Author: Crystal the Demon-Touched

Title: Count the Stars

Warnings: shounen-ai, angst

Parings: Sasu/Naru

Summary: When you've had your heart broken one too many times, what do you say to the person who you trusted with your heart, and broke it? (Sasu/Naru, shounen-ai)

Disclaimer: Me no own!

You walk out on him, storming away angrily. You know he'll follow you. He always does. He'll hug you, tell you he's sorry, ask you to forgive him, wipe away the tears. This isn't the first time this has happened. You wish it could be the last.

"Naruto!" There's his voice calling you back, pleading for you to stop. You stop. You never were strong enough to say no to him. He catches up to you, grabbing onto your arm and spinning you around. He hugs you close, wipes away your tears.

You push away, shaking your head. You can't be happy with him anymore. "No, Sasuke, I-I can't do this."

"W-why not?" His voice is breaking. You know he's crying, but you just close your eyes and try not to look at him. You always were a sucker for tears, willing to promise the person the world and back again if they would just stop crying. "I can try harder I promise. I'm sorry. God, I'm so sorry."

"This isn't the first time," you say, though you know it'll make no difference.

"I know, and am so sorry." He grabs you by the shoulders, tilting your face up and kissing you. You push him away, glaring at him.

"How can you expect me to go on living after what I saw? How can you kiss me like you still love me? If you loved me, why would you hurt me like that? How can you kiss her . . . like you kiss me?" you question, not really wanting nor expecting an answer.

You glance down at his hand, looking for the ring you exchanged with him you'd first found love in him. The promise ring. He had promised that he would wear it to remind him of his love for you, and never take it off, unless it was over. He wasn't wearing it. You hadn't really expected him to. You pick up his hand, slipping your own ring onto his finger. He's silent as he watches you.

"If you can't wear your ring to remind you of your love for me, wear my ring to remind you of MY love for YOU. 'Cause guess what, Sasuke? I don't need a ring to remind me of who my heart belongs to."

"Naruto," he whispers, voice thick with tears.

"Go back to your date," you reply, voice thick with venom.

"Naruto, please." He's pleading with you. You lift your eyes back up to look straight into his.

"Why do you do it? Do like having to make me prove how much I love you? Are you so egotistical that you like making me show that I can't live without you? Do you take joy in knowing that I'd die for you? Do you laugh inside knowing that you'll never love me, never even come close to loving me the way I love you? Do you get some sick, twisted humor in owning me, body, mind, soul, and heart?"

"You think . . . oh, God," he stumbles out, seeming truly surprised. But you've seen how good an actor he can be. You turn your back on him, staring at the night sky, so thick with stars that there seems to be more white than blue.

"Ask me how many times I've had my heart broken, Sasuke," you tell him. He doesn't reply. "Ask me, I want you to know."

"How many times?" He sounds choked up, as if breaking down just speaking to you.

"Count the stars." With those final parting words, you leave him. You leave the town where you grew up. The friends you had to struggle to make. Your first love. But you gladly leave it all behind for the chance to come back, to show him that you didn't need him. To show him how much he lost. And you'll need your ring back. That may sound a little like revenge. But hey, all's fair in love and war.

And this is both.

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