, she'd always melt into a puddle.

….zzZZZZOOOMMmm ... thump!

"Oi! That was me bloody eye!"

All in all, Ginny was pretty happy with him. She still didn't understand the reasoning of true love, but maybe, just maybe, with him she could find it.

She could find true love.

With Draco right by her side.