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'Insert key in lock, turn. Twist knob and...oh shit. Never mind.' A pillow hit Kagome in the head and she growled lightly. 'Now what am I supposed to do?' Locking the door once more she turned on her heel, pillow clutched to her chest and went the only place she could think of. Upstairs.

She knocked lightly on the door, hearing a gruff response before the door was unlocked and swung open. The boy stood there in slight shock, not sure what she wanted at this time of night before seeing the pillow being strangled in her arms accompanied by the dark murderous look in her eyes.

"Sexiled from your own room?" He received only a growl in response. He thought for a moment, still toying with her. "Do you need a place to sleep?"

"What do you think? I can't believe I ever gave Sango a key to my room." He stepped aside trying very hard not to laugh. Laughing would only make her mood worse and he would regret it for at least a week. She sat sharply on the futon, glaring at a dirty sock as if it was the root of her problem. He sat beside her unsure of what else to do or say. Leave it to him to pick the wrong thing.

"Was it Miroku?" Smack. Contrary to popular belief a pillow in the face can hurt if enough force is applied. "Just curious."

"Even if I had known I wouldn't tell you 'cause it isn't your business. Jerk."

"This isn't my fault, don't blame this on me! Jeez wench, you have some major anger management issues." Glare. "Don't look at me like that! I'm letting you stay here aren't I?"

Softening, Kagome gave him a half smile before falling back on the futon in mild fatigue as she stuffed the pillow behind her head. He lay back next to her, watching her while up on one elbow. She looked over and began to laugh. Startled by her sudden mood swing, Inuyasha moved back a bit. She calmed down considerably and glanced at him again, a slight mischievous twinkle still in her eyes.

"Thank you. I'm glad someone around here isn't getting it on so I have somewhere to sleep."

"I resent that. Are you implying..."

"Yes." He frowned, brushing his silver fringe from his face.

"That's entirely unfair. I could be if I wanted to be." She began to laugh harder than before, holding her stomach. Inuyasha frowned more deeply, pouting. This only made Kagome laugh harder so he got fed up and walked over to sit at his computer. She continued to laugh until she tired herself out and settled with resting on her side, watching him play some computer game. Feeling slightly unnerved Inuyasha glanced over at her, his ears twitching on top of his head in irritation.

"What?" she asked innocently.

"Why are you staring at me? It's creeping me out." She laughed cheerfully.

"Sorry. It's not like I have much else to do. You could talk to me you know. We haven't talked in a long time." He sighed, pretending to be exasperated, then laid himself out on the futon next to her. Inuyasha raised an eyebrow when she subconsciously scooted closer to him but didn't quite touch him. He could smell her skin and hair. It wasn't an offensive smell in the least. In fact he liked it, but it'd be a cold day in hell before he got the nerve to tell her that.

"How's that advanced calc class going?" She rolled her eyes dramatically.

"Not well. I doubt I'll even pass."

"Oh come on. Your idea of failing is a C. That's not being fair to yourself." Kagome sighed lightly before nodding in agreement. "I'll help you if you really need it."

"Thanks. So how's what's her face?" Inuyasha laughed ruefully.

"Kikyo? Whatever. She's gone. Decided I wasn't good enough for her."

"Oh, I'm sorry. Are you alright?"

"Of course I'm alright. I'm not some whiney baby. In fact, I was getting sick of her anyway." She raised a skeptical eyebrow at which he growled. He didn't want to discuss it with her and Kagome raised her hands in a pacifying gesture to let him know that it was alright.

"How's Hobo?" She laughed.

"Hojo. I don't like him. You know that. He follows me like an eager puppy. Er... no offence."

"I'm not a puppy, so none taken." A slight snarl pervaded his voice, telling her he really was a bit irked by the reference whether or not she'd meant it.

"Anyway, there's no way I'd ever date him." She pinched his cheek playfully. "I'll be your single friend Kagome forever."

Inuyasha could hear the sadness in her voice and it made him worry a bit. He knew from previous nights of offering sanctuary to his friend that she was honestly worried that she would never find a boyfriend. He felt a bit guilty as, to be honest, he had kind of scared off any prospects. Inuyasha hadn't meant to, but being as protective of his friend as he was he had taken the liberty of "weeding out" the undesirables. Too bad for Kagome, in his eyes, that was all of them. Except himself. O yea, that Hoko kid too, but that was only because he knew Kagome wasn't interested.

"You won't be single forever, don't be stupid. You'll make some guy really happy one day," he consoled. 'Yea. Me.' He smelled salt water and saw the tear run down her cheek. He couldn't stand to see her cry. Inuyasha wiped the tear away before taking her into his arms. He rested his chin on her head and relished in the rightness of her being wrapped in his embrace. Kagome's sobs increased for a moment before they faded into indistinct snuffles. He ran his fingers through her long black hair in what he hoped was a comforting motion. She snuggled into his chest, a death grip placed on the front of his shirt.

"What's so wrong with me Inuyasha?" She whispered, knowing he could very well hear her. He sighed. There wasn't anything wrong with her. Well, except that she was his friend. Big mistake there. He had liked her for a long time. Almost since the day they'd met. But Inuyasha was terrified to tell her so; afraid he wasn't good enough for her. Instead he had bullied off any guys who had shown interest in her, in the end alienating his own girlfriend when she'd realized what he was doing. Kikyo had not been pleased in the slightest. She had called Kagome all sorts of rude names causing him to get angrier each moment the argument lasted. He shook his head softly, trying to forget the stupid girl. He didn't care about her anymore.

"Nothing is wrong with you. Except your temper." Her head bolted up. "That doesn't drive them off though."

"Then what does?" Kagome cried in frustration. He could see that this time she wouldn't be pacified with a roundabout conversation, making her forget her distress like he'd managed before. He'd have to tell her. Inuyasha realized now that he technically could, as he wasn't with Kikyo anymore. There was nothing to prevent him but himself. Right now "himself" was doing a very good job of it.

"I don't know," he lied, trying to hold down the blush threatening to attack his face. He couldn't think of a single thing wrong with her. Inuyasha liked her temper. Kagome was cute when she was angry. It must be the demon in him. He loved arguing with her and their sniping was a daily routine. He loved getting her to the point where she was flushed in annoyance and smacked him in the arm, chest or leg. He pretended it hurt to make her feel badly for hitting him then laughed at her gullibility.

He didn't have an answer other than the truth and that could prove fatal for his heart. Inuyasha decided he had to at least tell her something or neither of them would get any sleep. But what to tell her was the problem. Telling Kagome everything could result in intense anger and she would probably leave. He knew she didn't really have anywhere else to go and definitely didn't want her to leave. He settled on a vague shadow of the truth instead.

"Kagome. Don't worry about those other guys. They're all jerks. They don't deserve you."

"How do you know that? There has to be someone out there... doesn't there?" Inuyasha couldn't help but gulp, the blush finally breaking down the front he'd placed upon his features and flooding his face. As fate would have it Kagome chose that moment to look up at him and she blinked owlishly at him.

Why was he so nervous looking? He wasn't mad, she could tell that much, but there wasn't any other explanation for his flushed face than that he was uneasy. Maybe being this close to her was making him uncomfortable. Kagome decided that must be it and pulled away gently to give him more space. She didn't get far. His arms held her more tightly, not allowing her to escape. She blushed then as well, not sure what he was doing but secretly pleased with the action.

"I... Well you know. I know the guys around here. They... er... They're stupid immature jerks."

"And you're not immature?" she wondered aloud, poking his chest. Inuyasha grinned at her, the heat in his cheeks receding slightly. He finally looked her in the eyes and smiled. Kagome watched him somewhat confused, a gentle smile still on her lips. He knew she thought he was acting strangely but he was still working up his nerve. He wasn't the type to make a fool of himself, tonight or ever, but he was about to open himself up for the opportunity.

"Kagome..." She stared, all humor leaving her face. What was this strange tinge in his voice? Why was Inuyasha holding her as though afraid she'd run for it? She wasn't stupid; she knew what it looked like. But this was Inuyasha! He didn't like her like that. Duh! He had been in love with Kikyo, the brilliant beauty planning on going to John Hopkins medical school next semester. There were rumors about their relationship but Kagome wasn't going to believe a word until she heard it from Inuyasha's own mouth.

"What?" she whispered. Her curiosity was peaked, he could tell. If he didn't say something she'd get mad and now was not the time for one of their infamous arguments. Inuyasha looked down into her face and tried to convey everything he was feeling through his eyes, too afraid to say it aloud. Kagome shook her head gently, telling him she still didn't understand. Sighing he looked around quickly as though the words he needed would appear if he simply willed them to. No such luck.

"Kagome I... I like spending time with you. A lot. But I screwed up. I'm your friend and I made some assumptions I shouldn't have and then... acted on them." She began to twitch in his arms, trying to get him to release her. Inuyasha growled quietly, deep in his chest. It was a sound that told her to settle down or face the consequences. "Let me finish. There have been guys interested in you. But they're jerks that wouldn't know what they're getting into or how to treat you right. I kind of... made them back off."

"You did what?" she asked incredulously. Why on earth would he do that? Kagome fought his hold on her only to be growled at again. For some reason she obeyed without thinking, settling on a verbal retort. "Inuyasha, how could y..."

"Wait, I'm not done. I'm sorry Kagome. I didn't realize what I was doing until Kikyo pointed it out to me. She told me I needed to let you go and find yourself a boyfriend so you wouldn't be 'hanging off me.' I know you don't and even if you do I don't mind it. What she made me so angry... I broke up with her." She sat in mild shock. He'd broken up with Kikyo over their friendship?


"It wasn't only that. I realized that I didn't want you to find someone... because... because..." He trailed off into a mumble that she only half heard. Kagome glanced up silently taking in his tense expression. He was chewing his bottom lip nervously, a habit he'd picked up from her. She smiled faintly before leaning up and kissing his cheek. Inuyasha blinked a few times then gave her a lopsided smile.

"It's alright. I know you were trying to protect me." She yawned and stretched like a cat within the bounds of his arms. He had to repress a shiver at the feeling of her pressed against him for even a brief moment. "I'm falling asleep already. I'm alright now, you don't have to stay here with me." Inuyasha looked down at her with wide eyes. She still hadn't figured it out. He allowed her to roll over then pulled her back flush to his chest, which judging by her astonished squeak, took her by surprise. Draping an arm across her waist and sliding the other under her pillow, he buried his nose in her hair.

"I think I'll stay here." She was rigid for a moment before relaxing into his chest. Kagome placed her hand over his on her stomach as she slowly drifted off to sleep. Inuyasha lay happily with his best friend in his arms. Her scent had a calming effect on him rivaled only by that of his mother. He closed his eyes and allowed her scent to fill his nostrils while the warmth of their combined body heat made a blanket unnecessary. He didn't want to move to grab one now that she was asleep anyway.

His ears twitched, listening to the hall, making sure his residents were quiet. If those little shits made trouble tonight, they were dead. There was no way they would interrupt his moment with Kagome and get away with it. They were generally good, but sometimes kids from other floors came up and decided to cause problems. As the RA it was his responsibility to make it quiet for the other residents on his floor but there would be hell to pay if he had to get up tonight.

He felt Kagome move to a bit restlessly and he gave a low growl, telling her to settle down. Strangely she complied instantly giving a gentle grunt in response. Inuyasha was surprised at himself and her. He hadn't realized, but he was giving inuyoukai commands in his growls and she was responding in the closest thing to a submissive growl as she could muster. He had to call is parents in the morning. They would know what was going on.

Kagome's eyes fluttered open slowly, not quite ready to leave the heavenly warmth of slumber yet. She was warm, a little on the hot side but it felt nice. She felt a weight on her stomach and was surprised to see an arm not her own laying across her. Her eyes traveled up the arm to a shoulder draped with silver hair. Inuyasha! He was sleeping on his stomach, his arm placed possessively across her waist and his lips pressed gently to her shoulder. Her fingers were intertwined with his on the hand on her hip. She looked over to see his ears twitching lazily. Inuyasha knew she was awake, there was no mistake in that, but he seemed to be ignoring her in exchange for a few more minutes of sleep or perhaps waiting to see what she would do.

She decided to slide out from under his grasp and go back to her own room. Hopefully Sango and her "guest" had quit her room so she could sleep in her own bed. In his semiconscious state Inuyasha let her up. Kagome crept to the other side of the futon and gently brushed the silver strands from his cheek before placing a light kiss there.

"Thank you for letting me stay," she murmured into his sensitive ear, hoping not to wake him. She left her pillow to its own devices knowing that trying to take it would only wake her friend. Kagome shuffled to the door, unlocked it and began to open it soundlessly when a hand came over her shoulder and closed it quietly.

"Your welcome. But your not allowed to leave." He smiled down at her, making her melt. She chuckled lightly and allowed Inuyasha to take her back to the futon to go back to sleep. Having early classes made her wake up early automatically, even on the weekends. But it was nice to have the opportunity to sleep in for once. Curled back into the warmth in Inuyasha's arms made her realize how much she really did care about the boy. He was her best friend and had been for almost three years. They both had decided to become RAs in the same dorm and didn't spend much time apart.

Well except when he was with Kikyo. Then they'd been apart a lot, thus why they hadn't seen each other in a while. And sleeping. They were definitely apart then... until last night. Kagome smiled to herself and pulled his arm around her tighter. She felt a content growl rumble through his chest that sounded suspiciously like a purr. Recognizing the sound as one of approval she settled into his warmth and went back to sleep, a slight smile on her face.

His eyes drifted close as she fell back to sleep, her breathing evening out. He had her in his arms, and for once, he felt whole. Inuyasha had formerly thought Kikyo could fill the gaping emptiness he felt in himself but he knew now that wasn't the case. He'd asked his father about it, this empty feeling that had begun just after coming to college. The taiyoukai's response had been that he was starting to feel the need for a mate. He'd have to find one eventually and the emptiness was just a reminder. Inuyasha laughed lightly. It sounded so much like a woman's "biological clock" he couldn't help but see the humor in it. Although his father had said he was starting early... something that made him slightly uncomfortable with himself.

Now that he felt complete, Inuyasha knew it had never been Kikyo filling the hole in his heart. It had been Kagome; he'd just been too stupid to realize it. He had Kagome now, or at least he hoped he did. He hadn't told her why he was protecting her from others yet and it didn't seem like she quite understood. Her actions said she did, but she wasn't saying it aloud. Not that he blamed her. He'd been too afraid to say it himself. How could he expect her to say it when she had almost no reason to think they were any more than friends?

No matter. He'd tell her after he talked to his parents and figured out what everything meant, although he was pretty sure he knew. He had to be absolutely sure so that he didn't end up driving Kagome away. He had to make sure she was his before it was too late and they graduated, going on with their lives elsewhere. He would tell her after talking to his parents no matter what.

The second awakening was a bit more mutual, even if Inuyasha was sure he could sleep a few more hours. It seemed their sleeping positions had changed entirely from when they'd gone back to sleep. Kagome was lying on her back, Inuyasha's head resting comfortably on her upper chest. He twitched one ear as her breath blew gently and warmly on the fur covered appendage. It wasn't uncomfortable, just slightly strange. Inuyasha felt her arms encircling him, holding him close. He hoped this was a sign in his favor. He knew she was awake by the pattern of her breathing and the gentle circles she was making on his back with her thumb. 'She must be thinking.'

Kagome was indeed thinking. She was still confused by Inuyasha's behavior. He was acting as though he liked her. As though he wanted more from her than just friendship. But Kagome was still skeptical. No matter how much she wanted that to be true, there was no way she would make such a grand assumption. She would wait until Inuyasha decided to say something to her before making any overt moves.

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