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"Morgan?" I heard my husband call, "Moira is not agreeing with me here"

I laughed to myself, watching Hunter give our daughter a bath is highly amusing.

"I'll show you how it's done" I winked at him as I took over giving our thirteen-month-old little girl a bath.

Instantly she stopped wriggling and squirming and calmed down as I shampooed her short dark hair.

Hunter looked down at his own soaked jeans and then at me, "I don't get it," he said, "how do you do it?" he asked,

"Just need the motherly touch" I gave him a smile, he returned the smile and it made me go weak at the knees, after all these year he could still make me feel like a love-sick teenager.

"I'm a lousy dad"

"No your not" I reassured him

It's been two years since the whole 'Ciaran' ordeal; Hunter and I had bought a house together a perfect 2-bedroomed home up in Thornton, 5 months after that we had gotten married; it had been difficult fitting a 6-month pregnant woman into a wedding dress but we managed. Moira was born a month late; she was a big healthy baby at 8lbs 6oz.

My parents and I had gotten to know each other again, mom had come of the alcohol and Mary K. had found herself a fiancée that was willing to take her and her daughter on. We had told them that Ciaran had turned out to be one of those looser fathers that wanted nothing to do with me, we did tell them that he was a witch (they knew anyway and it didn't help the fact that they saw him throw Hunter's dad across the room) we had told them that he was drunk and I had told him where to go and that I never wanted to see him again.

As for my new powers, they constantly surprised me, I told Hunter about my experiences with the goddess, and he told me he knew I was already special, destined for greatness, to him I was already a goddess. I found I had a lot of control over the elements, earth, air, and water and especially fire. But I promised to only use these powers when and if I needed them. The goddess did warn I might need them someday.

Hunter and I dress Moira and put her to sleep then headed downstairs.

"Goddess you are beautiful" Hunter gasped.

I looked down at my wet jeans and my black tank top and realised my long hair was put up in a messy ponytail, I just felt ordinary. My curves did finally arrive, not Jennifer Lopez curvy but just enough to make me look feminine, and I have finally found a reason to wear bras especially after I had Moira.

"Not so bad yourself" I smiled.

He pulled me close to him and he kissed me lightly on the mouth, but when I responded I made the kiss more urgent and powerful. When we drew back we were both breathing heavily.

"Wow," Hunter smiled so did I, "Do you want to start practicing for more kids?" he grinned

"Hey keep your trousers on buster, I'm not so eager for childbirth so soon, especially when they don't want to come out"

I was referring to Moira; I was in labour for nearly 4 days before she decided it was time to come out.

"Ah well, we'll use a contraceptive spell"

"Why Mr Niall, are you trying to seduce me" I wiggled my eyebrows

"Well frankly Mrs Niall, I am," he said before kissing my neck.

"You win" I sighed,

"I always win" Hunter kissed my bottom lip, and we were about to move it onto the couch when we heard Moira crying on the baby monitor.

"And you want more" I smiled

We both headed up to the nursery and Hunter picked up the crying child in his arms and calmed her down.

"See, you make a wonderful dad" I put my arm around his waist and rested my head on his shoulder and stroked Moira's cheek gently with my finger.

This is how I wanted it, a perfect family, with the love of my life and a beautiful daughter, surrounded by my friends and family, finally feeling safe again.

I just wish I never have to use those powers any time soon. . .


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