A Battle of Conscience

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Chapter 8


Jean sat at the bench, resting her head on her hands.  Kitty and Rogue had just recounted their adventures in Emma's closet.  That Emma was an illusionist was very disconcerting to her.   She trusted Scott.  Implicitly.  But Emma had the ability to change his mind, literally. 

"Dr.  Grey?"  Kitty asked.  "There's one other thing."

Jean looked up  unhappily.  "What now?
"While we were in the closet, Rogue saw this chess piece that Emma had in a jewelry box.  A white queen inscribed with 'The Hellfire Club'. "

"Well that explains the hfc in Sebastian's email."

Kitty nodded.  "Do you know what The Hellfire Club is?  It sounds really omious, kind of."

"I know a little about it.  It's a society of extremely wealthy members who come from old money.  It's highly exclusive.  My friend Warren Worthington was a member for a while."

"Is it like an upright society, or an Eyes Wide Shut type society?"

"Umm… on the surface its upright.  But its more like the mob on the inside.  Corruption runs deep.  If I remember correctly, the higher officers are named for chess pieces."

"So Emma's pretty high up?"

"It appears that way."

"That's no go."

Jean shook her head.  "Can you two go online and find out as much about the Hellfire Club and this Sebastian Shaw as possible?"

"Sure.  What are you going to do?"

"Find Scott."

"Good luck Dr. Grey," Kitty wished as she and Rogue left the room. 

"She' worried," Kitty said. 

"Ah would be worried too, if someeone like that were after mah husband."

"A ha!"  Jubilee cackled, turning the corner.  "There you two are.  What the fuck were you two doing dropping through the ceiling?"

"Oh," Kitty explained.  "We're doing some research for Dr. Grey."

"On dropping through the ceiling?"

"No!  We were just bringing something down to her."

"Couldn't you use the stairs?"

"That was faster."

"Whatcha doin' for her?"

"Just research.  Online."

"Why don't you hang out with the students instead of the teachers?"

"We were havin' a good time," Rogue cut in. 

Jubilee rolled her eyes. 

"Jubes!"  Jamie yelled running around the corner. "Oh!  You found them!"

"We found Ms. Frost!" Bobby grinned.  "You should see what she's wearing."

"Oh really?" Jubilee asked.  "Where's she headed?"

"Shop," Jamie snickered. 

"Oh, this is something I've got to see.  You two coming?"

Kitty shook her head.  The three conspirators took off down the hall.

"I hope Dr. Grey gets there in time."

Rogue nodded.


Emma stood in the doorway to the mechanics shop.  Scott was under the Mercedes.  Only his legs protruded.  This was going to be fun.  She had sense the patter of feet behind her and knew she had an audience.  They were going to see some wonderful things.

Emma strode over to where he lay.  When he emerged he would be forced to look up her tiny skirt.

"Hey there."

"Uh, hello."  Scott slid out from under the cat.  Mesmerized, he stared up at Emma.  Her seductive outfit left little to the imagination. "How are you today, Emma?"

Emma created an illusion for her spies.  They saw her wearing absolutely nothing, presenting herself to him.  The three stood in the doorway absolutely stunned. 

"Very good, Scott, and you?"

"I'm fine Emma.  Just tuning up the Mercedes." 

"Oh, that looks interesting," Emma gushed.  Emma probed gently into his mind.  Jean.  Emma couldn't believe it. She was standing there, half dressed and his mind was still on Jean.  A cursory probe showed that her two males were focusing very heavily on her, and becoming  quite uncomfortable in the process.

"Have you ever liked blondes, Scott."

"Not really, actually.  I've always liked red heads."

"Doesn't my hair appear red to you?"

Scott stood up and looked at it.  "It looks pink."

Emma tightened her grip on his mind.  She just couldn't shake Jean out of his thoughts. 


"Well, I guess it does look kinda red.  But not like Jean's I pick out natural red hair.  Jean's hair is like a flame."

Emma scowled.  Slowly she made her breasts appear larger, while willing interest in him.  "What do you look for in a woman?" She postured herself to stick out her breasts. 

"I, uh, don't know."  He was being drawn in, staring right at her.  He was tougher than most to persuade, but she was leading him right where she wanted him.  She further enhanced her features.  Scott couldn't believe how beautiful Emma looked.  He had never realized just how attractive she was.  Emma adjusted the room ever so slightly to make her now very large breasts glisten in the light.  Outside, Jamie and Bobby were beside themselves.

"Holy shit," Bobby gasped.

"Are you seeing this?  She's fucking incredible."

Even Jubilee had to agree.  "She's a very beautiful woman.  She's giving you two massive hard ons."

They couldn't deny it. 

Emma stepped even closer to Scott, as he was entranced by her image.  Suddenly the illusion snapped, and Scott blinked furiously.  Emma's body looked just as he remembered it and he wasn't sure why he had been so in rapture.  Outside, the conspirators were confused, but quickly scurried away as they heard the clicking of shoes down the hallway.  Emma growled as Jean walked into the room.  Scott leaned against the car rubbing his aching temples. 

"Hi Emma.  How are you tonight?"


"Good." Jean's voice was dripping with sarcasm.  She stepped over to Scott, and placed her hand against his forehead.  "You okay, Scott?"

Scott nodded unconvincingly. 

"Well, I must be going now.  I just wanted to stop by and say hi."  Emma declared.

"Where are you going dressed like that?"

"I see.  Bye Emma." Jean replied.  Scott nodded in acknowledgement.

Emma strode out, very upset.  How had Jean Grey managed to break her hold on Scott's mind?  Had she underestimated her?  All indications showed that Jean was not that powerful.  This was not a good development.  She stalked back to her room, not looking forward to informing Sebastian.


Jean slid her arms around Scott and held him closely.  "I'm sorry about that."

"What happened?  I got really confused, I don't quite remember what was going on, and now my head hurts like hell."

"Well, Kitty and Rogue discovered some interesting stuff about Emma today.  She's an illusionist.  She was making you see things that weren't real.  I couldn't tell exactly what she was making you see, but the spies outside were seeing her wearing nothing at all."

"The spies?"

"Jamie, Bobby and Jubilee again."

Scott groaned.  "Is that what she was projecting to me?"

"No, I don't think so.  I was blocking her pretty well.  She didn't have too strong a hold on your mind."

"Why do I hurt now?"

Jean sighed. "I'm really sorry about that.  Whenever someone is psychically connected to someone else, there is a sort of connection there.  To severe it, causes pain."

"And you severed it?"

"Yeah.  I'd broken her hold on you right before I came into the room."

"Why didn't it hurt her?"

"Telepaths are used to breaking off contact rapidly."

Scott nodded, wincing.  Jean squeezed him tightly, rubbed his back. 

"That's scary stuff, Jean.  She was just wandering around in my head?"

"Not very far.  Thankfully, a little experimenting on my part discovered that thru our mindlink I can block a substantial amount of her illusions."

"Good.  I really want to hear more about this, but not now.  I need a nap."

"Okay, honey." 

Jean released him, and he quickly regrabbed her hand. "Will you come with me for a little while, and just hold me?"

Jean nodded.  Scott looked very concerned, his brow furrowed.  "It'll be okay."