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As expected the train arrived 15 minutes late, I got off at Paddington station in London where I was supposed to meet my boyfriend Hunter Niall.

I hadn't seen him in such a long time; I missed him with a terrible ache.

I climbed off the train and pulled my duffel over my shoulder and looked around the platform for any sign of Hunter.

"Hello love" I heard him call he walked towards me and I threw down my duffel and ran into his arms giving him a kiss

"Oh Goddess, Hunter, I've missed you so much!" I breathed

"I know my love, 8 weeks is really too long!" he held me there a little while later, then I picked my bag up again and took Hunter's hand in mine.

"Here, let me get that for you" he smiled and took the duffel from me and carried it for me.

I had never been to England before, I had just spent 8 weeks in Scotland studying Wicca, and that was a completely different world, the area itself seemed magickal, ancient.

But London is different, it's bustling and full of energy, I was going to love spending the next week here with Hunter.

My parents back in Widow's Vale, upstate New York, didn't actually know I was spending this last week with Hunter, in fact they thought I was still in Scotland at that Wiccan Academy, I wonder what they'd say to their 17 year old daughter spending a week in a foreign country with her boyfriend?

"Where are we staying?" I asked him, he had kept this a secret from me for a while now and I was highly curious.

"You'll see," he said, we stood at the edge of the curb and waiting for a taxi that Hunter had booked.

Soon the taxi pulled up, I opened the door slid into the back seat with my duffel and Hunter whispered something into the cabby's ear, he nodded his response and then climbed into the back with me.

"So Hunter why all the secrecy?" I grinned, just as the taxi pulled out of the station out onto the roads of London.

"I just want it to be a surprise that's all," he replied, soon we were going through London, it reminded me slightly of New York, both busy, full of life and hectic, and I loved it.

Soon we pulled up outside a beautiful Hotel called the Royal Lancaster, "Oh my god Hunter! Oh my god!" I cried and he smiled.

"Well you deserve it" he smiled, "For many reasons"

"Like what?" I asked as we slid out of the taxi and Hunter paid the driver.

"For being a beautiful, wonderful, amazing girl friend, I missed you too much when you were up in Scotland, Da, Alwyn, Beck, Shelagh, Sky and Sky's siblings were all worried about me because I was always so down and quiet the whole time, all because I missed you."

We walked inside the hotel and walked up to the front desk and book ourselves in, then a bellboy came and took our bags up to our room.

A couple of minutes later we were in our room, I looked around and I looked out of the window at the amazing view. I could see the top of Big Ben.

"Hang on!" I said, I came across two double doors, "This is a double suite, we only wanted a single there are only two of us," I reached for the doors and –

"Surprise!" Sky and another girl jumped out on me.

"OH CRAP!" I screamed.

Sky and Hunter and this other girl laughed, "Oh my God Sky!"

"Morgan, this is my little sister Alwyn" Hunter introduced me to the young girl who couldn't be any older than I am, she looked nothing like Hunter, she had rosy red cheek's and beautiful red hair with sparkling blue eyes.

"Hey Morgan!" she smiled.

"Hi!" I said giving her a quick hug. "Oh Goddess, what are you guy's doing here?" I asked them.

"Well, we all chipped in together for this place and with it being a double suite it's cheaper for us and congratulations for graduating the Wicca School!" Sky cried acting way out of character from her less chirpy self.

"How come I didn't sense you guys here?" I asked

"We wanted to surprise you!" Alwyn replied with a smile

"Well it worked I am surprised, thank you" I hugged them both again.

Hunter gave a small cough, "Okay, well we're going shopping in Harrods, see you later!" they both headed out the room and went into the lift.

I laughed, "Well that was an interesting reunion, Sky seemed so perky and happy since the last I saw her." I commented

Hunter smiled and locked the doors.

"Morgan I love you, I missed you deeply while we were apart, let's make today special as we are reunited, just me and you, okay?"

I nodded and smiled; Hunter picked up the phone and called room service.

Minutes later the was a knock at the door, Hunter answered it and a man gave hunter a silver tray with a bottle of champagne and two glasses and a bowl of strawberries. Hunter tipped the man and then closed and locked the door.

I smiled at my love, "Hunter why are you going out of your way for all this" I asked at him.

"Because you're special to me," he replied popping the cork from the bottle and pouring some of the bubbly fluid into the two glasses and handed one to me, I took a sip and then he fed me a strawberry.

I put my glass down as did he and I kissed Hunter softly on the lips and he responded with an urgency and a fiery passion that came from being apart for so long.

We slowly sank down onto the bed making love feeling the ecstasy of reuniting in such a beautiful and powerful way as soul mates, that's what we were, Hunter and I are Mùirn beatha dàns, we were born to be together, fated, destined to be together.

Later that evening we lay on our bed drinking more champagne talking to one another about the events that took place in our lives the past eight weeks.

"So how did you find it?" he asked me

"I was wonderful, I learned so much, and in addition to Alyce's knowledge,"

A couple of months ago, I needed serious protect from the dark forces so I and my dear friend Alyce Fernbrake who lives back in America in a town not far from Widow's Vale called Red Kill, had both agreed to perform a Tàth Meànma Brach, in which we shared each others knowledge, basically we know absolutely there is to know about one another and I have her knowledge as she has mine.

"I think and the professors and teachers there think that I am ready to start my initiation lessons." I continued.

"Oh Morgan that excellent" Hunter said kissing my forehead.

Not long later, Sky and Alwyn had returned, and knocked on before they walked through the double doors to say hello.

"What time do you call this?" Harrods isn't open till 1am is it?" Hunter asked.

"No we went to a club afterwards"

Hunter's jaw tightened, "Sky, you took my 16 year old sister to a club?" he said trying to keep his voice under control.

I tried hard not to laugh, smart sensible Hunter.

"Oh relax Hunter," Sky said, "We didn't drink or anything, it wasn't that sort of club, it was like a Wiccan hang out, a coffee bar with a live performer on one side and on the other side it was like a library and a Wiccan store rolled into one, it was very cool, it's not long been open"

I noticed Hunter relaxed, "Sound's cool" I commented, "We could check it out tomorrow or something, hey Hunter?" he nodded a response.

"Anyway, we're tired so we're going to head to bed," Alwyn replied, "I'm knackered, Goodnight people"

Then they both headed into their room and Hunter locked the door behind them.

Hunter and I never slept that night, we stayed up talking about anything and everything, it was amazing, I wish things could have stayed like that forever. . .