Stepping off the plane and into the airport did her body some good, stepping out she felt the cool air of Tokyo. Ahh what a refreshing feeling.

The plane ride sucked, Inuyasha took the window seat complaining about how if she had to use the bathroom he didn't want to move, so it would be easier if he sat at the window and she would get the isle seat this way she could just get up if she needed to pee.

That punk, using the pregnancy as an excuse.

So now there she sat alone, Inuyasha had to make a phone call and her dad went to use the bathroom. Watching in fascination as other passengers arrived from other unknown destinations.

She watched as they were all greeted by family members, colleagues, business associates, and lovers.

One couple caught her eye, a young woman stepped out, she looked around in the crowd for a second, when no one came up she dropped her head in disappointment. Kagome could only empathize for her; she too knew how it felt to not see a loved one waiting for you when you got off the plane.

Just then when all hope was lost, a man could be heard shouting, Kagome turned her head to see a man running through the busy traffic in the airport fighting his way through the throng of people in his hand a bouquet of flowers, well what was flowers it looked more like stems.

The woman that she saw shot her head up when she heard her name in an instant she dropped her belongings and ran into his arms. Kissing him with all her heart, he returned the favor telling her his apologizes for not being there on time and how much he loved her and blah blah blah.

Sooooooooooo Romantic movie thing. IT MADE HER SICK. Shit like that doesn't happen to real people.

She pressed a hand to her now growing abdomen. "You will never watch T.V, understand, I will never let anything give you false hope. You will never love anyone except me, and maybe your grandparents, wait then there's Souta, oh and Kikyou, Sango, Miroku, Inuyasha, and Rin. Alright let me rephrase that you will never love anyone unless I tell you, you can."

She thought about that for a second, what the hell was she thinking, she couldn't do that to her unborn baby, and she didn't want to turn into one of those nagging mothers, the one that is constantly on your ass.

"I was just joking; all I ask is that whoever you find, make sure that they love you back."

"Sometimes you can't control who you love, if that was the case then were would we get the term unrequited love." Kagome knew the voice

"Yeah but it sucks really bad."

Kikyou and Kagome looked at each other for a second before embracing one another.

"Kagome, Look at your belly, it's growing, not more flat abs for Kags." Kikyou rubbed her belly making Kagome laugh a little.

"So who's the bastard that did this?" Leave it to Kikyou to try and lighten the mood.

"What Inuyasha hasn't told you?" Kagome was confused why Inuyasha didn't tell her he always tells her everything.

"He didn't even tell me about this he just told me to expect the unexpected." Kagome looked into Kikyou's eyes looking for any hint of deception.

When she found none "Your not joking huh?" Kikyou shook her head "I wonder why he didn't tell you."

"Cause it wasn't me place, I know sometimes I rush into things but I thought this was best left for you to tell." He crossed his arms turning his nose up in the air.

"Wow. Inuyasha a side of you I haven't seen before, will this be the last?" Inuyasha's face turned towards her in a death glare.

Kikyou stood by his side laughing, hugging him and telling him she was sorry. "So is it a boy or a girl?"

Kagome stood there puzzled for a second, she didn't even know. "You know what there's been so much drama that has been going on that I haven't made an appointment to go check, I missed my last sonogram cause of him and dad." Pointing towards Inuyasha.

"oOo how much fun this is going to be, first thing go see a doctor and find the sex of the baby." Kikyou jumped up and down with glee she was going to be godmother, well of course Kagome had to ask and then she would accept, other than that she was ecstatic.

"Let me okay it with Dad and Inuyasha, they've been so protective of me."

"Keh. Look at you, you can't even walk straight. It's not our fault that Sesshoumaru knocked you up, and left you, leaving you alone."

Kagome couldn't believe her ears did Inuyasha just say that, Such a low blow.

"Gome', I'm sorry I didn't mean it like that." He tried to apologize. He saw the tears forming in her eyes.

Kikyou looked at the both of them confused, what did Sesshoumaru have to do with this, then the light bulb above her head turned on. "That cheating son of a…when I get my hands on him I'll castrate him."

"You've been hanging around Inuyasha too long, that's exactly what he said when he found out."

"Eh. Whad'ya expect she's marrying me." Inuyasha just smiled and pulled Kikyou in for a hug.

"Hey. But anyhow, like I was saying, after I castrate him I'll make sure he goes bankrupt. Don't worry by the time the baby's born you wont have to work for the rest of three lifetimes, he'll owe you so much money he'll sell his soul twice."

"Thanks hon. But if you do that then you make yourselves bankrupt. He's going to be part of your family."

Kikyou laughed scratching the back of her head "Right forgot about that, but ima still castrate him."

"Alright castrate him, but after I make him suffer." Inuyasha smile down on his fiancée

"Guys enough, no more talking about castrating or anything alright. I'm tired, hungry, and my feet hurt can we please leave?"

She looked at them with her cerulean eyes, casting the innocence.

"Of course the limos outside waiting, we'll take you home, your dad already left he went to meet up with your mom to try and prep her for the ya know." He pointed towards her abdomen.

"Yeah, yeah I know. Let's go I'm hungry, feed me" She gave them the droopy eye look.

Kikyou and Inuyasha looked at each other before releasing one another and going to kagomes side and crushing her with a hug.

"Come on pregnant one lets get some food in your belly."


"Now on behalf of my client all she wishes is to keep the engagement ring, anything else that was given to her during their courtship shall be returned. Do you Sesshoumaru Takadoshea agree on these terms." The attorney sat across from him, staring him down as if he did something. That was it.

"Is there really a point to all of this?" was there really a point? They weren't married they resolved everything she wasn't angry hurt yes but honestly was there a reason to get their lawyers involved?

"Mr Takadoshea if you wish to settle this in court then we can but mark my words we will win."

Sesshoumaru's eyes narrowed at him. Was this guy really challenging him, Sesshoumaru Takadoshea? If he wanted a fight Sesshoumaru would be glad to give him hell.

"Sesshoumaru please" it was Kagura's voice that brought both men out of their stare session.

"Kagura what exactly is the meaning of this? I thought that we already discussed this? You get to keep everything."

"Really?" the lawyer turned his gaze towards Kagura "Then why did you contact me? If he plans on leaving you everything then what was my purpose here besides burning a hole through your pocket?"

"Enough, stop badgering your own client. If you wish I will pay her bill, now Kagura why did you call?"

"I didn't, dad did." Her voice was void, and uncaring "when dad heard of the split he went ballistic, I tried telling him that you were leaving me with everything but he didn't want to hear I guess. So then he called jackass here" pointing to her lawyer.

"Hey," he defended himself.

"Rouyakan, you may leave." Rouyakan nodded and went about packing his belongings. Before walking out of the double oak doors her turned around "um, Sesshoumaru-sama, I hope that this little meeting does not give you the idea to, um, take me off your team?"

"Of course Rouyakan you still hold a position among my staff." Rouyakans shoulders lifted a little more like some weight was being removed, " Good day Sesshoumaru-sama, Kagura-sama."

"Good day Rouyakan, send the bill to my father tell him we 'won'." She turned around to see Sesshoumaru staring at her with a bemused look on his face "I'm sorry Sessh, my father well you know how he gets sometimes."

"I completely understand, so…"


The tension was thick the last time they spoke it was the division of their belongings that they both acquired during their time together, they were both strong willed and their stubbornness wasn't helping much, it was Sesshoumaru that caved in and said that she keep everything, in a way he felt guilty for having to put her through all that he did. In the end she agreed, she said she might place them in storage until it was time to bring them out. Motoki pointed it out that she could always auction them off and keep the profits.

"This isn't—"

"Working?" Sesshoumaru butted in

"As bad as it seems" She stared at him rolling her eyes "I thought that it would be difficult looking at you but actually it isn't. I mean I can stay in the room with you for more than five minutes without having the idea of strangling you to death."

"Gee thats reassuring" a small smile graced his lips.

"Have you spoken to her?"

"Nope not one single word, I don't get it Kagura it's like she vanished from the earth I can't get a hold of her anywhere, is she trying to avoid me?" he looked up to see Kagura her face held sadness. "I'm sorry I forgot." Looking down he felt ashamed how could he mention her in front of Kagura that was like taking a knife and ramming it right through her heart.

"It's alright, surprisingly I'm not angry, upset that I lost to a nineteen year old barely out of high school." She gave a soft giggle

"That's all?" was her pride the only thing that got hurt?

"Of course not, it does hurt that I lost a man that I love but I just can't play second fiddle anymore."

For a second he felt like dropping dead, but the way she said it, it seemed as if she was happy. "Were you ever happy with me?"

She stared at him wondering where in the world that question came form.

"Yes and no. I was happy because I had someone that could take care of me, gave me affection, provided me with support, and someone that listened to me." She stopped wondering if she should continue

"But?" he gave her way to complete her thoughts

"But then at the same time, you took care of someone else first, gave your undivided attention to her, and if she called for you, you would drop everything in an instance to be by her side."

"Did I hurt you that much?" Did he really do all those things? Was he just one of those males that had no heart?

"yes, but I don't think it was intentionally, it just wasn't meant to be in any way." She got up from her seat and walked to the window peering down to the busy streets of Tokyo.

"You want to know the funny thing is I've kind of found someone else." She bit her bottom lip, something that Kagome used to do when she was nervous waiting for an answer.

"You did? And who would that be?" a little jealousy creeping into his eyes.

"Motoki" she said proudly


"Hey, isn't that your brother? I thought he was in the States? Is that Kikyou?" She pointed out the window

"Well he must've returned, stop avoiding the subject, you and Mo—"

"I didn't know Kikyou was pregnant. Last time I saw her she was looking skinny, did you know about this and not tell me?" She crossed her arms

"What are you talking about? She's not pregnant, they would've told us. Now stop trying to avoid it and tell me." He stood up walking towards her; she didn't move she just kept staring out the window.

"I'm not avoiding it, but I'm serious Kikyou is pregnant, if not then he's walking around with a pregnant Kikyou look a like. Does she have a twin?"

"No she doesn't have a twin, and for the last time Kik--" wait a minute Kikyou look a like? Twin? KAGOME His head turned around so fast it gave Kagura a whip lash. There down the street was Inuyasha and Kagome sitting in front of a café talking and laughing as if nothing was wrong in the world. But nothing seemed different with her she looked normal. He looked closer it wasn't Kagome it was Kikyou. Her hair was straight and all one color.

"That's Kikyou, Kagura see look at her hair all one color." Pointing down

"Huh?" Kagura looked down to see what he was talking about, he began to look away. "wait that's not her she wasn't sitting there a second ago the other one must have went somewhere."

Sesshoumaru laughed and put his palm on her forehead. "Have you been getting enough rest?" She glared dagger at him. Then at the corner of her eyes she spotted the pregnant girl.

"There." She grabbed Sesshoumaru's head and turned it around to look at the girl that excited the lobby of the café. Hair down tips bright red, wearing a sun dress, flip flops on and true to Kagura's words pregnant. Before Kagura could gloat Sesshoumaru was no were to be found. The only thing she saw was and open door.

"He must really love her" speaking into open space.


Three out of the troublesome kids found their way to a small café, right in the heart of the busy streets of Tokyo.

Inuyasha wanted to stay inside but Kikyou suggested that they enjoy the warm autumn day, Kagome only agreed stating that in a matter of hours she was going to be under house arrest for not informing her mother that she was about to be a grandmother, and the two could only nod in compliance. Kagome's mother was always in a rush to get a grandchild, even if it wasn't through blood. When Inuyasha and Kikyou announced their engagement, Kagome's mom busted out saying that she was going to finally be a grandmother, scaring Inuyasha and Kikyou. But who could blame her? Kagome was in America no word from her on her and guys, and souta was way too young. So Kagome's friends became children to her.

After the three were situated they all ordered their food, Kagome's basically consisting the three parts of the meal and Chicken salad to begin with which by the way was a size of a main course, a delicious full order Roast beef sandwich with au jus sauce, last but not least a chocolate éclair filled with a thick layer of chocolate mousse. If you thought you knew how much a pregnant woman ate then you never met Kagome Higurashi, that's for sure.

Kikyou stepped inside to make a phone call.

Inuyasha watched Kagome as she sipped her raspberry lemonade looking out into the busy streets.

"What are you thinking about?" he asked dipping the straw in and out of his coke

"Mostly how everyone would react. Do you think they'll hate me?" She shrank back into her chair.

"Hate you? For what reason do they have to hate you?"

"hmm… I don't know for keeping something like this a secret?" pointing to her bulging belly.

Inuyasha reached over and grabbed her hand. "It doesn't matter because no could ever hate you. If anything they'll hate themselves for not being there for you especially when you needed them. I mean if your going through the same thing your mother went through with Souta. Do you know how much it hurt me when I found out I thought I was your best friend. And then you pull a stunt like that especially in your condition."

She smile tears forming in her eyes mouthing a 'Thank you'

"I leave for a few minutes, and here you are hitting on a pregnant woman. Maybe I should get knocked up, then maybe you'll drool over me too." Kikyou stood there putting on a fake appalled look. Inuyasha and Kagome looked at one another before releasing each other and laughing their heads off.

It took a while before all three clamed down. "Damnit you guys now I have to use the restroom." Kikyou moved next to her to help her up, she offered to go with her but Kikyou waved her off saying that she could go alone and that she needed to spend some time with Inuyasha.

She did her business, washed her hands, and was on her way back outside, once she passed the threshold of the lobby of the café a dreaded aura came over her like some big was about to happen. She walked slowly wondering what was going on she looked up, the sun was there, then why did she suddenly feel cold.

She looked over to the table and saw Inuyasha and Kikyou talking peacefully then all of a sudden Inuyasha stood up forcefully looking out into the busy street. There running across the busy street was Sesshoumaru, almost getting hit by cars, dodging buses, and almost, almost getting grounded by 3rd graders on bikes.

She watched as he made his way over here. Once he was on the sidewalk he just kept his eyes trained on her bumping past people to get to her.

"Sesshoumaru stop" Inuyasha yelled but was silenced when Kikyou tugged on his arm giving him that look of they need to speak. Inuyasha was about to speak again but Sesshoumaru put his hand up a simple gesture that meant silence and for some reason Sesshoumaru was the only one that knew how to handle Inuyasha.

She stood glued to her spot unable to move unable to breath. What was he going to do? Scream? Yell? Accuse her of sleeping around?

He stopped only a few inches from her. Time seemed to stop for the both of him in his eyes he saw his angel, his beloved one, he saw fear running through her, why was she afraid of him?

In her eyes she saw confusion, why was he looking at her like that, it only made her feel more uncomfortable. Her legs began to give way, she felt herself falling, she was prepared for the fall but wasn't prepared to feel two arms wrap around her.

"I love you" he whispered before he crashed his lips upon hers.

She was shocked in did he just say… I love you… the words repeated through her mind.

She parted her lips to speak but in and instance his lips descended, pouring out all his emotion.

Many people just stared at the couple some admiring at the guys actions. They watched as he dodged the most dangerous and busy street of Tokyo to get to his true love.

Others thought he was a fool to do such thing and then to display such affection, man couldn't those two get a room.

And then there were two that just stood to the side watching a scene before them in shock.

"Well I never" she started

"Keh. I knew all along" she smacked him on his arm

"Yeah right. Well we might as well eat." She pointed to the food that had some how during the time Kagome came back up until the kiss appeared.

"Right hmm… Ramen."

"I swear from the selections on the menu he picks Ramen."

"Stuff it Woman, you never come between a man and his Ramen." He look at his fiancée before devouring his bowl.

Back to the couple

Eventually both needed to breath, it was Sesshoumaru that pulled apart from their kiss first brushing hair away from her face.

"I missed you so much." He stared at her waiting for her to open her eyes a few seconds passed and she didn't open her eyes. Something was wrong "Kagome?" he lightly shook her

"Se…shou…m…it hurts." She was barely able to speak, it throbbed down there, it felt like something was reaching their hand inside her and trying to pull something out.

"What hurts… baby you can tell me come on talk to me." The pained look on her face only brought more fear into Sesshoumaru's body

"Down there" and then she passed out

"Baby" he shook her… no response…­down there? He looked down and saw blood dripping down her leg. "Inuyasha" he yelled over his shoulder

Inuyasha ran to his brother noticing the blood "Fuck. Kikyou call an ambulance, tell them to hurry." Kikyou stared in horror unable to move. "kikyou go." She nodded and ran into the lobby to use the pay phone.

"Sesshoumaru try to wake her." Inuyasha pulled out his cell phone to call Ayame and Kouga.

Sesshoumaru was confused beyond words, What was happening. "Baby… please wake up, please don't leave me come on." He pleaded over and over, his heart ached, why was God doing this to him? Why was he doing this to her? She didn't do anything wrong but love a prick like him.

In the background her heard sirens. He held her until they took her from his arms placing her on the stretcher and wheeling her onto the ambulance.

"Which one of you will be riding?" one of the Meds asked

"I will."

The med nodded and allowed him to enter. Sesshoumaru sat down and took hold of her hand. He watched as they ran wires through her body, and hooking her up to all sorts of machines.

"Baby… please, wake up" he whispered into her hand kissing and rubbing it. Just then an ear piercing scream rang through the vehicle.

"What's happening to her?" he demanded

"Shit! Hukaku pedal to the medal she's going into labor."


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