Concerning Elders and Eyries Chapter 10
It was at that Concerning Elders and Eyries Chapter 10

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CH 9: It was at that moment of realization of their probable doom that Chris remembered what the Eyrie had frantically warned them.    

  "Don't trust Gideon! But was it already too late for them?

Moving on-

Blue and white orbs temporally blinded Paige and startled her. Gideon had dark purple orbs now she reminded herself. Leo upon seeing Phoebe went straight to work at healing her.

"What happened to her?" Leo questioned.

"Uh.. I threw the couch at her." Paige said wincing.

"What? Why?" Leo said shocked enough to look at Paige and stop healing Phoebe.

"Long story. Just heal her." Paige said moving his back over Phoebe. It took a few minutes for Phoebe to open her eyes.

"Someone get the name of that train?" Phoebe said disoriented.

Paige winced. "That was me."

Phoebe's eyes went fuzzy. I  had a vision right before..." Phoebe trailed off massaging her temples.

"How did you vanquish the demon?" Leo asked. They must be having some good luck for a change.

Phoebe looked to Paige. "We uh. Didn't." Paige said shrugging/wincing.

"Then where did the demom go?" Leo asked worried for  the innocents of the city.

"About that- It wasn't a demon." Paige said levely.

"What do you mean?" Leo said concerned.

Aura bit her lip. Her heart beat fast and she felt like she was panicking, but why? She was safe now.

Piper backed up disbelieving. "No. We trusted you!"

Chris looked determined as he glared back at Gideon.  "You won't hurt them." Although his better judgement was counting the demons and was calculating their bad odds. How long had he been planning this?

Gideon snorted. "You don't have a choice in the matter. Stand down Whitelighter, I'm not here to hurt your charge. I'm just here to get rid of a future threat." Gideon's voice was commanding and probably would have convinced quite a few whitelighters to do what he said.

Chris figured that they would have a better chance if they kept Gideon talking. He had to keep his mom calm. "My allegiance is to the Halliwells so you can forget ordering me to leave. It won't work."

Mom, keep him talking, I've got a plan.  Chris said using his very limited telepathy.

Piper's eyes went wide and she glanced at Chris oddly. Thanks to Chris's timing it looked like she was simply reacting to what he'd said to Gideon.

"What do you mean 'Threat'?" Piper asked as if she might hand over Wyatt if Gideon was convincing enough. Chris knew that hell was more likely to open up an ice cream shop, but Gideon wasn't so sure. Chris glanced around the room at the shield and mentally poked it. Nope, not likely to break. What ever happened he had to get his mom and Wyatt safely out of here.

        "The boy has too much power it is bound to turn him evil. He will destroy the world! You must let me get rid of the threat. " Gideon's eyes went glossy and the demons got closer to Wyatt.

Piper bowed her head and nuzzled Wyatt as if for the last time. She whispered to him. "Wyatt, orb to daddy ok? Orb."

Gideon's eyes narrowed. "You think I'm an idiot? This entire room is orb- proof."

Piper tried not to panic. "Don't make me sacrifice you too!" Gideon threatened.

Flashback: "Gideon, you can't kill the child. And to work with darklighters? Have you lost your mind?" Sigmund said shaking his head.

"Don't see him as a child, see him as the threat he is." Gideon advised.

"I can't help you anymore. Gideon you've gone too far. You're even messing with the angels of time, if they get upset enough, they could annihilate the school and the rest of the Elders. I have to tell the others." Sigmund said shaking his head. Completely naïve, completely unaware of what Gideon was really capable of.(A/N: read Sigmund is stupid. You don't tell your all powerful homicidal boss that you are going to betray him. –Witch Wars)

    "I'm disappointed in you Sigmund." Gideon said turning away from his long time friend. (a la Darth Vader)

" No!" Sigmund screamed right before he was blown up. ( noo we certainly didn't see THAT one coming)

"This too is for the greater good." Gideon said with a power hungry look.

Noor materialized(she was doing the invisible elder thing that Gideon and Leo like to do) looking horrified, she backed out of his office. She walked backwards shaking her head. Gideon upon seeing her was equally horrified, but for different reasons. If the other Elders found out he wouldn't have time to carry out his plan! Gideon threw a dark ball of energy at Noor- who orbed out a second before she would have become an overdone marshmallow.

Chris took a deep breath preparing himself to send out a telepathic message. He knew witches charges could call for their whitelighters like this.

"I've got one word for you. Eyrie." Chris said testing the waters.

Gideon flinched.

Hear my call hear my plea. Eyrie of this time I summon thee. He had no clue how powerful Eyries were, but he bet that if Gideon was scared of them that they must be able stop him somehow. If they were anything like the sister's innocent they could at least annoy Gideon and buy them some time. Angels of time send your emissary to me...Here is the one you hate, give him his rightful fate. Chris was really trying to rhyme for good measure. Ancient creatures tended to favor rhymes. Speaking of Old-

Leo. he called even though he didn't expect his dad to try and help him.

Leo blinked.

"I know this is going to be hard to hear, but Gideon was after our innocent." Paige said carefully.

  "Gideon?" Leo said skeptically. Gideon being evil wasn't the sky changing color while he was gone, it was  even more unbelievable. I mean Gideon had helped him get married, Gideon had helped him learn to be a whitelighter. He turned to Aura,

"It wasn't Gideon, it was a demon that looked like him. Right?"

Aura looked at the adults. Denial wasn't a pretty thing. Adults unlike children never saw the world the way it was, but how they expected it to be. They clung for dear life to what they thought was real/normal.

"He was the bad Elder." Aura said backing away from the' prone to violence against the messenger' Elder.

    "No that's not possible." Leo insisted desperately.  When adults said 'it's not possible', they always meant that  in their own little reality the world wasn't like that, that they didn't want it to be true. So Aura just stared at him- from a safe distance.

     "We suspected something like this.

"Paige said nodding to the recovering Phoebe. 

"We were thinking that it was too much of a coincidence that when someone was out to turn Wyatt evil, that we lost our protective brother in law, weakening us."

"If Gideon's after our innocent, why isn't he here?" Phoebe questioned. Leo hoped she said that in defense of Gideon. Adults hope for the most futile things.

Paige Phoebe and Leo looked at the innocent together and as one something clicked.

    "Wyatt." Seconds later Leo heard his Older youngest son call his name and panicked.

Phoebe grabbed Aura and together they ran to the kitchen only to be stopped by a force field. From their side of it they could see a blast of energy as Piper tried to blow up the force field to no avail.

Leo appeared as his orb trail was deflected by the shield. Leo panicked.

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