First the Characters:

All Characters look the same as in the Anime/Manga

Unfortunately they are all HUMAN

Sorry Inuyasha has no Ears and Sesshoumaru has no tail.

The characters are Majorly Out Of Character.

If you don't like then bug off

Ohh yeah before I forget I don't own Inuyasha

I'm only saying that once cause everyone knows it now one with the Fic.


Summary She couldn't stand it, she was loosing him to these 'high school girls' she had to leave. Her parents were divorced and her father offered her a way out she took it. Before her freshman year she left to "America" just to forget him. Now four years later she is going to return. When she returns will she be able to finally have his heart or will he let her slide out of his life like he once done before? There is definitely going to be another character who tries to take Kagome away and no it's not Kouga I don't have this fic all planned out so it can go either way...

For sure pairings:

Miroku/Sango-He is not a pervert, he suggest dirty things though

Inuyasha/Kikyou-she is not a bitch, but he is a jerk

Shippou/Rin-how could I not put them in they are so adorable